Thursday, 26 March 2015

Rangers' Fan Board to be reinstated?

After Derek Llambias’ rather unceremonious dumping of the Rangers’ Fan Board as broken here, the RFB’s future was uncertain, especially given the initial appointment of RST spokesman Chris Graham to the PLC board rather than reengagement with the RFB board.

However in a statement today, the eleven-person strong Fan Board have confirmed they not only remain intact but are engaging with the new PLC board regarding moving forward:

"The club has told us they wish to engage with us along with other fans groups. We are still intact. We will wait and see what happens.

"The club have communicated with us in a very cordial and professional manner."

Whether they will be reinstalled as the official fans’ board as they previously were is unclear, and the fact the board will be interacting with other fan groups does slightly dilute their potential importance overall, but nevertheless while progress here has been slow, fan representation which supporters can believe in is essential to the Club moving forward.


  1. Slow the board have only been there 3 weeks give them a chance

    1. give the new board a chance for christ sake,,,it will take years to fix out the mess not weeks,,

  2. What is your definition of slow? There are many important things to be looked at and considered and the fans engagement with the board is one of many. For goodness sake the new guys have only been in power three weeks give them a break

  3. some of these people supported Ashley

  4. Woohoo.

    Another board & expense that adds zilch.


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