Rangers appoint Douglas Park


On top of today’s landslide
demolition (to the manner of 85%) of the now-departed Ibrox board by King, Murray
& Gilligan is the news that Three Bears’ member Douglas Park has been
swiftly appointed to the board.
A well-respected businessman with
a successful BMW dealership and servicing enterprise throughout central Scotland most
notably in Hamilton, Park was previously involved with Rangers providing bus
services until then-CEO Charles Green pulled the plug on the deal.

He has a reputed £95M fortune and
his family’s car business has certainly been fruitful to him and the local
Park is a tremendous acquisition
for the boardroom, and his appointment on the board opens the floodgates for
the likes of Robert Sarver et al to play some part in this new era for the
It is unclear if Park will take
up an executive position on the board, but his influence, knowledge, acumen and wealth are
thoroughly welcomed.

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  1. The only good bit of Kings tenure and one shining light in this mess. Park for chairman not the Artful Tax Dodger.

  2. Least of your problems talking to McCoist unless its about manure worries me he is where he belongs at least nowhere near the team.

  3. Just popped the bubbly. A long road ahead of course but one we travel together. Mr King has asked the fans to come back and boy they will. The news could not be better. We are coming for you Bhoys.

  4. Great summary of the past 3 years..


  5. If Ibrox needs so much work on it ( and it obviously does ) , then why don't we flog Murray Park to finance it . The upkeep of these two premises must be enormous and will be a hindrance to the progress of the team . Maybe the SFA could buy it for the National team to use etc and lease it back to us ! Time they did Gers a favour instead of hammering us at every opportunity . Failing that there must be wealthy Gers supporting landowners out there who could flatten out a couple of fields where we could build temporary dressing rooms etc and lease for a while until we're back in the black ! It would do some of the current prima donnas good to rough it for a bit .

  6. Murray Park wouldn't fetch much in revenue as it is unlikely the land could be used for housing (which is why Gers got it in the first place)

    The new board will find it impossible to do any more cost cutting so will need to go full tilt at raising new revenue. Initially this will need to come from wealthy backers like Kennedy, Sarver, etc and then once the team are winning domestically and competing in Europe the stabalisers can come off and the business is standing on its own – and that is when we will see true fan ownership and King can retire knowing his legacy is secure…

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