Rangers accept Chris Graham’s resignation


Recently-appointed Rangers’
non-executive director Chris Graham has today resigned from the Ibrox board.
In a brief statement to the
London Stock Exchange, Rangers confirmed this action:
“Chris Graham has tendered his
resignation as a Director of RIFC. This has been accepted by the Board.”

Graham was under Club
investigation regarding an alleged offensive tweet he made in his days prior to
directorship, which saw him rise from a blogger, Rangers Standard spokesman, then
Union of Fans’ representative before penultimately as Rangers’ Supporters Trust
He has been unavailable for
comment and the feeling appears to be that, thanks to the tweet in question and
the Club’s internal investigation into it, that he was advised to resign or be
His position at the Club lasted a
mere three days, and the Club will hope to focus general attention back onto
playing matters, with new manager Stuart McCall set to take his maiden bow at
Ibrox as boss tomorrow afternoon against bottom side Livingston.


  1. Hope Allan Woods is next to do a runner. We really need to clean up the global brand and get rid of this filth.

    • You are absolutely right about the brand..It's all about the brand..There have been two serious incidents this week that have once again tainted the brand.
      Also it has been a week since the EGM and the brand remains tainted with no NOMAD and shares continue to be suspended on the stock exchange. I wonder out loud if the two incidents have impaired the board's abliity to get a NOMAD, By the way, Graham is still under Police Scotland investigation.

    • The rumoured NOMAD, Allenby Capital will know all about Graham. If they are the one Squint has approached, the time they are taking is very worrying.

  2. Gutter Rat who labelled bears who bought tickets as a 'Cancer'. How ironic.

    Boils my blood to have seen him in my clubs directors box wearing a club tie. He's not fit to wear a Shitey sports direct replica Gers top.

    • this is the time to all help rebuild our rangers, the past is the past with no time to throw shite at each other,,

  3. Absolutely pathetic attemp once again by the blogger you mentions attempt to blacken "real rangers" men!! ,first of all may i add that the current board have dealt with the issue of grahams stupidly rapidy!! What more does mcmurdo want?,they have acted as any board of any company should in dealing with an "issue" fastly!!? So i ask bill mcmurdo whats your issue ??,
    I also say bill mcmurdo stop putting suggestions into peoples minds!,you know what i mean!!
    Stop being irresponsible and downright stupid .because the gullible will always take the bait so stop being so f–king stupid

  4. Further to my other points regarding mcmurdo!! As you previously stated in an earlier blog of yours !! Remember? Rrangers are currently in discussions with many nomads so stop being a yo yo and revert back to truth bill!! ,,your down and your blatant ban on comments shows your fear of the truth so untill you go and get some relief,,and get off your high horse of which i may add is on weak limbs,,id say mr bill mcmurdo start doing rangers a turn now that the monsters are out the door!!

    • You used to post on Mr McMurdo's blog did'nt you. he must have pi**ed you off big time. 8 Nomads already ruled themselves out.

    • Dodgy Dave and his dodgy cohorts/pals act have ruined Rangers. I scorned anyone who said admin 2 would happen again. But of course I left out one thing from my reckoning, that is, the Rangers fans themselves.

    • Ron31 …

      Alright Ron , NinjaMan here to say hello . You seem a bit bitter pal re Bill , now lets get this out in the open once and for all .

      I moderate on Bill's blog and the RSL blog too . I also write on them as well as you know .

      The previous regime had to go , I think we ALL know that , you keep saying Bill was pro previous board when in reality for the best part of a year he wasn't .

      He may well have been anti King , and he is probably anti P Murray , on this I reckon the fanbase is 50/50 ish , but most are prepared to give KingCo a chance .

      It's been an inauspicious start and I'll tell you what Ron , I didn't like the way the boycotters were singled out for praise while those that bought season tickets were ignored .

      35,066 at Ibrox yesterday , and similar on Tuesday , so those boycotters aren't making a huge difference are they ?

      The stay aways stayed away on the whole because of the sub standard fare that Mr McCoist was churning out week in week out . Politics were a part no doubt but I'd say the fact that there's 16,000 empty seats proves that the support hasn't fallen for the cha offensive by King/Murray .

      Thanking the Record ? Eh ? They hate us so just because they aided and abetted the campaign to oust one regime doesn't for an instant make them back the other . They'll attack us at every opportunity so that (for me) was a massive own goal by Mr Murray .

      The Chris Graham situation .. I thought personally it was always likely to happen but didn't like the idea of him becoming a director of Rangers Football Club . Too divisive and his online record for abusing those supporters that disagreed with him is deplorable .

      His demand for Green to resign for calling his good friend "my little paki friend" in a phone call then being caught out doing something hugely offensive to all Islamist's left him with no alternative but to resign in my opinion .

      The nomad situation IS an issue for King , make no mistake about it . They've tried 9 different nomads , the latest being Allenby Capital , who are highly unlikely to accept either .

      King said he'd have no problem passing F&P tests and would name his nomad last Friday , that's 9 days ago and still not a hint .

      Who will pay the Tax Liability in a couple of weeks ? RNS statement that RIFC would be insolvent unless the 2nd tranche of SD's £5m was dropped down or there was major investment from elsewhere is very worrying , surely you'd agree with that Ron ? So , can you or anyone else see a statement to the RSN from the new directors addressing this major issue that the club faces ? Na , neither can I , mate .

      Another thing , Ron , is the situation where the new regime suspended 3 directors when they had no legal right to do so . Scots Law prohibits it . How ironic that Jack Irvine can have a pop at John Gilligan and suggest he reads up on corporate law !

      Now , as I said at the start , let's see how the new regime gets on , Ashley , Easdale and the Institutional Investors are all still there , so are the loans and the RR contracts . Work to do and plenty of it , with only 35,000 turning up they'll have serious difficulties , particularly with the rumour that to make Ashley walk will cost £27m !

      So remember Ron , Bill banned you because you were continually attacking him , because you were insistent that you knew better and because you were abusive . Get over it mate , life's too short to hold grudges and no matter what you think or believe , you should read back on Bill's blogs over the last 6 months , 9 times out of 10 he's been right mate !

    • Theres a real irony in your suggestion about others holding grudges – and perhaps you can tell us exactly where McMurdo has been proved right?! But more importantly if Ashley walks and it costs us £27m perhaps you can explain why McMurdo and by extension you think he has Rangers best interests at heart?! You couldn't make it up!!!

  5. Time that other joker went as well Craig Houston … his moronic followers smashed their own ground up with protests and attacked hearts and hibs fans inside and outside ibrox……he forgot that gers have still to go to Easter road and tynecastle again …there could be revenge attacks for that….the guy is,a disgrace,and doesn't represent anyone but thugs and troublemakers . ….Good riddance Chris Graham hope Houston is next out the door ….the real gers,fans,don't want you …..

  6. Sorry,, I wish to digress,, can I ask, why is McCulloch coming out in the media blaming everybody but himself for the teams disgraceful displays… Excuse me Lee,, your the biggest wage robbing fraud on the park son,, so stop looking around you and take responsibility of your own failings,, you are a problem Lee., and if McCall doesn't show you the door as captain, then it will only confirm it is really "jobs for the boys",, your a joke McCulloch, you have no right slagging off the other players,, your were the captain,, you take the blame!!! We're not blind son!!!!

  7. Who sat on story ? How many more waiting wouldnt want to be up thre weve nearly all said before thinking and are we going to be just as bad re brown on bevy its a social media disease god help us who just want to get on bring back scotsport and blk an white tv those where the days how do i know ??? I read it in a paper

  8. I'm always amazed at how the fastest responders to "Ibrox Noise" articles always seem to be Rangers-haters (certainly fans of another club anyway).
    Surely not some form of obsessive monitoring ??!!

    As for Chris Graham — he retweeted an image that countless others did during that time of the Charlie Hebdo attack, in the spirit of free speech.
    And yet he alone (out of ALL the people in the world) is being "investigated" for it.

    Strange that.
    You'd almost think that there was an agenda to it.

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