Saturday, 28 March 2015

Paul Murray confirms promotion is priority

Interim chairman Paul Murray has highlighted what he believes is the critical need for promotion.

While a number of Rangers supporters subscribe to the view another year in the Championship would be of benefit in the long-term, Murray does not share this.

On the subject, he said:

“Giving my own personal opinion, I don’t hold to the view that it would be a good thing for Rangers not to get promoted this year.”

Murray pretty clear that he believes remaining in the Championship is detrimental to Rangers both on the pitch and off.

He went on:

“I think we should be absolutely aiming for promotion and that’s what the board are seeking to do; and that is a priority.”

No ambiguity here; Rangers’ board, sensibly, want promotion. A slight Freudian slip from the chairman where initially he stated it was only his own opinion, but shared the reality that the whole board view promotion as vital.

It is a critical issue which Murray is being diplomatic about, because the sheer loss of revenue from remaining outwith it is vast, as detailed here.


  1. Obvious statement of the year contender.

  2. No comment on the Nomad or delisting situation where its clear that King has lied through his teeth.
    No comment on King's F&F status, just another lie on behalf of King that he's respecting the SFA F&P process before's just laughable. Do they think the quotes and promises made recently have been forgotten. Fans are gullible but this is pushing if to the extreme.
    I wouldn't send Murray or King for a free newspaper.

    No surprise soon to read that King has further issues with SARS, no matter what that eejit Chico Young has to say.

  3. Paul Murray is a joke, King's message boy.

  4. There is no way a UK court will pass King as F&P. The consequences if it all goes wrong would be horrendous................a convicted felon given the green light to be a director of a UK limited company, no chance.........however the SFA have different criteria and may have an opposite opinion. But again going down this road, contrary to the courts ruling, would leave them wide open to legal action from creditors of the club if there is a admin/liquidation event.

    1. seems to me that the wee green trolls have nothing better to do than follow rangers websites and put their inane opinions on them. WATP

    2. Can you blame us? It's international week! :D

  5. With people like you lot, who needs enemies. God protect us from such negativity.

  6. With so called supporters like you lot, who needs enemies?


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