No Sandy EGM vote – King’s appointment immiment


With Sandy Easdale simply not
bothering to vote, having already lost a portion of his voting bloc, Mike
Ashley’s flirtation with Rangers appears to be nearing its conclusion.
Both Llambias and Leach are
expected to be removed from the Ibrox board within two hours, meaning a
landslide victory for King, Murray & Gilligan.
Furthermore, none of Ashley,
Llambias or Leach attended the EGM and the latter two reportedly hid inside the
bowels of Ibrox as it took place before being whisked away by car upon its
conclusion; if one act summed up the utter shambles of the L&L regime, that
might just be it.

Sandy Easdale, for now, remains
ltd board chairman, and still a significant shareholder, but his future at the
Club is now shaky at best and the most likely projection is his selling of his
shares. Most likely to either the RST or Rangers First.
Mike Ashley still has the ace up
his sleeve of both the second tranche of the loan plus the conditions of it
(which may still include his right to appoint board members) but speculation
persists that King is working the legal angle to have this voided.
The winds of change blow through
Ibrox as we speak, and time will tell if they are of benefit or not.
At least this impending regime
has the support’s backing, and that will help a huge amount. Assuming King and
co attain power, my personal hope is he will bring in Robert Sarver, Brian
Kennedy, Douglas Park and George Taylor – and, of course, their very ample
financial resources.
The way is forward. Hopefully.


  1. 41 convictions for tax fraud and called a "Glib and Shameless Liar" by a judge is a worry. The worry being that if a person is labelled very publicly by a respected judge as a liar, can he be believed – especially when the description includes the words "glib and shameless". We can only use the info and experience we have already seen. Ashley provides life support, which looks like its to be turned off – banks refuse to give credit – A billionaire is replaced by a glib and shameless liar – Celebration ??

    • Oh yea of little faith. I take it your not a rangers supporter or if you are youv'e had your
      head buried in the sand. Give the man a chance he's already put £20 million in and come back to put more in…..have you put anything in the pot?

  2. This is a day to remember in the history of our club, we have been cheated,hung out to dry, victimised by all and sundry, been told we were guilty and had to prove our innocence and still we are here fighting for the future of our club, never more so was the cry NO SURRENDER more applicable and just!. Onwards and upwards. We are the people- dont ever let them forget it!.

  3. Absolute celebration. The Rangers Support has never been so united, thanks in no small part the the various Rangers haters, Glib and Shameless board members and Mike Ashley. With fan power, a functioning board and proper direction, Rangers will be back stronger and more robust than ever. I for one, am delighted.

  4. I agree withe above- hence my voting against King. I would have taken a Newcastle Utd. run football club any day – at least Rangers would be there next year. Get the feeling with Paul Murray and King (lets not forget they were both around with Whyte) that there was ample opportunity for King to save Rangers with his multi-millions. He let Rangers plummet then – I just simply don't trust King. The RST begged for 'free' shares from hardworking fans who bought into their club. Now their votings rights are further diminished, the small amounts they donated cannot compete with the larger shareholders and all that happened was King got more control. King will need to earn my trust and my vote and he has done nothing so far towards this. Ashley has faults but at least Newcastle Utd runs well and efficiently. One of the few english clubs NOT in massive debt. This is a short sighted EGM and what happens next might just cost more than Rangers can afford……

    • Rangers are not, and never will be Newcastle FC. If you would be happy with Rangers being also rans, lying mid table every season, then good luck to you. I think the average bear would disagree.

    • We will probably never know the full truth and I am uneasy with King. However , sadly, society in general tends to see nothing really wrong with tax dodging or cheating the state. And there are plenty of lawyers on hand to help you. So one lawyer can advise you how to avoid tax and another lawyer will advise state that it is evasion. Sadly morality does not come into it. What has happened to Rangers mirrors society in general. The professionals rip the rest of us off. This started with llyodds, David Murray, HMRC ,and administrators. None will ever be brought to book. And Craig Whyte ripping off Ticketus. Hopefully Dave King has learned his lesson(he says he has) but as he was not allowed to make an offer to administrators I am giving him benefit of doubt.

    • I did not say Rangers are Newcastle…try reading….what I did say is that in regards to Newcastle's financial ,model their setup works. In that sense Ashley has a proven track record – King is an ex-con convicted of tax scams. Is you're memory that short? Newsflash – Rangers are third in the Championship not the English Premiership, I would settle at this point to be at least mid table in the Scottish Premiership. Realism is required, like it or not RFC is a business run by businessmen/women. In order to achieve what you desire requires steady income and investments. Show me the 'transparent' plans King has in place. Least Ashley offered viewable cash to stop more administration. As a bear that lets his brain work as well as his passion more facts were needed on King this before this EGM took place. This whole thing reeks the same as it did with Whyte.

      Alan – I reluctantly agree with you and now we have no choice but to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    • The realism is that Ashley and his cronies had us, the Rangers fans by the throat. We were completely powerless, other than boycotts and demonstartions, which dragged the club down even further. Ask a Newcastle fan if they are happy with the way the club is being run. King knows he needs the support to help rebuild the club, he's not stupid, although I am a bit surprised that he's taken on a monumental task. When our board turned down loan offers from sources who offered better conditions, less security etc, in order to bind us with more, high interest Ashley debt, they were seen for exactly what they are. King will have some fantastic assistance on the board, people we can trust, so don't get too hung up of one person.

    • As I live in Newcastle I think I'm pretty well placed to make my comments and I do talk to Newcastle fans about this regularly. Some are some aren't. As Ashley lost his dual ownership case it's a mute point, he still has us, we are stuck in loans, and long term merchandising deals that make us next to nothing. All this actually has done is re-insert directors who failed previously, Dougie Park being the one shining light out of the three bears. I trust his acumen, but King and Murray have had their part in the last 4 years….little of it being helpful. Drama seems to follow these two and the last thing Rangers need is more drama so the jury is out in my view, lets just hope Ashley doesn't come back for more.. Rich men tend to get their way ans as King says if it was an English club without the support he would never beat Ashley on a straight head to head. I believe the real drama has just begun. If King keeps it legal and put the cash in then it might work, if not tough times are ahead.

    • Totally agree with you 16:48. Ashley has done nothing for us except land us with debt and get himself highly favourable deals with Rangers retail. We know absolutely nothing about his plans as he has had no communication what so ever with the fans. We were just supposed to take whatever he decided and we could like it or lump it. Hopefully, King can stop the second £5m and then get to work on Ashley's other dodgy deals.

  5. Spivs,liars,assets stripers have been removed,as the saying WHAT HAPPENS in VEGAS stays in VEGAS goes, Likewise WHAT HAPPENS in SOUTH AFRICA stays in SOUTH AFRICA also goes.

  6. Ashley and his stoogies knew they were heading for a trouncing at todays EGM, yet they went ahead and burnt through another 60-80k of the latest loan. This says everything about these cretins, in it for themselves to the detriment of the company they were supposed to act in the best interests of. How anyone could defend them (Bill McMurdo) is mind boggling.

  7. If we think about it, Newcastle United is being run better than rangers has for at least the last 5 years. Ashley was the only seriously wealthy money man involved Since this mess started. If king says he has learned his lesson about tax fraud, following a case where he has been called a glib and shameless liar as a judgement, did he mean he has learned his lesson about being a glib and shameless liar, or is he telling glib and shameless lies.

    • Newcastle are being run for the benefit of Mike Ashley and Sports Direct and Rangers would have been the same. He would have been happy to saddle us with huge debts and made sure we did just well enough to keep us news worthy so that his company got the publicity. Then when fans complained, he would just ignore them like he does the Newcastle supporters. I'll be happy to take my chances with Dave King; at least he cares about our club.

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