Saturday, 21 March 2015

'Newcastle Five' deal a fraud

"If you take the four lads [January loan signings] from Newcastle, who probably won't kick a ball for us, out of the equation, it's not as big a squad as you'd imagine."

–Stuart McCall, Sunday March 15th

“Streete came and played the first game and pulled his hamstring. He was put in straight away and he wasn’t ready to play a high-tempo game because he had no football behind him.

March 21st.

“But he won’t play for us this season.”

March 21st (on Gael Bigirimana)

“serious doubt to be involved.”

March 21st (on Shane Ferguson)

The seriousness of these quotes cannot be underestimated. Quite simply Mike Ashley has shown nothing but staggering contempt for Rangers by using Murray Park as a hospital for five Newcastle players.

It is widely understood that wages are not really the problem, as Newcastle are still paying the lion’s share of the players’ salaries. The problem is the staggering disrespect Ashley (and Llambias & Leach) showed Rangers in using Ibrox as a station for which these players could get fully fit, under the pretence of a loan.

The deal was softened by including one relatively surplus player, Vuckic, as a ‘fit-out-of-the-box’ loanee who would be available from the start.

But the borderline impudence of Ashley and his henchmen to create a sham deal of five players joining on loan in order that four of them could be physically prepared for next season either as Newcastle first-team players (unlikely) or sold off to other clubs at a profit to Ashley (likely) is beyond reproach.

Ashley recently complained that Westminster is ‘violating his human rights’ in exposing letters he wrote to them to explain why he was ‘too busy’ to answer questions relating to job losses, meanwhile he happily violates his own employees by sanctioning zero-hour contracts within Sports Direct.

Well, Mr Ashley, you are also violating the rules and rights of Rangers, to be treated with respect and not the disdain you currently show us.

Readers of this blog will know my ‘support’ of him earlier last year was tentative. I tried to build a case why the man might be good for Rangers, but truthfully it was total conjecture. I never claimed otherwise. I knew he was using us for Sports Direct, but I did not count on him outright raping our resources to benefit both Newcastle and his business interests. The notion was his actions, while transparent, required a healthy Rangers in order that his other interests flourished. Clearly that was wrong. The man is not just ruthless, it is clear he has no regard for the well-being of anything other than his own pocket – to the cost of the well-being of anyone who dares step in his way. As Newcastle (and Rangers) have found out to their cost.

This loan ‘deal’ is just one of the litanies of immorality and potential rules/law-breaking Ashley is guilty of.

And it sums up why Rangers need this charlatan out our club as quick as possible.
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