McDowall: “I don’t care about Magath, but promote Durrant”


Interim Rangers manager Kenny McDowall has strongly distanced
himself from today’s discussions at Ibrox with Felix Magath and any potential new
Asked what he felt about the discussions
with shareholder Magath, McDowall said:

“Well I think it’s really the board’s
decision. They’ve managed to get themselves in control of the club and it’s
fantastic for them. Obviously everybody knows what my situation is; they’re
quite entitled to speak to whoever they want to speak to regarding the manager
position. It’s their right to do that. So I’ll just wait and see and carry on
with my duties as I’m doing at the present.”
However he has advocated the
restoration of Under 20s coach Ian Durrant to the senior coaching setup.
“Ian Durrant got put down to the youth
department which wasn’t the best thing to happen and I would like to look at
getting Ian back up alongside myself and Gordon and see where that takes us.
Jim Stewart is there as well, the goalkeeper coach, so we’ve all had to muck in
at this difficult time. We’ve all done our best to try and keep going and keep
in contention for promotion.”
If ever ‘the Old Pals Act’
existed in a microcosm, it was this. At a time where Rangers’ new regime are
looking to build for the future, guys like McDowall want their stale old
buddies back in control.
Do not expect Lee McCulloch to
ever lose his starting slot while McDowall remains in charge.


  1. bring back mccoist now till the end of this season and get mcdowall away now,,he has not got a clue,,

    • McCoist is responsible for the current team! A total failure in every respect. Why don't we double the shares he accepted from Green and give him a 10 year contract as well. Are you a friend or relative of his?

  2. Yes and he's now saying his big pal Ally should return. Well if that happens the fans will disappear like snow off a dyke. Why would you want to entrench a failed management team when you have an opportunity to freshen things up. Let's not forget McCoist and McDowall have resigned so no way back as far as this bear is concerned.

    • mcoist has got to be better than mcdowall till the end of the season,, and lets not forget the service mcculloch has given,,

    • Anybody would be better than McDowall except McCoist. Yeah great service from McCulloch well worth his £12k per week.

    • yes get the cronies out you to jig sorry but clear out needed but your welcome to invest your money in seat and watch the new show you how to do it right
      and could anyone tell the dj tonight THREE LITTLE BIRDS might be opener ??

  3. here we go again with the old pals act. McDowell wants his pals McCoist and Durrant back.
    No way. He has an awful lot to say for an absolute, abject failure. The 3 of them should be reunited – at an appropriate level for them – managing Arbroath! If these characters are still there next season it will impact dramatically on season ticket sales.

  4. I cannot believe the amount of nonsense that is still being allowed to flow out of Ibrox! Bring Durrant back?!?! King needs to ensure that an essential part of the personal spec to work at Ibrox doesn't include knowing how to sing the sash! Everything I have witnessed at rangers over the past few years has been shocking. The sweeping brush well and truly needs to be brought in across the club to ensure that a genuine new era is brought in at Rangers.

    This is the time to build some solid foundations at Rangers to ensure that our great club pushes on to try and get back to be competitive on the pitch and respectable in the Boardroom. Currently the club from top to bottom is a complete and utter abortion! King needs to demonstrate strong transparent leadership. If the board bring back or promote dead wood employees who don't know much about coaching and developing young talent then I'm afraid the last three years will become the norm at Ibrox. Sunday league football is more attractive and productive than the drivel that rangers produce at present!

  5. What is in the drugs cupboard at Ibrox, bring back McCoist makes me feel really ill, it's suicidal to contemplate, the fact anonymous says bring him back as McDowall has not a clue, has got to be a policy of the raving lunacy party. they both need to walk away and forgo their pay offs and help the finances of the new board, or get jobs at RBS and claim bonuses for failure.

  6. Why not bring back McCoist? After all he is being paid a "King's" ransom while on gardening leave…'King's" ransom..too much.

  7. mccoist and Mcdowell…should be moved on……both had their chances,both failed to deliver..

    Definitely time for changes to management and players….the list of underachieving players is put them under the microscope especially their ability to FIGHT back when teams been under pressure….Last few years that's been their biggest downfall..lack of grit…both from sidelines and on the field…As a long time Rangers fan….this has been the worst Rangers team EVER…change the deadwood….its easier to say what players to keep……only a few I would keep and maybe give a second chance..but to move forward we need TEAM players…not the dross we have just now.

  8. No chance for coisty to come back in now or Durant the guys were legends as players but rubbish as a manager and coach need something completely different from what we have the now.different ideas training a boot up the arse for a whole team and sooner rather than later don't know much about the guy from Brentford but could be alright. Who knows

  9. I knew it the drums roll for the old faithful – only one man as manager Sir Walter….. if anyone can he can, he got Scotland beating France, nuff said….

  10. I think Ally has been treated shabbily by our support.
    What he has endured trying to keep things going…will never be fully appreciated.
    I accept that he failed with the "youth" policy…or the lack of it.
    But the truth is…he HAD to get us back up through the leagues…and if he had played boys and failed…he'd have been done anyway.
    What can never be doubted is the work he put in for us…and his love of us.
    I'd bring him back tomorrow…He knows what we're all about.

    • I'd say he was treated pretty well considering some of the performances we had to put up with. We're not talking here about his commitment or love for the club; that's not in doubt. It's his ability as a manager that's of grave concern to most Rangers supporters. He'll always be a Rangers legend and we'll always be grateful that he stuck by us in the dark days, but as a manager, he was dire in almost every respect. Absolutely no chance of a comeback.

  11. McCoist is a legend in terms of the club,however, he does not have the stratigic planning and coaching nouse to succeed at the level we should be competing at, do we want a 'rangers man' playing to the gallary and winning in Scotland on a regular basis or do we want to develop the whole football systems approach and bring the club into line with the second tier european clubs that we should strive towards ie Porto , Sporting, Ajax , Anderlect, Basil etc never compete with the top teams in the top leagues on an long term basis, The only wat to do this is to follow the model and get the right people in, we hounded PLG out of his job for playing the system that Pep Gaurdiola changed european football using 4 years after PLG tried to implement it, we need change, and like it or not Celtic are implementing this through there training, scouting, coaching and football culture models, and Hearts are doing the same through Levin in charge of development and Neilson in charge of coaching (hows that working out for them) my dream team would be Mark Wotte overall football matter and Ian Cathro as head coach, if we go for McCall, Butcher, Mcinnes, Smith, we would be as well shutting up shop, I would take Levin and Neilson before any of the 'rangers men' , also I have had a season ticket for 20 years and this is my opinion

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