McDowall exits Rangers completely


Rangers today confirmed interim
manager Kenny McDowall has left Rangers entirely.
The now-departed boss and former
assistant to both Ally McCoist and Walter Smith said:

“I have
worked with so many talented people since I joined and I will forever be in
Walter Smith’s debt for bringing me to Rangers.

“Working with Walter, Ally
McCoist, Ian Durrant, Jim Stewart and all the backroom staff plus the staff at
Ibrox and Murray Park was a pleasure and I wish the Club
well for the future.

“I was delighted to play a part
in the Club’s history and I wish the supporters and new management team all the
very best.”
Presumably Dave King et al have
chosen to pay his severance out in full, as opposed to putting him on Gardening
Leave, something which will have cost the Ibrox Club in the region of £200,000.
The question remains what the fate of
McCoist will be.


  1. Seems the Chris Grahm episod was wurse than the Queen or Cowdumbeat results. For me Miller is a bigger Kennymug thn McDowel, but not as big as Fatass.

    • You're about Miller. Quits one team in mid-season to take his family on a much needed "holiday" and then shows up in a Rangers uniform.

  2. No news then about our esteemed newest director. Something needs to be said before we get a visitation.

  3. Bit off topic but could someone tell me what has happened to the other Newcastle loanees? Surely Vuckic isn't the only one who is capable of playing a match in the Championship at the moment? Don't get me wrong I'm all for playing the youngsters as well. I would love to see Walsh, Gallagher, Bigirimana, Gasparotto & Ferguson/Mbabu come in for Boyd, Miller, Hutton (God have mercy how he ever wears a Rangers jersey), Jig & Foster respectively.

  4. (Joke) Being reported Putin telling Iranian nuclear minister to ignore Pope Francis' attempts to let Chris off and do a boydfatwass on the bighoose. (NOT Joke) How to get out of this? Only chance is to tell Graham to do an unreserved apology. So publish this.Your chance to save us.

  5. Will this hasten McCostly's exit ? Will he be under pressure to take a settlement now that clipboard has done so ?

  6. I'm not a fan, but I wish him every success. Must admit he spoke well on Sky interview.
    Just hope that selection criteria is now merit. Must be better than the 2 gentlemen who have cowered away to count their booty. They will both live long in the memory of Rangers fans. We won't forget your greed and disrespect. Don't ever tarnish the stadium again with your presence.

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