McCall ready for the Ibrox challenge


Yet to be officially confirmed by
the club, Stuart McCall and Kenny Black are due to be Rangers’ management team
till the end of the season, and depending on how it goes, McCall is said to be
looking for a three year deal.
National boss Gordon Strachan has
given his blessing to McCall taking time out from the Scotland setup
to focus on what will be, in Graeme Souness’ words, a ‘massive’ job.

Fact is Strachan knows a strong
Rangers can only help the national team, and McCall, with generally a decent
managerial record, is far from the worst candidate to help achieve that.
His soon-to-be Ibrox assistant
Kenny Black was at Easter Road last night, scouting on Saturday’s opponents
Livingston, which is the kind of basic research for upcoming fixtures the
previous management team quite simply neglected.
Fact is McCall is a tremendously
popular appointment, with his legendary days at Ibrox thoroughly in his favour,
plus the fact he is far from a rookie.
If McCall manages the
near-impossible and achieves promotion, it will rank as one of the biggest achievements
a Rangers manager has managed, and may well earn him that long-term deal.
Kenny McDowall and Gordon Durie’s
futures remain uncertain, but it appears both will be on their way out, and it
is indeed understood McDowall will not be part of this new coaching setup in
any way shape or form.
McCall has the biggest job of his
life on his hands.


  1. Again,, jobs for the boys,, McCall is not our answer, He took Motherwell to second place last season, but rooted them to the bottom of the league this season,,, wow,, that means he just has to manage Rangers!!! King spoke about a Coach to bring total football to Rangers,, and here is me thinking it will be someone on champions league quality, someone who will change the whole youth system, someone who will take an ordinary player and make them outstanding,, someone who will has a tactical brain who can change a teams play in a heartbeat to win a game,,,NOPE,, we get Stuart McCall,, and he is demanding a 3 year deal,, yet another money grabber,, yes,, jobs for the boys,, when are Rangers going to learn that good ex Rangers players do not make great managers, quite the opposite in our case,,lack of imagination in my view,,again,,!!

    • its just till the end of the season lets see how it goes he cannot be any worse the the present bunch plus king and co have already said they are taking their time to get the right man but heres hoping mcall can get us promotion
      stop the negativity ffs and get behind him and the team

    • Before you jump down my throat Anonymous12 March 2015 at 12:19, I agree with your comments, but not 100%.
      I like you, want someone with a reputable record of youth developement and the ability of blending experience with youth and someone who has a good nose to the ground in players whose contracts are up at the end of this season to be the new Rangers Manager. Does Stuart McCall have this knowledge? I don't know.
      I also don't know that he is demanding a 3-year contract. He might be demanding a 3-year contract if he gets us promoted.
      I do know facts about McCall; fact1 – he was on 70,000 a year at Motherwell, not a huge salary by any means. He gave many young talented youngsters a chance as Motherwell manager, in the good times and bad. He managed to get some terrific consistent perfomances out of average players and he suffered when those players left Motherwell. Higdon is one example; people classed him as a carthorse, yet was top scorer in the SPL.
      There are certin things you say, I can't prove or disprove and I am not writing this to do either.
      What I am saying is; I will take Stuart McCall as interim manager till the end of the season, he has to be better than we have at the moment.
      Will he be demanding huge salary to be Rangers Manager? I doubt he will be paid more than McDowell is at the moment and he will be on certainly much less than McCoist.
      If his appointment is made full time, I will agree 100% with you, but until everything is confirmed, lets hope that he is interim manager and a replacement of the ilk you mention will be at Murray Park come July. Felix Magath, with a coach working under him. He certainly fits the criteria
      One footnate, not to do with your comment but; would any manager be able to sort our current squad out to gain promotion into the Premiership?
      Silk purse and sows ear comes to mind.

    • What are you going on about, "jobs for the boys?" So, anyone who's played for us he shouldn't be considered for the manager's job? He was at Motherwell for four years and did well despite having to rebuild the team every year when his best players were sold. McCall seems to be a very decent manager and the fact that he's one of us certainly shouldn't be held against him. And what manager of "champions league" quality are you thinking of when we're at least 3-4 seasons away from the Champions league? I think you need a bit of a reality check. Let's see where McCall and the team are at the end of the season and decide where we go from there.

  2. never thought of it that way,but your 100% spot on.We need to see what the green trolls think of it all

  3. Sincerely hope that this is a short-term appointment. He still has his work cut out to motivate that lot. Rangers need to employ an experienced CEO. 'Asking' John Brown and co will result in the same old 'give my pal a job' response.

  4. Not sure on McCall, but can't be any worse than the clowns who have had the reins, what puts me off is the 3 yr contract, I was really hoping for someone with a real good pedigree, what;s he going to get out of Boyd, Miller etc the other buddies could not get, usually a new manager can lift the gloom, lets be hoping eh.

  5. The fact he works with the Scotland squad will mean he knows how young and experienced players are performing more than most managers at league clubs. A short term deal is a win / win situation for us. If he fails ,there's no severance pay that a 3 year deal brings.If he gets this lot playing from now to seasons end,considering the 15 or so out of contract then I would think a 3 year deal is merited on an inexpensive cost.He wouldn't have been my 1st choice,but he's available right now and we needed change.

  6. McCall is a great choice for the rest of the season and it will give the new board a chance to look at him or others a permanent role. He done a great job at Motherwell with very limited resources

  7. People have to be realistic, what top flight manager will go to us in this state with about 10million to spend on the team and get them up challenging. He is a very manager and is only appointed until the end on the season. Very good move again by the board and the nugget that said job for the boys it talking crap, so anyone who has been connected to the gers can't get the job!!!! rubbish and guys like you will never be happy, bugger off and watch netball for a sport

  8. Just let him get on with the job, he has an good record thus far, anyone is better than kenny.
    If he manages to get us promoted he deserves the job for longer, all this best mates talk is alot of shit, what if the best mate is actually the best man for the job, alot of people wanted smith back, personally i didnt, he is a legend but if he fucked up think of the abuse he would have got, everyone get behind mccall & the team and lets push on.
    As for the devolpment of younger players, mccall has a good record of this plus he has been paying attention to the games so its notas if he doesnt have a clue about our squad

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