Sunday, 22 March 2015

McCall: "I can't use kids"

New Rangers manager Stuart McCall has doused hopes of any drastic use of youth by dismissing the idea of using a lot of younger players any time soon.

Speaking about how his family and friends are urging him to drop various players (who remained nameless) and pick others (also nameless) McCall dropped the bombshell that despite the Newcastle Five emerging as a sham deal, and the absolutely hideous performances of almost all the senior players, he does not intend to deploy youth on a large scale.

“I can’t flood the team with youngsters.”

He said in advance of Sunday’s clash with Hibernian in Edinburgh, despite the rather obvious fact the best players this season, outwith Darren McGregor, have been the youth products. Players like Macleod before his sale, and current incumbents Tom Walsh and Andy Murdoch have held their heads high, while Colin Stewart of the Rangers Development Fund proudly announced a £150,000 injection into the youth program.

Meanwhile young Canadian stopper Luca Gasparotto has been called up to the national senior side once again for a couple of upcoming friendlies, along with a training camp.

In other words, Rangers have more than enough promise in the youth ranks to justify a larger-scale use of those players, with the potential for around 5 of them (Gasparotto, Sinnamon, Murdoch, Walsh, and Gallagher) to outright start.

Yet McCall has now stated this will not happen, dispelling any notion of trying something different rather than the same old same old.

McCall further rubbed salt in the wound by adding:

“The key thing for them (Hibs) was the January transfer window when they managed to keep their best young player, Scott Allan, while we had to sell Lewis Macleod, who was ours. On top of that, they were able to add five players.”

So it seems not only a sly dig at McCoist for rejecting the notion of Allan who begged Rangers to sign him, but a paradoxial concession of the importance of quality young players. While not playing them; a very odd stance in all honesty.

Rangers’ fans desperation for the younger players to be given a significant chance is falling on deaf ears, regardless of who the manager is.
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