Magath, Warburton & Weir to Ibrox

Magath, Warburton & Weir to Ibrox

This morning three names are
circulating heavily in Ibrox circles regarding potential recruitments to both infrastructure
hierarchy and management team.
Former Bayern and Stuttgart manager, and shareholder in Rangers Felix Magath
flew into Glasgow
last night, staying at the Westerwood Hotel before travelling to Govan for a
crunch meeting with Dave King et al to discuss plans.

What those plans are is as yet
unclear, although a Director of Football role has been long-touted by many.
However, in a contradiction to
those intentions the other two names are Brentford’s manager Mark Warburton
& his assistant, former Rangers legend and Rangers fan board chief Vetter
Davie Weir.
Warburton is set to quit
Brentford for the very reason Magath is touted – Warburton refuses to work
under such a figure and one is to be imminently appointed at Griffin Park
– a Director of Football, and if he is to be the next coach, with Weir as his
assistant, the Magath DoF role is a non-starter.
It is certainly an ironic twist
of fate if these two end up managing Rangers, given Weir touted Rangers’ former
midfielder Lewis Macleod to Brentford, then himself potentially departs in the
opposite direction.

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  1. Felix McGath and David Weir sounds good to me, at least till the end of the season. McDowall is killing our team. The players are good enough,,its McDowall thats the problem in getting them to play and he is so tactically poor. McGath and Weir are winners,,, McDowall is a loser, such an embarrasment. Why was he not thrown out since day one. Dave King knew months ago he was going to win,,so why was this not organised months ago. He pre-empted the Nomad WH Ireland resigning and had already one to replace them after his election,,so why didnt he do the same for replacing McDowall?? Maybe the money was more important than the team. McCoist is still robbing us with wages for nothing,, as is his pals. We are all suffering Mr King, the team is rotten and immediate action is needed NOW,, or your full houses at Ibrox you keep talking about will soon empty!!!

    • The players are good enough then the team is rotten ?, you seem like a c*ltic guy, our team is gash straight up, mcdowell isnt a manager he even said this, hes in a role he doesnt want or ever intented in taking on, so no blame on him, he has told the truth since day 1, and the results were gash this season when mccoist was here, if you remember mccoist out was popular chant in november and december,
      Mccoist wasnt a bad manager, it was the whole situation around him, as any FOOTBALL MAN not just FAN can see

  2. Anonymous !………. with lip like that you are on the wrong blog ! KERRYFAIL ST is THAT awayYYYY ! ………….cant find it go downwind !

  3. Mark Warburton worked wonders at Brentford and plucked a team from obscurity to Premier league hopefuls. Would be a coup to get him. Warburton didn't refuse to work under a director, more the Brentford director had a different view on playing style/finances.

  4. Its imperitive change is made yes but as long as macoist, macdowall and durrant don't get anywhere near first team other than in stands as fans them change has to be for the correct men none of this nonsense bring back walter crap if we are going to try get to play off then bring in davies or macoll short contract it all must tie up murray park and first team. Get it right doesntt have to be today if were not going up and I don't see that team of the 3 amigos doing that¬¬
    if they even contemplate bringing them
    back be back to January crowds at very most oh I hope they boot wee black ass oot the door as an example he should never wear a blue jersey again betting against our club ||| action please mr king ?

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