Lee McCulloch: “I’ll win a new deal”


Lee McCulloch has confirmed he
fully intends to continue playing on till next season and potentially beyond.
Rangers’ captain, 36, has come
under increasing fire for his poor performances and has been subject to a
barrage of criticism that he is ‘past it’. Given the quality of his displays it
is hard to argue with this, but nevertheless despite it he believes he can win
a new contract this summer (he is one of the dozen whose deal expires this
year) and intends to fight for his place:

“The new manager has come in and said:
“Well, it’s up to yourselves to go out there and earn it. If you want to be
here next season then go and earn your contract and show that you are worthy of
one”. I think that is the best thing for it. It is a big motivation for me. I’m
not getting any younger.”
He continued:
“It would be amazing, it would be brilliant
to go back to the top and it would be nice. But at times football isn’t nice. So
I would love to be here, but I need to go and earn that myself. I know that as
does every other player here.”
New manager Stuart McCall has
promised wholesale changes, and it remains to be seen if McCulloch’s wishes to
extend his time at Ibrox are his own wishful thinking or whether a 37 or 38
year old Lee McCulloch will still be plying his trade at Ibrox next season.


  1. about as much chance as Nigel Farage winning Glasgow Central in the election, bit late in the season for this, perhaps a future in wrestling?.

  2. McCulloch is finished. Has been for years.

    No pace whatsoever and looks like he's running in treacle. Pace isn't always needed to be a top rate defender, Willie Miller, Franco Baresi……both were slow. Difference is they could read the game…..McCulloch is never a centre half.

    Thanks Jig, nice knowing ye, ta ta….

  3. Who is kidding who here! McCulloch has proved this year that he is well past the sell by date. His lack of leadership and skill on the park have been there for all to see. Whilst his past efforts mat be appreciated he should have the good grace to move out.

  4. Why are they not dumping Allan Woods, the exposed fascist as well as Graham? Apart from the asbestos its easy peasy to get anybody to do the work and we don't need another distraction like Allan. This is coming to get us – the BNP are affiliating themselves to RFC.

  5. I'm afraid the trough is dry for players such as yourself Lee. Time to move on. The standard required is hopefully up a good few notches now.

  6. Is McCulloch having a laugh? He is banding about the media saying the other players have to shape up as their performances have been unacceptable?!!, Thats the pot calling the kettle black Lee. you have been the biggest offender on the park, just look at our goals against statistics, and you being the centre half and the captain,, you shoulder that responsibility. And why the hell has McCall not reigned this fraud in and took the captaincy off him?! We need a fit, athletic, TALL, strong, no nonsence centre half, McCulloch is none of these!! If we are to advance, we need to get rid of those pensioners and McCulloch should be first to go,,what a cheek he has. He is the main reason why the team is so bad, no leadership and picking up 17,000 a week, yeah, your the man Lee,,Arsenal and Man U must be champin at the bit to get your signature at the end of the season!!,, Good luck today Mr McCall, I really hope you can turn us around, but you need to put your stamp on the team and ditch this joker McCulloch and give Lee Wallace the job as captain, he is the only consistent player that deserves it, albeit he hasnt been firing on all cylinders of late. We most certainly are the people as one would say!!

    • I am a celtic fan and I totally agree with what you say get rid of all the deadwood McCulloch, Miller and Boyd they are all holding your team back, and Wallace as captain would start getting the team more motivated

  7. Unreal.Been God awfull all season and thinks cause a new manager has come in he gets a 2 nd chance.The league is long gone and Hibs have wiped the floor with us 3 times.This new contract talk beggers belief.

  8. I was at the Qos game on tuesday sitting back row in the club deck 50 yard punt up the park by Qos keepers ball all day long big byson heed steps in front of Robinson and heads it straight to a Qos player then turns round arms out and claiming he never got a shout. Coudnt make it up we heard Robinson shouting for it from club deck!! F##n useless past it time to go jig!

  9. What else do you expect him to say? He will be gone next season promotion or not. The players are thrust in front of moronic journalists and give moronic answers to moronic questions. It will be in their contracts. Let's hope we get some effort from now to season end.

  10. If he'd drop his wage to around 15,000 a week I think we should consider it but what about Allan Woods still hanging around? We don't need islamic bigots here

  11. Lose to Hibs next week then thats it……..play off with QOTS or Falkirk, then Hibs again if we manage to get past either of them……and thats not a given.
    No way past Hibs over 2 legs with that shower of crap that Ally's left us with

  12. Lee your having a laugh!!!!!! Go now and take the rest of the crap McCoist signed with you. Thanks for another year in the 2nd tier of Scottish football

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