Lee McCulloch – £72K a month?


A number of weeks ago I brought you the news of Ian Black’s wage increase, whereby an appearance clause was
invoked to take him up to £10K a week. As we know Rangers have huge problems
with a high-earning wage culture, and many will know this site is not the
biggest supporter of Lee McCulloch.

A breaking story within the past
24 hours appears to partially corroborate my information from around five
months ago regarding Jig, whereby Rangers captain’s wage has been allegedly
exposed as £72K a month.
My information was that his wage
was £16K a week, but this development suggests that was excluding appearance
fees. And given McCulloch plays when fit, it would stand to reason that £18K a
week makes sense.
If ever anything summed up what
is wrong with Rangers’ over the past 36 months, that might just be it.
Do not expect his deal to be
renewed this summer.


  1. I hope his contract as a coach is not renewed also as what is he going to coach the youngsters how to clatter someone from behind without winning the ball, or to run out to play offside without telling the rest of the defence, but best bit of advice the worst captain in Rangers history could give any young player coming through is how to run out the tunnel at the start of the game biggest spiv of them all

  2. First rule in business, when you have a competitor who won't budge , you run there cash reserves down then step in when the moment is right, enter the King WATP.

    • ERM……..First rule in business, when you have a competitor who won't budge, get your company to borrow money from him while mortgaging your major assets against such loans, borrow players from him and pay them from your loan………………………
      Enter King

  3. First rule of business, when you have a competitor you run there cash down anyway you can ( wages) then when they're vulnerable you step in , enter the KING WATP.

  4. McCulloch should be considered as bad as McCostly and McDown-in the mouth.Any pro footballer who continues to draw a wage like this,without taking pride in their performances,really should be ashamed of themselves. Not only that,the 3 of them get off scot free when the previous board took all the flack over redundancies. What a gesture they could have shown by donating all or part of even 1 weeks wage to keep other low paid workers in a job. Accepting huge wages is morally wrong whichever way it's dressed up,when you know people on a fraction are losing theirs ! Hang your heads in shame,guys !

  5. Totally outrageous and disgusting if true. I would like to see proof before I start shouting my odds though. Surely as a club which has been in such financial trouble over the past few years we shouldn't be entertaining wages of this amount as pure and simply the players don't deserve it. Winning games week in and out, winning cups and progressing back to the spl then maybe but for the crap that's been on the park recently then Hell No!

  6. The guy is a legend, plays with pride and passion. Will lead us to the title this year and will have the tims running scared,hopefully bring back super Ally as no. 1 soon. WATP No surrender FTP GBTQ in KING we trust.

  7. 1st things 1st, McCulloch is rank now but 4yrs ago was not bad, not great. Signed a contract with clauses which increased his salary each promotion. last year of contract a dud but contract was signer 2012 after liquidation. Could have said bye bye then but had no option as squad was decimated, including youth team and we couldn't sign anyone. Players who would never have had a chance if we had not gone into liquidation have. Would you think some of the youth players coming through could oust Naismith, McGregor, Davis, Whittaker etc. Liquidation killed Rangers as we knew it, Hopefully now we can get back in a couple of seasons and build from the younger Members of the squad. Will have to be patient, which is not greatest thing with some rangers fans. I hope we are patient as this is the chance to do it right

  8. Jobs for the boys,,, We could have got 5 times the player for a third of the price,,,But McCoist, McDowall, Durie, Durrant, McCulloch, Black and all the other wage robbing chancers took our money and lied in our faces by saying they are staying because they are Rangers Fans and want to see up get back to where we belong!!,, We dont do walking away!! They are an utter disgrace,, and you know what,,,, They don't care what we think,,the money is in their accounts and they are laughing at us supporters,,, Enjoy your cash,, but you will go down in Rangers history as the most disgraced players and management,,, !

    • Don't include black in your name dropping he has not played the way we expected but he has not pretended he is a Rangers man at any point

  9. do you think that he has been bunging mr happy to pick him when he is fit, so his earnings are not a kick in the bum off one million pound a year incredible no wonder we have financial problems Hopefully mccall wont play him now he has the job on a temporary basis


  11. When's the penny going to drop numpty , green was livid when he found out about the wages , we burned his money up before he could take it all , but he still managed to slither out the door with large sums , when the investigation is done it'll be pay back time , then he'll be in hospital for a good reason the snake , warp.

    • Utter gobsite green gave most of the players that are at us just now their contracts we only had three full time players left after liquidation you numpty

  12. Green still making money from the club.attendance over 40 000? He gets a bonus, these onerous contracts as graham Wallace described them, are bleeding club dry. Then there is Ashley and the retail deal.

    • He ain't made fuck all this season then has he, maybe that's why superally hud us playing shite fitbaw then so big chuck couldn't get a bonus

  13. Sums up the greed culture since 2012,…I will thank jig for his,services in div 3 and div 2 but that's all…he should never have played any games in championship as he was past it last season …his,pal ally kept him in team and that cost us ramsden cup final …..when his contract is up he's going along with 12 other duds who have downed tools and are Cleary not fit enough to last the season …..we don't want jig as coach either ….thanks for the memories,jig you played your part but it's time to leave. …..

  14. How many of us would appreciate a suicide bomber blowing up Ibrox in retaliation against Chris Graham? Just as well this impostor is exposed before he can do more damage to our institution. He can hold his head in the gutter well away from Ibrox till the end of time.. What a useless chancer.

    • Thought this guy was quite intelligent but has exposed himself as an arsehole . No way he can be on the board now .

  15. Guys, the club burned through around 70m over last two and a bit years. Given the wage bill is around 6m for playing staff, the total is 18-20m

    Let's not lose sight of the fact we are in this message because of the directors squandering 50m on "non playing costs" over last couple of years

  16. We badly need new faces throughout the club. The old pals act needs to be kicked into touch. And that includes Smith, McCoist, McCulloch. Durant, Mr Happy. They've played their part and been grossly overpaid. ALL of them! This is shit Scottish fitba we're talking about here, it's time to get real. Are we still paying a handful of ex players to glad hand big wigs at Ibrox on home games whilst throwing free booze down their necks? And please keep Supermooth Bomber at a respectful distance, the man's a loose cannon, and we don't need any more of them.

  17. Ridiculous wage, absolutely ridiculous…maybe a few year ago that kind of wage for him may have been justified..but now?? No way,.. That kind of money, just under a million a year, could get us far better player/players…/
    By the way, just started reading your bloggs and find your articles interesting….
    CHAE@WATP Rangers Simply the BEST

  18. This is another load of crap. Not one player at Ibrox has been on double figures since we went into the bottom tier. He's on 4 or 5k a week fact.

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