“Fans must wait five years” – Kenny McDowall

“Fans must wait five years” – Kenny McDowall

Rangers’ caretaker manager Kenny
McDowall believes it will be five years before Rangers are restored to anything
like the Club’s former glory. Speaking in his press conference today, McDowall
condemned the Club’s current running and infrastructure and hopes the
incumbents’ Kingco will steer the ship back on course:
“The whole infrastructure’s got to be looked
at. It’s pretty much been decimated over the past four years. This is a long-term
project, it’s not going to be fixed overnight. No chance. And that’s why it’s
so important, whoever comes in, when, they get it right, could be a new coach,
a new manager, and it’s got to be the right appointment.”

McDowall also believes the Club
needs something of an overhaul from borderline grass roots level:
got to be done properly, from the ground up, to give the Club a chance at all.
I think the fans understand (that it will take time), and I think they would be
patient, given what’s gone on here, and it won’t be fixed overnight. It’ll take
five years before it’s anywhere near what it was.”
When asked on what he referred to
by ‘infrastructure’, McDowall added:
“The whole footballing side, the scouting
department, the youth academy. The staff in a place like this, it’s not
anything like it used to be. All these things have to be addressed.”
King (or whoever) has his work
cut out to say the least.

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  1. Kenny yours words would have more credibility behind them if you said this before recent developments- aye we as fans knew what was going on and could see it with our own eyes but you stood there and kept your mouth shut- do us a favour when things go to plan on friday, tell DK and co that your leaving of your own accord and dont need any payoff, you've been paid very very well for a staff member of a club in the lower leagues so call it quits and go and dont cost the club anymore, let us start our rebuild straight away and fix some of the mistakes you and Ally are responsible for.

  2. Kenny you should be creeping about Ibrox with a cloak a wheelbarrow and a bell shouting "Throw out your dead ". You are the manager of one of the greatest footballing institutions in the world and you have got to be the single most depressing man i have ever seen or heard. The Samaritans must be overrun after every one of your team talks. Give yourself a shake man and at least try and be positive. If you cannot be at least a bit on the up then go now and take your perpetual doom and gloom with you,and stop sucking every glimmer of hope we might have right out of the Ibrox brickwork.

  3. McDowall was at Rangers along with McCoist, unless I am sadly mistaken. McCoist has been both the architect and the guy who has been primarily instrumental in creating the situation through four years of total mismanagement of teh football team through a mixture of incompetence, inability to do everything from motivate players to develop tactics and most damning of all his failure to develop young players while bringing in pals who like McCoist himself have been nothing other than a drain in resources. McDowall is a clown; his comments act more as a spur to the opposition than to the team he purports to manage. The sooner he is gone the better. The guy is a waste of space.

  4. guys guys guys,

    Give Mr K a break. He is no manager and he never claimed to be, the situation behind the scenes is more tense and untenable than it seems. He never wanted this and is doing so for 1) his wages which were offered. and 2) to keep the club afloat.

    He has done better than I thought he would bar the results. I believe the results are outwith his control due to the nature of his appointment. But his Team selections have been better than allys. He gave temps the licience to go and take on a man (so far all hes done is win free kicks) and his introduction of murdoch and hutton was the correct move. Faure has been a solid player since he started and long may he play over foster! only thing I would change is nicky clark. Get him benched, literally the only thing he does when he gets the ball to feet is take a dive and mysteriously falls. he doesnt have the bottle I would go with Temps on the left, Vucinic in the middle and Law on the right.

    • Is this a wind up ,he has done better than I thought bar results ??? He hasn`t even picked Temps apart from 10 mins last Friday , he only picked Faure when Foster got injured, he only changed keepers when Simonsen got suspended , left out McCulloch for same reason and then brings him back right away , keeps playing Boyd ….. all the same as his buddy . The coaching structure was kept intact until recently , a premier league staff of U20 and U17 coaches and still nothing was allowed to come through .Admittedly we had no scouting system but this should have given more chances for our youngsters , but instead presumably Ally an co. decide on bringing in Faure , Foster , Cribari . Kyle , Sandaza ,Argyriou, Simonsen etc etc.Resources were there its just that Ally Kenny and co. are incompetent .Go now , you have done enough damage and a decent manager won`t take 5 years to rebuild.

  5. Billy how can you fault him, he has been ran over multiple times over the past 3 years and its a credit he is still doing some kind of job. Rangers have no money to pay a new manager under the present regime so what is he to do, leave them in the lurch altogether

    • Anonymous,On the football aspect of the club ,which most fans relate to he is the face and the voice of Glasgow Rangers a club i have loved and followed for over 40 years.
      During that time i have seen the good and the bad times come and go.I have seen world class players pull the famous jersey on and give everything for the badge on their chest, i have also seen players who weren't fit to wash those jersey's let alone wear them and take to the field. In that time we have had great managers and some not so great but each and every one of them had Rangers fire in their belly's.Watching our current "manager" makes me squirm in my seat and hang my head in embarrassment.What is he to do ?? He has to stand with his head held high and show the pride he should feel whilst representing this famous football club, not sit mumbling doom and gloom. Should we not at least expect this ??

    • Rangers have no money to bring in a new manager because McCoist and McDowell are hanging on and taking wages instead of just going. Hopefully, both have been doing this solely to increase the financial pressure on the out-going Board. As soon as the new Board is confirmed McCoist should take no further money from the club and McDowell should only hang about till we get a new manager.

  6. Kenny and ally it will take five years because the mess that has been left because of your mismanagement join your pal and leave now.

  7. I can't wait 5 bloody years. I'm 73 years old and saw some great Rangers teams, and if the supporters get behind this duff lot (after the EGM) we can half that time with our willpower.

  8. May I remind you folks, that it was Walter Smith that recommended Ally and McDowall to manage Rangers. Thereafter, McCoist could only buy his way out the first 2 divisions because he did not have the technical experiance or ability to turn a ordinary player into a great player. "I dont do walking away" he defiantley told the fans only to learn later he was on nearly a million pounds a year, with a clause in the contract of a 12 month notice resignation,, He is still taking a monthly wage as we speak for doing nothing. Yes Ally, no wonder you didnt walk away,, Legendary goal scorer,, but you were getting paid to do that as well. The decent thing they should have done was to walk away with no pay this season. If they had Rangers at heart, they should have walked away and forced the board to recruit another manager who would have won this league. However, McCoist, McDowall, Durie and Durrant will only go down in history as the Coaches who ran the worst ever Rangers team in the history of our club while getting paid thousands of pounds,, Thanks for the memories guys!!

  9. dave king has waited till today to announce that he will wait until he is a fit and propere
    person,having been warned by the nomad that they will stand down if he win the EGM
    how many times must we be warmed about spives and shamless liars before we take
    heed, mick Ashley is the only man with the money to take our club foward but I feel
    we have must the boat again.

    • What a load of pish, you idiot.!!! The current NOMAD has already been shown to have been dishonest and working with the board to screw the shareholders and it was always Kings intention to get rid of them , but they have even reneged on the deal to ensure a handover to the new NOMAD .Either you are a timothy or an idiot , I don`t know which but either way please get your nurse to tie up your straightjacket and keep you away from the keyboard.

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