David Somers’ resignation statement in full


Rangers have today confirmed last
night’s breaking story, the resignation of chairman David Somers. The departing
Mr Somers released the following statement:
“I have worked in the City of London, the world’s
greatest financial centre for decades and enjoyed considerable success.
“When I was approached about the chairmanship of Rangers, friends
warned me that the world of football has different rules and codes of

“I now know that is a gross understatement.
“I am a non-confrontational man and have always tried to bring
harmony to boardrooms and with stakeholders.
“At the risk of antagonising my army of critics, I would point out
that Rangers managed to pay its bills and avoid going under during my tenure.
“These critics might not agree with how we achieved this.
“I look forward to alternative solutions from whoever is running
the club in the future.
“Despite the personal attacks on me from various sources, I
genuinely wish the club the very best in the future and I am confident that
with such a passionate and vociferous fan base they will be restored to their
former glories.”
A statement dripping with
self-righteous sanctimony, smug arrogance and thoroughly self-congratulatory
Somers even attempts to convert
begging for loans into ‘paying bills’, and takes personal credit for Rangers
staying afloat when it was the loan Sandy Easdale provided which stopped the
Club going entirely bust last year.
Again, I must stress, I am not
blaming the board or even Somers for Rangers’ lack of income – but changing the
facts to improve one’s CV really is the sign of astounding delusion and Somers
will be far from missed.


  1. What planet are you on ? YOU DON'T BLAME THE BOARD , OH IT MUST HAVE BEEN THE TOOTH FAIRY for gods sake get real

  2. 'Not blaming the board or Somers for Rangers lack of income….' ?!! Just WHO are you blaming then – the fans?!! Somers et al arrived PROMISING INVESTMENT – just where is that investment ffs?!!

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