David Somers follows James Easdale in resigning from Rangers


If one member of the Ibrox
boardroom transcended the others in terms of ignominy, it was David Somers.
Tonight news has broken that an announcement of his resignation is expected to
the LSE in the morning, with pretty much unanimous relief as a result among
If it was not his blackmailing
emails to Sports Direct threatening to back out on deals if conditions were not
met, it was the begging ones to various investors, including Brian Kennedy,
which sullied Rangers’ reputation and showed his character for the truly
malevolent one it is.

When it comes to chairmen, he has
to be the single worst in Ibrox history, worse even than the embarrassing
Malcolm Murray, and his line at the AGM professing utter smug arrogance with
the notion that as chairman he could pretty much do as he pleased summed him up.
His disdain and disrespect for
fans was frankly poison, and he is a suit gladly shorn from the Marble


  1. Somers is a loathsome piece of dirt. Leaves a stench that will linger for a long time. A puppet whose string should be supplemented by a rope.

  2. now i just hope the fans get back in bigger numbers to help rebuild our rangers back up to where we should be,it will take time but watp

  3. And another "rat" runs !! Well well well !! Makes me wonder what skeletons the "new" board are going to find in the accounts !!

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