Dave King: “NOMAD dishonest & unprofessional”


Chairman-to-be Dave King has
launched an attack on WH Ireland, Rangers’ outgoing LSE NOMAD.
Responding to the claim that Ireland had
agreed to delay his resignation (based on his apparent distrust of King) till
after Kingco’s appointment on the board later this week, the NOMAD has ‘quit
early’, and King has sought to clarify his own side.

“I confirmed my intention to delay
taking up my directorship to WH Ireland on Monday. Based on that decision, WH
Ireland agreed to remain in place to effect a proper handover to the incoming
“I coordinated a call between both parties for this afternoon to
effect the initial introduction. However, before this conversation could take
place and contrary to our agreement, WH Ireland resigned without prior
notification to me.
“That lack of professionalism has characterised WH Ireland’s role
as nomad and reinforces why there was a complete lack of governance and
transparency under its watch.
“Consequently, to WH Ireland’s and the board’s knowledge, it is
blatantly dishonest to suggest that my imminent appointment to the board was of
concern to them.”
If Rangers do not get a
replacement NOMAD installed within 30 days, they will be removed from the
Alternative Investment Market, and will be unable to trade till back on either
it another stock exchange.
King surely did not expect this
to be a walk in the park after 36+ months of hell at Ibrox, and it is proving
anything but a smooth transition.

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  1. Religious terrorism is not it seems confined to the middle east. The Fenianatti are alive and well and totally obsessed with all things Rangers. I can't imagine they expect to go to heaven after this continuous under the table bigotry.

  2. I know where you're coming from…but that's an insult to idiots…
    The first poster really sums up why the Club is in the mess its in.

  3. Fenianatti!?! Sevco are the most interesting spectacle in world football. ra peepel like Anon @ 23:10 prove why there no one likes you

    • And the post by yourself does the same on behalf of your club fella. Hard for you to see through your green spectacles, but there's not much difference between you and your pal there… BOTH an embarrassment.

    • Anonymous 5 March 2015 at 10:45. I for one beleive Rangers Supporters like myself are tarnished by the same idiotic brush the original poster placed in this blog, and wish they would go away or at least keep their mouths shut and fingers away from any keyboard. We need to drive the bigotry out from OUR club supporters as it doesn't exist in the club itself. I won't lower myself to even try to tag a religion onto any individual player, thats what other club supporters expect from us.
      But if we were to remove the sectarian and bigotted songs and chants from our club, we would then be able to sit back and listen to other clubs support embarrass their team. (As long as the TV company allows the broadcast to be heard instead of switching off the sound…during times like 'a minutes silence', etc)
      However, like many fellow Rangers fans cannot understand why on earth you and your like take the time to look in a RANGERS Blog, to be honest, the mind boggles. Of course it lets you and your fellow cronies constantly use the 'Sevco' word you so pathetically crave to spout.
      I and many of the sensible Rangers fans, there are thousands before we get the usual rants and remarks, cannot imagine EVER wanting to look in another Football Club blog, so as mentioned before me. What do you fear? Do you imagine a regenerated and rejuvenated Rangers will dominate Scottish football again?
      The answer of course is a resounding YES.
      On the point the original comments made. I totally agree with his sentiment, if not the theological or religious side of the statement he made. Many supporters of other clubs are desperate for Rangers demise. They need to take a cold hard look at themselves and see how much Scottish football has suffered, Scottish clubs are barely existing, those that are existing are operating on a shoestring budget.
      The duopoly that was in Scottish football, was probably wrong, two clubs benefitting more from the prizemoney, tv money, sponsorship, etc. but is a monopoly the way to go?
      Rangers need to get the boardroom fixed, then the players, coaching staff and scouting sorted and build from there. Remove bigots from the terraces/stands and move forwards and upwards.

  4. This has never been about football..its all about business. Check the latest quote on WH Ireland shares on the Stock Exchange? The share prices are up since they got out of that cesspool called Rangers. If King had a modicum of respectability, he would have announced a NOMAD long ago. Given King's track record, who want's to be a NOMAD on the incoming board?

  5. Dave King and Paul Murray walked away and let David Murray and Craig Whyte kill our club and did absolutely nothing at all to save it,,, Where were they as Charles Green took Rangers for 5.5 million,,, There have be no action plans put in place to show the Rangers fans how they could do a better job than the current board. Paul Murrayis WHO??? What money is he putting into Rangers??Nothing,,just another GEZZA JOB CHANCER like the current board.,,Rangers fans are so blind its unbelievable,, I bet you when King and Murray get power,,,they will float the company again to get fans to put into the club again!! on team matters,,McDowall has been the most embarrasing manager i have ever had the displeasure to lay eyes on,,but he still think we want him in charge after the board has been changed?!.GO AWAY MCDOWALL, YOUR TEAM IS ROTTEN TO THE CORE,,AS ARE YOUR LACK OF TACTICAL ABILITY,, YOU ARE A PUPPET TO THE BOARD, JUST GO AWAY AND TAKE THE SUB STANDARD, UNFIT AND OVERPAID CHANCERS WITH YOU,,, OH, NICKY LAW,,RANGERS WILL DECIDE WHO THE NEXT MANAGER IS, WHY DONT YOU DO SOMETHING ON THE PARK FOR A CHANGE INSTEAD OF TALKING CRAP TO THE MEDIA,,AND THAT GOES TO THE REST OF THE TEAM, HOPELESS OVERPAID CHANCERS,,EVERY ONE OF YOU,,,,,nuff said,,,

  6. Can I ask what "Fenianatti" are even mentioned and what has that even to do with the mess our own "Rangers people" made of our club?

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