Dave King confirms Rangers are seeking a new manager


Dave King has today nigh-on confirmed
Rangers are actively seeking a new manager. Sky Sports’ Jim White spoke to
Rangers’ chief and King has stated he is “mindful of the need, whatever it
takes, to give the club the best chance of promotion”.
It appears King, having sat
through two appalling performances in a row, realises while observing that McDowall
has a “difficult job under difficult circumstances”, that the interim manager
needs to go and a replacement sought as soon as possible.

He believes the playing side
needs a huge injection of energy, and it is assumed this means a new coach to
coax that into the squad.
Whether this means King will pay
off McDowall and McCoist is unknown as yet.
King refused to comment further on
recent discussions with Felix Magath, who has offered his services on an ‘on-going’
basis, but describes Murray
Park as “absolutely
soulless”, and has cited that “Rangers cannot go any lower. It’s a long road
ahead, and the only way is up.”
Expect big changes on the
management front over the next seven days.


  1. Cant come soon enough, King must realise that after suffering last night what we have had to suffer for years now under the clowns who pretend to be coaches/ managers.

    • These "CLOWNS " are bigger Rangers men than YOU will ever be ! so cut the Declanisms and show some F./ respect ! . They have done / are doing their best , because its not good enough for us doesnt mean you should act like a +im ! .

    • Wrong.these clowns get paid.fans dnt.we will always b true Rangers men.it is you that needs to show respect

    • 'bigger Rangers men' – they are bleeding the club dry, accepting payment they don't deserve. Perhaps they should show some respect for an institution that has rewarded them very handsomely for scant return. The 'bigger' Rangers men are the fans who have given time, support and funding to the club without receiving a penny in return. 'Rangers men',' doing their best' – if they had an ounce of feeling for the club they would hold their hands up leave. Paul le Guen, to his eternal credit, made an honourable exit so what is stopping them? Greed? Resentment?

  2. Too many highly paid phonies at the club and McDowell is a pathetic excuse of a man who will be lucky to get another job as a coach.

  3. as long as the support keep going to help dave and others build up our club again after what they rats have done,,

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