Craig Mather backs Dave King


Despite being cast to the flames
as a ‘spiv’ when he was Ibrox CEO, where this site gave him credit for
investment into the Club plus the fact he was Rangers’ lowest-ever paid CEO,
Craig Mather is now the toast of the fanbase after being the latest to proxy
his shares over to supporters.
Dismissed as yet another ‘snout
in the trough’ Mather was as disliked as every other suit on the board (Smith
aside) and his staggeringly low wage (£300,000) and club investment was
completely dismissed and borderline sneered at.

Now that he has sided with King
by handing his shares to the RST, giving them around 6% holding in the club, he
is one of the ‘good guys’.
He always was. He spent £1M on
shares in 2012 and famously described it as an ‘emotional investment’.
When elected to CEO, though, he
was tarred with the same brush the rest are, of being ‘spivs’. Curiously enough, the requistioners, including Paul Murray, demanded his removal.
Not everyone in that boardroom
has always been one of the so called ‘bad guys’.
Funny how things change, eh?


  1. Yeah and this raises more doubt at to the true motive of the three bears who have yet, in all of this to show their money upfront. The simple concept of herding the cattle and blatantly asking for FREE shares speaks volumes – nothing in life is free and certainly not RFC. The only one of the three bears I even remotely trust is Douglas Park. Paul Murray and Dave King have sided with more people than I care to remember and it wasn't so long ago that these guys oversaw the original demise of the club with false promises and a severe lack of investment. I have no and haven't ever had an issue with Craig Mather. He was stepped on as a fall guy buy the countless venomous snakes in the RFC boardroom.

  2. Every single one of them,,from King to Easdales, did not want to save Rangers from Administration or Liquidation. Not one of them came forward with the bottle to take on the tax man and call his bluff. They bottled it and thought they would have to pay 50 million pounds out of their own pockets. So every one of them let our beautiful club drown. No when Rangers went back up for sale after liquidation, Charles Green stepped in, Now,, at this point,, where was kings and the so called blue knights money then,, they put a poor bid, and lost out,, Why?, 5.5 million Green got our club,,so where was King and the three bears then?? Now King and Murray want in? we havent heard their plan of action, therefore Rangers fans could be following the Pied Piper, only to get drowned again. I do not trust any of them, but what can we do,, I suppose King and co are the best of a bad lot, but watch the piggy bank and loans made using ibrox and murray park,,, oh, one last thing, Kris Boyd, please just shut up and go away, Rangers fans are hurting badly and you contribute to that, so stop saying the team has to do better, we've been hearing that from day one of the season and you and the rest of have done damn all to improve, so shut up and just go away,,

    • Are you kidding? A possible £50m tax bill which could have meant all of their investment going down the drain and you think they should have jumped in and taken the chance. That's easy to say when it's someone else's money and it's exactly the reason no one sensible would buy it from David Murray. As for post-liquidation, I don't know why none of them stepped in, but I'm sure King was still involved with the court case in SA at that time and his money was tied up. Ashley has totally messed up whatever it was that he was trying to do, (apart from getting his hands on a large part of the retail side of things) so we have to hope that King with the help of the 3 Bears will get the club back to where it should be. At this moment in time, anyway, there's nothing else for it.

    • king was unable to move due to his tax case in south Africa. his assets were frozen preventing him doing anything other than run his current interests

  3. not long now till we get rid of the 3 lumps of shite from ibrox for good, and let us all get on with building rangers back up, it will take time and how great it will be to see ibrox full again every game,, WATP AND DONT FORGET IT,,

  4. well if you slated mathers one min then saying hes one of the greatest things since sliced bread just shows of our fans dont know if they need a shite or a haircut

  5. From todays link on shareholders

    CG/Walter Smith/Ian Hart/Craig Mather 71,428 0.09%

    If Craig Mather invested the £1Million stated, he should have about 1,400,000 shares or 1.25% of the shares, himself. Based on 75p a share and 80 Million shares. Is there any evidence he has actually invested this money?


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