Cathro, McCall for Rangers manager


Both Ian Cathro and Stuart McCall
have expressed interest in becoming managers again (in McCall’s case), both in Scotland, and
McCall has directly linked himself to the Ibrox hotseat.
At this point in time, with Dave
King and his team certain to win the EGM (if it even needs to take place at all now)
one of the first acts will be to sever caretaker boss Kenny McDowall’s ties with
the Club completely.

Whether assistant coach Gordon
Durie will be retained is as yet unclear.
However, formally replacing
McDowall sees many candidates in the running, as described here, and one
prominent name is of course former Rangers midfielder Stuart McCall.
On the position he said:
“It’s got to be something that would
really make me want to go and do it. Obviously, Rangers is a huge club. But a
team have got to want you to be involved and then you look into it. I really
enjoy what I do at Scotland
and I was fortunate at Motherwell I could do both. I would imagine 90% of the
opportunities I’ll maybe have will mean that I can’t do that. I’ll have a lot
to figure out over the next few months, up to the summer, unless something
jumps out at me. It’s got to get me going. Working with Gordon and Mark and the
national squad means a lot to me and I really enjoy it. There has been a lot of
mis-management at the club (Rangers). All the supporters want is for the people
who take over the club to do it for the club’s sake and not to come in and make
a few bob. The supporters have spoken and it looks like they are going to get
their own way, but it’s only a small step. It’s encouraging for the supporters
to see that what they’re craving looks like it’s coming to fruition.”
Another name linked in January as
having been approached but formally denied by ‘a club spokesman’ is that of Valencia
assistant coach Ian Cathro, whose name has resurfaced in recent weeks.
He himself is on record as being
extremely interested not only in management but in doing it in Scotland:
“I want to be a head coach. Of course you
are going to parachute out of a club like this and drop a lot. But I would be
doing that with the point of view that I’m going to come back to this level. Would
I return to Scotland?
It’s quite possibly the most natural thing. The experience of being away has
shown me that the process of learning a language can be quite long.”
A highly-respected and credible
coach, Cathro might see the Ibrox seat as just too steep a challenge to cut his
management teeth on, and may be a tad more likely to take up a midtable SPL
side instead. But he is one many fans would nevertheless welcome such is his extremely
impressive youth record (Sporting’s Ryan Gauld was one of his) at Dundee Utd.
Other names continue to surface,
such as the predictable ones such as Billy Davies, along with the more
left-field suggestions as shareholder and former Stuttgart & Bayern
manager, Felix Magath.


  1. This is a new beginning. We have waited a long time to rid ourselves of the shackles that held us back. Please, please take some time to get this appointment correct. It must not be a 'supermarket' choice. Just anyone who happens to be handy and unemployed.

    An appointment based on ability/merit!! Not because they are a former player or someone's mate.

  2. Just a wee footnote to the manager post above (supermarket).
    Congratulations to the Rangers fans who have engineered a massive victory for our club. The sacrifices and contributions at all levels have paid off. In essence, we are the Rangers! Always were and always will be!

    • yes congratulations to all those who boycotted and allowed ashley to get a stranglehold on Rangers cash for years to come

    • yes congratulations to all those who boycotted and allowed ashley to get a stranglehold on Rangers cash for years to come

  3. B Davies must on NO ACCOUNT be allowed any where near us !……….Davies works for Davies .no-one else .

  4. I'll go for Magath as Director of Football with either McCall or Cathro as first team coach. Having someone that can set up and co=ordinate a scouting and player acquisition strategy is key and Magath certainly has the credentials for this. What is also key is having someone with a technical brain that can structure the team to win and coach the players to get the best from them. One has to presume that both McCall and Cathro have this ability. These are all traits that both McCoist and McDowall were incapable of doing.

  5. The magnitude of the decision of who is the next manager cannot be underestimated and it will be a great show of intent from the board if they ask Ian Cathro to be the next manager in my humble opinion

  6. Magath would be on ten times the salary of McCall/Cathro and for what?
    I would say McCall with Gough as director of football.

  7. I like most Rangers fans, want the new manager to be top notch, a good reader of the game, with very good contacts within the game. He needs to have experience, with a good team around him.
    I think Rangers would be foolish to target one man. We need to be looking at a succesful management team who have worked together. Nowadays if you look throughout the modern game, we have a younger manager running teams, with a refreshing game plan. Whether we like it or not, managers like Deila, McCall (Aberdeen), MacNamara, Hartley in the Premier League and Nielson and Stubbs in the Championship play attacking football, even though the standard is poorer than say 10 years ago, but for Rangers as a club to succeed we need to emulate them or go a stage further and better them.
    The thought of Stuart McCall as manager doesn't enthuse me a lot, as a coach or assistant, I'd be happy to have him at Ibrox, I'm in the same frame of mind with Cathro, with him being groomed to succeed whoever is appointed.
    There is a few other possibilities and potential managers in the frame, I like these, but am not saying they should be mamagers, just food for thought.
    Brentford are losing Mark Warburton and David Weir at the end of this season, they have done a good job with an unfashionable team in a very hard league.
    Lifelong Rangers fan Dougie Freedman, has a good track record as a manager, again he has managed in the Championship and is currently on a good run with Nottingham Forest. I know he has had his failures too, but what manager hasn't?
    I also think we shouldn't rule out the possibility of a return of Alex McLeish. He had the misfortune to manage us at a time when we had to shed a lot of players due to financial constraint.
    All the managers in the frame are generally large salary bosses, so whoever the new board, if elected, choose has to be value for money, with a policy of development within the club.
    Felix Magath, could be used by the club, salried possibly, to be our eyes throughout Europe, part-time??, to scout up and coming youth players.
    We also have ex players throughout the world who should be part of the Rangers family scouting for us and nearer to home, there are an abundance of ex-players who should be looking at players at all levels for us.
    Whoever we get, it needs to be someone with the drive, tactical awareness and enthusiasm for the game Robbie Nielson has shown taking over Hearts. He has to be credited for what he has done as a new manager.

  8. Anonymous, Davies works for Davies seems to me you know him personally, I dont but I think he is a good coach, somebody who has done his apprenticeship, on that note I would like him as manager, I'm sure when he wore a Rangers shirt his heart was in the jersey, only one trouble that unfortunately does'nt always work, Greig and McCoist are proof in that, why I have concern with McCall,Cathro not sure but one thing we need to get it right.

  9. I refer to my initial post (top). We need someone with vision and a proven track record in all the varied facets that constitute a good manager. Mr McCall (and co) comes nowhere near what is required. This is just more of the old 'rangers man', good guy, convenient approach. The new dawn demands more!

  10. my personal dream team would be wotte/cathro but magath/cathro would also be a good shout with what magath said when he declared he had bought shares in our club in december ( i think ), i said cathro would be my choice yesterday, but mccall isn't as bad a shout as people are saying i feel mcinnes would probably be a better one that mccall, although i don't see him leaving the sheep, not for a lack of love for rangers i just think he has a good thing going at aberdeen, i wouldn't rule him out for a future management position.

    no matter who we choose, everyone needs to know it will take time, especially with cathro but he will get the best out players, especially a younger bunch

  11. Now that Dave King has got his wish to take over Rangers how do you think he will get the money needed to improve this poor club. Maybe he will ask Mike Ashley to lend them the money required to get them promotion and then be able to stay in the top division in Scotland. I cant see Mr Ashley lending him the 50 million they need just to be able to stay in the top division in Scotland though, if Rangers fans think he will, then what do you think Mr Ashley will want in return. Put it this way Rangers are skint now and are still skint after the great takeover from Mr King, as for being competitive with Celtic they will need 100 million so good luck with that one.

    • Go away, you silly non-indigenous fool.
      Your kind seen to our downfall, you will not be allowed an opinion on our future.

  12. We Rangers fans need to take a reality check .Although we have a new board coming in it does not mean that our financial problems are over , so some of these names are just nonsense.We are a First Division club and likely to be one for at least another year (thanks Ally and Kenny!!), so we need to budget accordingly .There will be no Director of Football , especially not Magath who has no idea about Scottish or British football (check out Fulhams player turnover when he was in charge) .Cathro is a non starter too , good at coaching youngsters he may be , but that doesn`t make you a First team manager .We need someone with experience and contacts within the football world .As for the last post, 50 million to compete in the SPFL and 100million to compete with Celtic , don`t make me laugh , have you seen the current standard , it is full of guys who couldn`t make it in minor leagues , who are suddenly superstars in Scotland .A poor Rangers side has already beaten Inverness & St Johnstone and thrashed Kilmarnock this season .A decent manager with a well coached squad will compete in this league , no problem .

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