Why Stan Collymore hates Rangers


Growing up, Stan Collymore was a
Rangers fan. You would not know it nowadays, but in his youth, the man was a Bear.
Aged 29 Collymore gave the
following interview:

“There was once talk about me going to
Celtic. And, without being contentious, how on earth could I do it when my soft
spot is – and has always been – for the blue half of Glasgow? Although you sometimes get people in
who just say they’re a Rangers, or even a Celtic fan, I actually am a Gers
supporter. It stems back to my mid-teens, when I never seemed to have a Rangers
shirt off my back. How on earth could I do it when my soft spot is, and has
always been, for the blue half of Glasgow?
A guy who lived round the street from me in Birmingham used to run a bus of around a
dozen lads to Ibrox. That’s how it all started. At the time guys like Chris
Woods and Terry Butcher were making their way up to Glasgow. The Graeme Souness era really
started it for me, and I would always look for their results. If anyone asks me
if I support a team in Scotland
it would most definitely be Rangers – I have strong leanings towards
It is a fairly well-known quote,
and Collymore nowadays claims he ‘saw the light’ and switched his allegiances from Ibrox
to Parkhead.
The reason he ‘saw the light’ is
an alleged affair between his ex-partner Ulrika Johnsen and Rangers legend Ally
McCoist, after he was guilty of assaulting her.
I am not going to sit here and
judge his actions, deplorable though they were, but I am going to point out
this one event appears to have triggered a meltdown whereby Rangers now = ‘bad’
and Celtic = ‘good’.
Recently Collymore tweeted a
slanderous comment about Rangers & Chelsea fans thanks to the disgusting
actions of a small group of racist Chelsea ‘supporters’
in Paris. After
the infamous video went viral, Collymore slurred Rangers in with his attack on Chelsea fans by alluding
both sets of supporters are cut from the same racist cloth as those four or
five unsavoury characters.
Why Collymore has felt the need
to tar both groups of supporters thanks to the vile act of 5 or so of one set
is beyond…anyone.
Both Rangers & Chelsea fans
objected to this abhorrent accusation, this sweeping generalisation and as a
result I started this petition to BT Sport, which has clearly caught the
imagination of thousands of fellow fans of not just Rangers, or Chelsea, but
dozens and hundreds of clubs.
Since this petition to have
Collymore removed from the air due to his history of scurrilous remarks gained
momentum, Stan has responded by littering his feed not only with an irrelevant riposte
about Rangers fans being bigoted (no mention of Celtic fans glorifying the IRA,
of course) but has started his own petition inviting any Rangers-hater to sign
it. This goes beyond missing the point and enters the realm of mild insanity.
To help his cause, serial
Rangers-hater the Daily Record have promoted his petition, and claimed mine was
a response, as opposed to the original.
Indeed, they have outright given
him the momentum he craves, while utterly ignoring the original request to have
the man removed from the air.
Stan Collymore hates Rangers. His
brass neck to ‘sympathise’ on BT Sport a few months ago with Ally McCoist’s
situation (as it was then) while tweeting dig after dig about both him and
Rangers highlights the man’s absurd hypocrisy and delusional fantasies.
He thrives on attention, and
sadly he is getting it, but BT Sports subscribers, myself included, are
certainly unsubscribing in their droves thanks to this man, and if he is not
taken off the air, it will continue.


  1. Well written cant stand the scumbag , beating up females, why oh why do the tv give him a platform to speak, and before some tims mentioned Gaisgoine, his behaviour is no better due to drink,I dont have BT sports, I only watch it at my local Gers supporters club in Coventry.

  2. Fek him !………………Ulrika was in a different class altogether ! what she ever saw in this A/H baffles me .

  3. Anonymous … due to drink .. Collymore only slapped her once, in a pub … Gazza was way worse and more frequent.

  4. He says he wants the tv to be turned off if the bears are singing songs what about the mob across the city who hate britain and sing songs supporting a terrorist organisation that bombed the british mainland he is the lowest of the low beating up women bt are not any better by employing him

  5. He was never a true gers fan if he was he still would be ibrox has no place for him he's a scumbag I'm from London and yes I'm a Chelsea fan aswell we are blues brother we love our football teams and we certainly don't do walking away no surrender rfc cfc. Collymore plenty room at parkhead for you's woman beaters and pedophiles

    • Well said Blues Brother I`m a Rangers fan , we don't want the Collymore`s of this world at Ibrox or the Bridge we will let Septic fill their Pedodrome with people like him
      scum of the earth. FIFA are coming down hard on players and clubs that support terrorists (so they say) yet nothing has been done about Septic fans and the IRA , it would take pressure from fans around the world to phone , write letters ,emails , texts to ban them from football altogether as FIFA RULES ARE BEING BROKEN EVERY WEEK AT PARKHEAD. WATP

  6. As a blue nose these chants do have no place in our lives but dont single out Rangers as the only issue. This is something breed into our upbringing…. 90 minute bigot is so true. Slag off the opposition and then go talk to your family and friends who are probably mixed in faith if they even have any. BTW Collymore is a waster

    • Rangers fans are not known as wifebeaters you bigot I suppose you support
      Abuse of any kind FC its Collymore that was the wifebeater but you lot would support him because its the way your brought up. Big jock new but it was not his
      job to try and teach the dark side right from wrong , he never made it onto the board
      at Septic because he was Protestant

    • I remember an old club who sacked a tea lady for the heinious crime of being a catholic, thank god their not around anymore.

  7. He states in his autobiography that he is a borderline personality disorder sufferer and is a high profile member of Republic a group that campaign for an elected UK head of state now does that not tell you everything about him

  8. What do you know ,he hit her in a World cup show in front of the scots fans ,and nearly got hung for it.Walter Smith and Ally where there to. So what do you know Anonymous tim.

  9. The employment of this individual says more about the radio/TV station that gives him air time. Any firms 'associated' with these stations should rethink. Consumers should consider their relationship with these 'morally indifferent' firms. There are many articulate ex-pros (free from the baggage) who can analyse and discuss the game without resorting to cheap jibes and sensationalism. Producers, please note, there are many listeners who crave a more intellectual debate on the sport we love.

  10. Nothing sectarian or racist about rangers or Chelsea fans. They don't sing or chant about a terrorist group like celtik fans

  11. Fans must face up to their anti-Catholic and anti-Irish behaviour. My hope was that that the liquidation of their club would hasten some humility and lead to a fresh start but this has not happened. Face up to the things that brought Rangers into disrepute, stop justifying these actions with comparisons to others and work towards making be the club great again.

  12. I am both a Rangers supporter and a staunch feminist which means to say I am strongly opposed to violence against women. I was a Rangers fan long before I knew anything about feminism though I knew that family violence is seldom a one time thing and neither does it occur in a vacuum. To say something like "this happened ten years ago, give the guy a break" shows a complete lack of understanding of family violence and violence towards women on the part of BT sport. The fact that this man changed his affiliation from the club of his youth to the opposing side after his wife, the woman he abused, allegedly slept with a player from Rangers AND the fact that he attempts to minimize his actions and deflect accountability only emphasizes that this man is still abusive. The fact that BT sport has hired him and ignored his behavior is an insult to all of those healing from the very real effects of domestic abuse. This mams rants are the equivilent to the rants of an over-sized baboon who unable to hit at his real target deflects towards the closest thing that he perceives as a threat.

  13. Like septic did sweep under the carpet.its not that we are anti – catholic we just don't like your chapels and your club for what they did to young kids shocking behaviour. Tell me this how can you follow such are club and the catholic faith when they do these unbearable acts of crime..your club is guilty and so is your chapels.. Big had the meeting and was told that this was happening at your club,,,,,SO…..Big Jock Knew he took it to the grave shame on him…ps don't forget No Surrender we will be top again rather sooner than use septic fans think…………………….Tables will turn very soon have your fun cause it's not gonna last for long……we will be coming to get what's ours watch the rise………………….

  14. Rangers is a wonderful club with an honourable history. It fear it will never find its way to greatness again, not because of any sporting issues but because of the hatred and bitterness shown by fans who make comments such as Anonymous at 00:30. Surprisingly, it is more to difficult to love than hate but is a worth a try because otherwise, there is no future. Ibrox Noise and others do very well to espouse the club's values and reputation but I think this a very long road.

    • Do septic fans not idolise the murders of innocent men, women and children
      Does the Innerskillen bombing and a hundred of deaths through other bombings, shootings and murders not make you sick to your stomach? also what about Sceptic covering up for a pheadofile who abused boys in celtic boys club?
      Two faced double standards hypocrites to say the least
      A club who will not fly a union jack but will fly the Irish tricolor that the terrorists (ira) claim to fight for, a fan Base who hate Britain and all British citizens and boo remberence days of the British armed forces who fought and died that they could all be free those an early version of ISIS

  15. Stan would not answer a simple question – Is it acceptable to use the term HUN to describe Rangers Fans?

    Stan has and quickly deleted his tweets. A joke of a man and I applaud BT Sport for binning him!

  16. As a Chelsea fan I think the Gers look for any excuse for a pop at Celtic, I am sure the club and its fans have no wish for him as a supporter in any event.

  17. You wish Septic, 1888 died after child abuse, you know when we get back strong again that champions league space will be ours again, that's why use don't want us back haha scared you should be………..

  18. Has anyone mentioned Collymore's arrest in Australia 10 years ago for brawling and racist abuse?

    Or his comments last year the Ulster prods should, "f**k off back to Britain".
    Or his crowing in his autobiography of the joy he felt on learning of the death of an old respected coach he hated?
    This is not to forget his Falkland commdnts, his women beating or his masturbatery practices in public carparks.

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