Why Kenny has to ditch Lee McCulloch

Why Kenny has to ditch Lee McCulloch

Regular readers of this site will
know over the years it has lacked affection towards Lee McCulloch. I have been
harsher than most about the “Big Jig”, heavily criticising his ability,
selection, and even attitude. I have stood by every word I have said, never
Hence why the past few months of
fellow Rangers fans finally starting to realise the guy is a waste of a jersey
and a liability has seen me glad others finally observe McCulloch’s failings.
I want to be clear on this;
behind the scenes McCulloch has done much unpraised charity work, stuff that
goes unseen and unnoticed. Not for one second am I criticising the man outwith
football, but the truth is he could be a philanthropist and missionary worker
away from Ibrox and it makes no difference; within the context of Rangers the
guy is ludicrous and an utter passenger.

Signed in July 2007, McCulloch’s
arrival was greeted with a lukewarm reception. £2.75M was given by Walter Smith
to Wigan for his services, and while few
outright complained, it was not a capture anyone was especially thrilled about.
Indeed, McCulloch was little more
than a rotation player, a squad filler (other than 2009/2010 with 32 SPL
starts, the highest pre-2012 number of starts he managed was 20), and became
known as ‘Rent-a-Quote’ for his repeatedly irritating and overly regular
soundbites to the press during the tougher periods. And following Sunday’s Old Firm
defeat a little hint of that pre-admin McCulloch showed up again with the following quote:
“We were found wanting in the first half and
the cross came in too easy for the first goal, we stood off it. It came between the centre-half and the
right back and possibly the smallest guy on the pitch has got a header in so
that was disappointing
. For the second goal we were playing about and instead
of trying to clear it we were trying to pass it about in the centre of the
I will not even highlight the
fact the captain is publicly blaming two fellow team mates for poor defending
when he has been Rangers’ worst defender himself for two seasons, and will
instead highlight the cowardice in not naming Darren McGregor and Richard Foster. If you are going to slag off your fellow pros, at least afford them
the respect of giving them a name rather than ‘guy number one, and the other
one’. And also make sure you play a heck of a lot better than them both too.
McCulloch himself was diabolical
in this match, choosing assault rather than defence. A stamp and an elbow
summed up his entire contribution, along with sharing a nice wee joke with Kris Commons
as they trudged off for half time. Before anyone points out Brown and his
thuggery, at least Brown can play.
Jig spends most of his time not
clearing the ball and letting his defensive partner produce about 90% of all
defensive aerial clearances. For three months when he first arrived, Mohsni was
a hero and very popular, but eventually doing 90% of the defensive duties to
cover a partner who spent most of his time with his arm in the air appealing
offside got to him, and his concentration began to waver. I argued at the start
of this season the same would happen to McGregor, and he too has gone rather
flat in the past two or three months as well.
What also bothers me is now that
Jig is actually player coach, he has the power of veto to put himself on the
sidelines and not play. But his ego appears to refuse to let him, and instead
of Rangers having a decent partnership like Zaliukas and McGregor McCulloch
remains untouchable and the first name on the sheet.
Then you have the Hall of Fame
entry. If ever anything undermined the Hall of Fame it was Lee McCulloch being
there alongside Brian Laudrup and John Greig.
I can almost hear his staunchest
fans calling me a Celtic fan in disguise and crying in outrage that I dare
criticise a man who ‘did not do walking away’ and who was loyal when we needed
him in 2012.
Kind of easier to be loyal when
you get paid over £500,000 a year aged 34, no one else would take you, and your
family is completely settled in Scotland
in a nice cushy big house. Meanwhile you get given the captaincy by default and
a borderline ‘written in blood’ contract where you are guaranteed to start when
Would I do the same? Yes! I am
not castrating McCulloch for that choice or the reasons behind it. I am just
saying it cannot be used as a reason to defend his character in this context.
McCulloch is completely, totally,
and utterly finished as a footballer, and a symptom of the illness of the
McCoist regime which still resonates today. The ‘Old Pals Act’ is alive and
well, and younger, better players do not have a hope in hell at Rangers.
Which is why I truly wonder why
Rangers brought in two young defenders from Newcastle.
Jig will still start.

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  1. Ahh at last someone who tells as it is sorry but its the truth who ever said he was a centre half never maybe a two game standin now no one batted an eyelid he was going at the last spl season as you could see it wasny there

  2. 'Jobs for the boys' has plagued our club for a number of years. Smith recommended that McCoist should inherit the job. He in turn appointed his pal Durrant as a coach. Lee McCulloch was appointed captain and 'must' appear on the team sheet. I agree he can play anywhere, but unfortunately, his level of performance in all positions is consistently poor. The game on Sunday exemplified the problem. He has to be protected by sitting midfield players, which obviously restricts our attacking options. When we attack against poorer opposition he is constantly exposed.

    What a lost opportunity over the past few seasons to identify and develop young players with potential who would be selected on merit. The next manager must be capable of independent thought. The endgame approaches!

  3. You're a disgrace. Over the years, I have watched mercenary after mercenary come and go from Ibrox with their bank accounts bulging. Taking money and not trying a leg for the team, most of whom should never have pulled that blue jersey on. We even still have them in the squad today, a prime example of which is Jon Daly. That guy would have run through a brick wall at Dundee United, yet his embarrassing displays at Rangers continues to get him a place in the first team. Ally McCoist, hang your head in shame. You have personally wasted three years by not bringing our youngsters through, which has seen many of them move on, and sign guys like Daly, not to mention the freat Stevie Smith….Which brings me back to McCulloch….that guy took a massive pay cut to come and play for us in the first place but he wanted to play for the Rangers. He's carried that team on many occasions, despite being played all over the pitch as cover for those that aren't interested in anything other than money. I know for a fact that when all this shit happened, he had a few good offers on the table and refused to move stating he would play for the club for free if necessary. When McCoist signed Daly, an Irish Republican who's laughing all the way to the bank, he had the perfect target man in McCulloch who can score a goal or two himself, I know who I'd rather have any day of the week. McCulloch has gave us seven good years and gives us 100% every time…how many others can say that?
    Get a grip.

    • Its not just about giving 100%.If that was the case we could select a team from the stands! He stayed because he was on big money. Who else would have paid him that much. Should be selected on merit. Carried the team?? He scored against lower division teams but in this league gets exposed constantly. You imply that you know some inside info about offers. Is that because you are a mate or a relative? Your views are certainly representative of a very small minority. He's been well paid, so thanks and goodbye.

    • Select a team from the stands?? Do you attend the games? Probably yes would be my guess…..renewed your season ticket knowing the clowns upstairs have played their part in 'losing' £70m…you're one of these 'I support the team, not the board' bullshitters. Guys played out of position every week, including McCulloch, who in my opinion, would have done a better job in the position Daly gets played every week. I agree he has not had a great season in defence but you miss my point. Have a good look at yourself before criticising eh

  4. McCulloch is not a centre back and never will be. At Wigan, where he played his best football he was an attacking midfield player that was well respected by opposition players and Wigan fans. John Daly, while at Dundee United was a totally different player than he has been at Rangers. The answer for me is not teh players but the clowns that masquerade as coaching staff. McDowall is a joke, he simply is not and never will be managerial material. As for McCoist, I wouldn't give him a job running a team of eight year olds. I reckon that McCulloch is reaching the end of the road but we certainly need Rangers men in and around Ibrox. As for Daly, McCoist destroyed him just as he has destroyed Rangers as a football team; but thankfully he is gone and perhaps, just perhaps, Daly can do a job like he did at Dundee United. We now have five quality young players from Newcastle. They should all walk straight into the first team and for me this should be at the expense of Foster, McCulloch, Black, Hutton and Smith. Why Hutton is still at Ibrox is totally beyond me and Foster and Smith should never have been brought back!

  5. mcculloch is following in the footsteps of mccoist using allys worn out statement this is a wake up call for us,you would need an alarm clock like big ben to waken up the players and coaching staff who are subjecting us to utter dross every week the first thing mcdowall will say to the young guys from newcastle will be see the big guy there john daly is his name its your job to hump the ball in the air to him!!

  6. Spot on,I can`t disagree with one word of your assessment and I suspect that Kenny McDowall won`t be at Ibrox for much longer,and although I welcome the five loan signings in principle and would not hesitate to put all of them into the team ASAP,I will always be wary of any move that Ashley is involved with in regards to it being detrimental financially to the club,every aspect of these loan deals must be made fully transparent otherwise I suspect that the club is being fleeced in an another dodgy Ashley deal

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