Where ibroxnoise.co.uk stands on the EGM


With next month’s EGM just over
three weeks away, this blog has been accused by some of deliberately avoiding
the ‘real’ issues and discussing things that ‘do not matter’. There were us Rangers
fans thinking football actually matters, but sadly, in the world of Rangers, it
really has become a secondary and peripheral issue to the main course of board,
politics, takeovers and EGMs.
With that in mind, I will try in
this entry to articulate where this site stands on that particular subject, and

Long-accused of being ‘pro-board’
I concede in the past that I have been a lot more lenient of those in control
at Ibrox than many. While the likes of Easdale and Wallace were being pounded
by all and sundry, I cut them a little more slack. While Sandy and his brother
are thoroughly despised by all, the fact they have put their hands in their
pockets and continued to both buy shares (either through new issues or from
other existing holders) and with non-interest loans, keep the Club afloat,
suggests they are not quite the rotten eggs they are portrayed as.
Meanwhile Wallace was castigated
for the majority of his time at Ibrox but nowadays has taken on a form of
nostalgia where some supporters ‘in hindsight’ realise he was not Satan’s spawn
and indeed earns some praise.
However, where the Easdales
failed is their inability, as large shareholders and both plc & ltd board
members, to find new investment – to find significantly wealthy, Rangers-minded
individuals who would be willing to buy shares, work with them, and provide
some solid grounding for the Club. ‘Resting on their laurels’ would be a way of
summing them up, though I truly do not believe the accusations of ‘siphoning’
of Club cash and there is no evidence it has ever happened.
Their ties with Jack Irvine have
also been their downfall, and misguided attempts to be ‘Rangers-minded’ with
the odd ill-advised soundbite aimed at playing to the galleries. They also have
Sandy’s VAT
conviction against them, labelling them as ‘gangsters’. Anyone with a criminal
record will always be scrutinised and criticised more than someone without –
criminal record creates distrust, and will always sully its holder.
David Somers, well, where does
one start with this piece of work? Guilty of blackmail, insufferably arrogant,
and astoundingly smug, Somers has done next-to-nothing to Rangers’ benefit
while answering only to Mike Ashley and ignoring any takeover that could cost
him his job. His conduct has been deplorable and he has managed to become even
less popular than Brian Stockbridge, if that was possible.
Derek Llambias & Barry Leach
are Ashley’s men, and while nothing obvious strikes against them (other than
ignoring both TB & Robert Sarver’s takeover offers) they are tarred with
the brush of this ineffective regime.
I do not blame the board for the
lack of income – that is because of a multitude of factors which started even
before Charles Green’s tenure took place (Loss of SPL prize cash, 50% loss of
ST cash, loss of domestic TV rights’ cash, massively reduced merchandising, and
the gigantic chasm that was loss of CL cash – both TV and participation). But
their conduct has been extremely poor and they have done very little to justify
their wages. Not unlike the players and management, truth be told.
In short, ibroxnoise.co.uk does
not support the board. And you can quote me on that.
So, we come to the suitors – Dave
King, John Gilligan, and Paul Murray. The three men who wish to defeat the
board come next month and install themselves in their places.
I will start with Gilligan. I
knew little of him prior to this, but the truth is the man speaks well, with
intelligence, and appears to be a decent enough sort. He showed up
Requisitioner Malcolm Murray’s embarrassing public apology as chairman for
Rangers, by stating there was nothing to apologise for in a recent Q&A with
“I don’t apologise for anyone else. I
just hate them (the past four years). I really do, I hate them for what they
did to us.”
As a former MD of Tennents, the
man is clearly a decent and respected businessman of a similar ilk to Douglas
Park. I would not wholly object to his being part of a new regime. And that
goes for Park too.
Then we come to Paul Murray –
unfortunately his CV is littered with failure as far as Rangers go. I do not
believe the man is malevolent, but the litany of small disasters he has been
responsible for, or been part of, count hugely against him. The Blue Knights’
fiasco (where he tried to use the fee received for Nikica Jelavic to fund TBK
bid – aka Rangers’ own cash) stands out, as does the fact he was a part of the
regime that sold Rangers for £1 to a criminal. His judgement and methods are
not worthy of praise, but he does get cut a great deal of slack because he is
viewed as a Rangers man, despite having invested zero in the Club.
I do believe he has Rangers’ best
interests at heart, I just consider him rather lousy at what he does and
lacking in any credibility at all. I would not feel safe with him at the helm
of Ibrox – more out of incompetence on his part than malice.
Last but not least Dave King. A
‘convicted’ tax fraud whose 44 charges were settled out of court to the tune of
£50M, and like Murray tarred with the brush of the regime he was a director of,
Dave King has done very little to show he can be trusted. Some might point to
his recent purchase of shares as evidence he can, but then the same argument
does not appear to apply to Easdale who is loathed and despised. King concerns
me hugely – his involvement in boycotting, in various Trust schemes, and the
fact he said five years ago that fan ownership was a pipe dream:
“The fan plan was always rubbish,
rubbish. We knew it was never going to happen but the bank liked it and certain
people within the Murray Group were putting it forward. Fine, if the bank
believed it was a panacea but I always suspected it would turn out to be nothing.”
– Dave King June 25 2010
10,000+ Bears would disagree with
you Dave, and 10,000+ Bears probably do not even know you said that.
Furthermore, his tax evasion seems to be ignored by his supporters who
castigate Easdale for his conviction. Why does only one of these criminal acts
I do not trust Dave King in the
slightest, and I consider him potentially dangerous.
In summary? I do not trust or support
the board, and I only partially align with the alternative.
I feel Rangers are stuck between
a rock and a hard place right now, with neither option at the EGM being
especially great.
I would have preferred George
Taylor, Douglas Park and John Gilligan as the alternatives, but that is not to
be for now.
Whatever will be, will be, but
let that be this site’s only word on the subject for now.


  1. Good article I agree with, the team GLASGOW RANGERS are secondary while these poker games go on, we are getting to be the laughing stock, the league position shows 3 games in hand one being against Hearts say no more.It would help if Ashley would make a statement, ur point about the Easdales is right as they have put there hands in their pockets, I also have reservations about King and Murray, this team needs a new manager not a gardener and quick or like some of our supporters suggest forget promotion and wait another year, i sincerely hope not, Billy Davies is unemployed and has the skills with the young players

    • I doubt that there is going to be a big investment in players, even if we fluke it to promotion. So what you want – one year to regroup and build for the future or a total humiliation in the SPL what would torpedo our already fractured pride? Some of our problems re precisely to do with this impulsive.

  2. I certainly applaud you with some excellent points. Here's my concern…Is this battle really about a football club…or is it really about property values at Ibrox?

    • I was shocked the other night to hear Calum from Dalry say on SSB that its for sure we don't own the ground and no one on the panel said a dickyburd.

  3. On another tack, would somebody please put a thick sock down Aird's throat and shut him up. Too embarassed to even hint about what the garbage he's been talking but doubt many will be unaware. Accept we don't want to boo our own, but this moron needs to get the message.

  4. "A ‘convicted’ tax fraud whose 44 charges were settled out of court to the tune of £50M."

    Even a cursory internet search would reveal that there was no "out of court" settlement.

    Dave King was straight up convicted in a court of law of those 44 charges. The only thing he "settled" was whither he would go to jail, or buy his way out.

    If you are going to ignore the facts which are so demonstrably easy to find out, there's no hope for you.

  5. As said, what will be , will be. The biggest hurdle ( I feel) will be the expectations from the Rangers masses ( I count myself as one) We have to take the long road . and build from the bottom up, this has been said many times ,by many , on different forums , but can we (rangers supporters ) stick it out ? can we take mediocre results (and some punishing defeats whilst we build as a team ? staying supportive of the youngsters on the park and providing confidence boosting support for a young team on the park .Or will we climb all over the team and barrage the young guys with abuse from the stands when things are not going our way ? It truly will be a long slog , The masses will return ,of this I am sure . But will they support (support being the key word) through the team building years ?

  6. only pointing out the obvious everyone with a brain already knows the points you raised, although i agree with you on your opinion of the easdales, i think you're looking for a job for the daily rebel, although dave king did say the "pipe dream" statement, he can be proved wrong and accept hes wrong, but on the other side you have the current board who knocked back previous takeover bids and only care about their place on the board,
    paul murray –
    the board at that time could be ( are ) viewed as advisors giving david murray owned the club at that time, they could only advise him on what to do, if it came to a vote, dm would always win, doesn't take a scientist to work that one out
    50% loss of ST cash
    thats only this season – we have known about the cash drainage since div 3
    unlike others i don't think you are pro board, you try to look at the facts, the only problem is the facts don't tell the whole story, try using some initiative and read between the lines.
    how can you be lenient on the easdales ( the best way i can put it because i can see you arent pro board ) with the VAT conviction
    yet be so anti king, a man who lost 20mil when dm was top dog
    dm is probably the only man who would lose that kind of cash and come back for round 2.
    we have been fucked about too much, which has given all rangers fans a lack of trust in anyone, but remember, the 3 bears and the king crew are the lads the majority of us wanted in the first place
    i cant be arsed going on but i could spend the rest of the day voicing my opinion.

    • dm is probably the only man who would lose that kind of cash and come back for round 2.
      i meant dk in that sentence

  7. To all good Rangers Fans, as a Celtic supporter we are really missing you, we both need each other in the Premier League. Probably one of the most important Show cases for Scottish Football. At the same time, without being too critical, I can guarantee you Celtic supporters would never have accepted any of the Sh.. you have taken. That has nothing to do with loyalty, that is stupidity to trust people who have no decent track record. I can guarantee you Celtic supporters would have taken Paradise apart, brick by brick, from day one. That must be the Rebel in us! Please be careful to make the right decision, as it might be your last. Good luck and I mean it for all of us.

  8. I dont care if ur pro board or not but this current board are not fit for purpose & would back king & 3 bears every time. Enough is enough.

  9. The way I see it is if we stay with this useless lot then we stumble from one f**k up to the next until Ashley eventually get Rangers for a song but by that time the crowds will be a distant memory or we go with Dave King . King to me is a far better option . Genuinely interested in getting Rangers back to the top . Looking to invest in the club for a few years then make his money back plus interest ….nothing wrong with that . This current board actually do not give a single Fuuk about any of us ….the EGM showed that .never have I seen a board so disconnected from the fans

    The status quo does not bear thinking about .

    Let the King step forward !

  10. Did Graham Wallace say Rangers would have enough money for the rest of the season at the 2013 AGM and how did that pan out?,at that time December 2013 the board had burned through £67M in 18 months despite the first team squad wages being about £10M for that period,the figures don`t stack up under any circumstances.
    Paul Murray was instrumental in both cutting Rangers debt by 47% and the £24M retrieved from Collyer Bristow,the £24M was retrieved because Paul Murray proposed a £25M share issue as an alternative to the Craig Whyte takeover and Collyer Bristow settled out of court,I have no doubt whatsoever that Paul Murray has done more for Rangers than any other single individual since May 2011.
    If you think John Gilligan is acceptable(I do also) then why would he be involved with Paul Murray and Dave King if he was not convinced that they are the correct people to take the club forward,from what I have heard about John Gilligan,he is to be trusted implicitly and that is good enough for me

    • Is this the same Paul Murray that wanted to do a deal with ticketus just curious why you left that bit out, or the bit where all his company's are in shitloads of debt, mmm seem to remember another Rangers custodian who used Rangers to further his own portfolio wonder how that turned out eh, one look at Paul Murray & one word jumps out at me

  11. I am a Celtic supporter. I think this is a really well written article that all rangers fans should take note of. At the moment, rangers are sleepwalking into another crisis where Ashley will "loan" more cash but what will the longer-term ramifications be for the club?
    I honestly believe the only secure future for the club is in the hands of the fans…….no more share issues where your hard earned cash is frittered away by the board. Invest in the rangers supporters trust and buy up enough shares to have a seat on the board in your own right.

  12. From memory Paul Murray was not on the board when the club was sold.
    While £1 is often quoted part of the sale was 20 million to the bank. The club was purchased for 20 million using its own money. Whyte will serve time soon.
    The current regime need to go.
    Sadly under the hood there maybe contracts that will need to be legally challenged and ripped up.
    Without doubt no one wants buy NUFC as it all it does and will continue to do is stuff Ashleys pockets there will be onerous contracts there, don't think he has any intention of even selling them. Just don't think he is right for us.
    Why sell McLeod then loan us money.
    Enough is Enough

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