When will Rangers win again?

With recent Rangers results being
frankly disastrous, it does not get any easier before next month’s EGM. While
Raith Rovers and Falkirk appear ‘easy’ opponents on paper, the defeat by Stark Park’s
finest in the Scottish Cup last week reveals they are anything but walkovers,
and this time it is on their patch.
Meanwhile, with Falkirk
awaiting after that, it only gets tougher. The Bairns might be midtable but
they have not lost since December 27th. Indeed, since their 15th
November loss to Hearts, their record reads, of 13 matches, 9 wins, three
draws, one loss.

They have also beaten both Hearts
and Hibs in that time, so, given Rangers’ painful current form, the Ibrox side
could not be in a worse rut right now if it tried.
Falkirk’s Sibbald hitting the winner v Hearts
Indeed, with fans eagerly awaiting
the EGM on the fourth, and praying for a new regime as a result of it, it is
safe to say Rangers are stuck completely in a limbo for the time being.
The next two matches already look
to be write-offs, with a team apparently disinterested (Hibs’ improvement
notwithstanding) in affairs, management that does not want to be there, and a
board loathed and despised for as much ineptitude as anything else. Everyone of
an Ibrox persuasion is caught between a rock and a hard place.
A question I find myself being
asked a lot is ‘where do we go from here?’
On the pitch the side bumbles
from one bad result to another, with the last victory being over a month ago
against bottom-feeders Alloa, but many fans cannot see an end to the hapless
McDowall regime.
There is the hope among some that
should King et al win the EGM, the first thing they will do is fire McDowall
and give him his severance, to usher in a new era at the Club. My fear there is
unless they are dipping into their own pockets to do that, to fund the payoff,
I cannot see them firing him any more than the current board.
Admittedly, the Three Bears
(well, the new Three Bears as opposed to the first Three Bears) is the most
important victory in the eyes of many supporters, and if that does take place
and the three of them do bring in a good new prosperous era for Rangers, then I
stand happily corrected on my thorough dubiety regarding them.
But first and foremost right now,
Rangers need to win on the pitch just as much.
And there is absolutely no sign
of that happening.


  1. This is how a lot of bears are feeling right now. Even with a much improved performance against Hibs the old failings were there, an inability to put the ball in the net and the usual defensive errors.

    Things are not going to change overnight even with a change in board if that happens. We'll be stuck with this on field crap till the end of the season

  2. Sadly, since McCulloch and Simonsen were given only one game bans they are likely to return again for our next game and any glimmer of hope of an improvement in the team as seen against Hibernian will disappear. Even then there are glaring problems. Boyd is grossly unfit and far too slow for this level of football and Miller is likely to be out for a few weeks. Ideally, the arrival of Ferguson who will hopefully be fit, alongside the return of Streete and perhaps one of the other Newcastle Loanees should improve things although the fact that McDowall continues to be in charge of things will continue to be a major obstacle to us winning games. A lot depends on us winning the vote at the AGM to remove the Board and having a manager ready to take over team affairs immediately. If that happens then we still have a real opportunity to be in the SPL next season

  3. The players are lacking in confidence and must feel demotivated. That's understandable given the circumstances. Improvement can only come from within. They must summon collective inspiration from their group. Play for pride and for their families. They are in the shop window and will surely want to impress onlookers.
    Perhaps a senior player should assume control of the side and allow Mr McDowell to depart; he has no role to play in Rangers future. A temporary solution as the endgame approaches, I must emphasise, but worth trying?

  4. Raith Rovers and Falkirk games, as stated, will be difficult hurdles to overcome. We will see however, whether Kenny McDowell has the balls to select a team predominatly from the one that played against Hibs.
    I and most friends in my group felt that although we lost the match, our performance was possibly the best this season. Had we taken any one of the early chances in the game I think we might have had a positive result.
    Remember this is my opinion only and expect other commentaries to have theirs, so I am not offering an arguement.
    Man for man in comparison to previous games, was like chalk and cheese;
    Robinson: (who had little to do) was mobile, quick in delivery and thinking, very little chance at both goals. My choice as No.1 keeper till Bell is fit.
    Faure: Looked as fit a I have seen him, defended relatively well, no brainer at right back instead of Foster. remeber this was his first start in many months.
    McGregor: Strong, tough rugged defender, but of limited ability, but looked much more comfortable beside Zaliukus. No change
    Zaliukus: Won every header, passing was atrocious, but defensive positioning was good…and we were sitting 10 yards further up the park. Thought he might tire, but was linking with Wallace in the last few minutes into the Hibs half. Definate starter for Raith R and Falkirk. I cringe at him being left out the side for McCulloch to return
    Wallace: Looked much more into wanting to be at Ibrox and wanting to win. Still poor defensively, but my captain for the rest of the season.
    Law: Still much the same as always, but…I thought his effort and overall play improved and didn't seem to hide.
    Murdoch: Floated in and out the game, some really nice touches on the ball and for his height and build was getting stuck in when needed. Give him a chance, he might be another Lewis McLeod.
    Hutton: A lot is said about him, negative mainly, but I thought he put in a reasonable performance and linked up well enough with the other midfielders.
    Vuckic: Still getting match-fit, but looks good, offers a good support to strikers and prepared to take players on.
    Miller: Unlucky not to score, if fit looks a good 60 minute player with Vuckic, alongside and decent midfield bringing him into the game.
    Boyd: What can I say? Played poorly, doesn't look half the player he was last season with Kilmarnock, far less than when he was with us previously.
    Clark: Huffed and puffed after replacing Miller. Had a good chance to make a mark on the game but failed.
    Daly: He isn't an impact player. The two HIbs centre backs played him and Boyd out the game, when high balls placed into the box.
    Shiels: Again, not an impact player, might be useful as a starter if a different approach to the high ball is played.
    So I think we have the makings of a side, if we utilse the squad, to make 2nd place in the league, but if we revert back to Simmonsen, Foster, McCulloch, etc. I doubt we will even be 4th. Now is the time to slip young Calum Gallagher up front. Play players with desire to win. I thought on Friday we had players who had that desire.
    Food for thought?

    • agree with most of your points. no doubt an improved performance. inspired mainly by the mobility of young Murdoch. Gallagher would give us another boost. Hungry young players make a difference. Thought Zaliukas organised well. But, but, will McCulloch and Black be recalled? Make McCulloch the coach till end of season. At least it will get him out of the starting eleven. I'm sure he would relish the opportunity.

  5. What happens next? Indeed.
    What do you WISH had happened back in 2012? Think back.
    DCK? – not at that time, presumably, given his SDM links that caused all this
    A real rangers man 'billionaire' owner? – maybe?
    A fan buyout of the club? – Maybe?

    But I have a question. Which of the above would have involved Rangers living within their means, spending only income from ST, catering, retail etc? Answer? All of them (yes, even King, what you think he's going to plough even more money into the pit?).

    Unfortunately for all Rangers fans, the chance to own the club was lost. It was so close, the Kings and Kennedys and Sounesses and wee Murrays, but nobody had the will to deal with the potential tax liabilities. And then it was gone, gone to men who cared much less about tax liabilities and damage to the club. What did they pay? About £5-6 million? And look how they messed with your club. Look at what revenue streams are still owned by the club!!

    And still you talk of financial saviours. DCK and TTB are not that. If only one of those gentlemen had stepped up to the mark in 2012, for a relatively paltry sum of money, you would not be gone.

  6. I'm sick to death of hearing "oh it was a better performance on Friday?". Really?? What game where you watching? Shocking performance is more what I saw, every shot we had had no conviction or real pace, Law, proving he's not a great team player as usual, Boyd (slower than a week in the jail) Miller (Someone put the head back on the chicken please!!). we played terrible, Its a team of players that ud expect on a Stenhousemuir (sorry stenny, no disrespect intended). WE ARE GLASGOW RANGERS!!!!! Best football team to Grace the footballing World with a fantastic Stadium, Fantastic atmosphere and Proudest History,,,,, To say these players done well to get beat 2-0 at Ibrox against Hibs (and for a hat-trick of loses against them I may add) is nothin more than an insult!!!!!

  7. Ideally ferguson & the other lad will be able to provide a bit of talent & with a bit of luck
    [although i doubt it] McCulloch might be kept out. I just hope we can get a result at the EGM & get rid of the board & then concentrate on next season because quite frankly I cant see us goin up at all I think it will be hearts & hibs not us

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