Were Rangers right to ban the Record?


For years Rangers fans have
called the Daily Record the ‘Daily Rhebel’. There has been a distinct feeling
among the fanbase that the Record, and the Sun, have both been complicit in
astoundingly poor journalism towards Rangers, with a hefty ‘anti-Ibrox’
overtone in their content.
Indeed, Rangers’ plight in the
past three years has been used repeatedly by the Record for sales, with
constant headlines on both the front and back of so many issues, printed off at
the expense of the Govan outfit.

Boycotts regarding the Record
(and the Sun) have often been suggested by leading figures among Rangers’
fanbase, particularly by fangroups such as the RST, and as such any Rangers fan
contributing to the profit of these ‘gutter’ publications by buying a copy would
be met with dubiety, suspicion, and outright objection.
This has been made worse in
recent years with an apparent commercial agreement in place with Rangers’
historical rivals Celtic where the Record agreed in 2012 to begin printing
Celtic materials in exchange, obviously, for cash. While that does not prove
anything outright it certainly pertains to a conflict of interests.
Ultimately, the truth surely lies
in a historical objection Rangers fans have had to the Daily Record, its lies,
its spin, and its astounding brass neck regarding their club.
Consequently, the news Rangers’
board have banned the paper entirely from Ibrox would, under most normal
circumstances, have been widely welcome from almost all quarters of the
But with the Union of Fans and
Sons of Struth (to name but two) selling out to using the Record as a
mouthpiece for their propaganda, it is clear their former demands that the
support boycott the paper has now changed to castigating the board for banning
It seems to suit some now to
attack the board and defend the paper they once refused to wipe their backsides
with, and while I certainly cannot defend many of the things the Rangers suits
do, this is an act I agree with, even if it is not truthfully much more than an
act of self-preservation.
Let us not forget, this is the
same newspaper happy to steal the work of others and print it as their own –
the Faure interview recently published as Keith Jackson’s own work was handily
swiped from the French journalist who carried it out, @romain_molina. Jackson defended this
theft as ‘perfectly normal’ and it ‘happens all the time’.
The Record is an atrocious
publication, and its banning from Ibrox is not before time. It is a pity it is this board who had the privilege of
bringing the long-deserved axe down on it, and it must not be forgotten the
gesture was certainly not for the fans, but the endgame is the correct one – a scurrilous
publication is now barred from Rangers.
Not before time.


  1. I stopped buying rhebel in 1986 always hayed us dont care if they banned or not no better than the bbc anti rangers both

  2. The Daily Record is a comic, no real stories, (other than the Sport), no business coverage, (but then that is not their target audience, and generally disliked by both Rangers and Celtic fans. In recent times the Record has been on the side of the ordinary Rangers fan and as such the ban by the clowns that are currently in the Board Room will most likely benefit a change of ownership and most certainly a return to having Rangers men in teh Boardroom. For that reason I am pleased that the Board have been foolish enough to follow through with teh banning order.

  3. You're right, it's unfortunate that it's the present Board who have banned it for their own benefit, rather for the sake of the club, but it's been long over due. Over the last several years it has shown itself to be very much anti- Rangers and pro-celtic. I couldn't care less if the horrible wee rag shut down never mind got banned.

  4. The issue is not if you like the way or spin of the Daily Record..The issue is censorship. And the question begs to be asked..who's next? Has the Daily Record crossed the line? If they have, the courts would be dealing with either libel or slander lawsuits. Since I do not see any such action by the Rangers board, one can only assume there is a petty vindictiveness against the Daily Record.
    Frankly I am surprised by this diatribe of venom against the Daily Record. Instead you should be offering a stout defense. The Celtic issue has nothing to do with the overall issue of
    censorship. This blog has been very critical of the Rangers fiasco and now you got to ask yourself, because you haven't toed the line..Are you next?

  5. The daily record a Celtic paper- you are just another deluded rangers fan- I suppose your captain should win the Nobel peace prize as well!

  6. Whatever happened in the past the daily record is to be praised for the way they have exposed this rotten rangers board.
    Thank you Daily Record for telling the truth !

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