The truth – why BT Sport axed Collymore


Today BT Sport have confirmed
their axing of ex-Liverpool striker Stan Collymore as a pundit.
The media reports are all pretty
universal in their portrayal of the story, which makes me realise how truly
fabricated, false, and plain inaccurate news actually is, and how utterly untrustworthy
it is.
In short, you do not realise the
level of false reporting and news till you are the direct cause of the stories
they are discussing.

The Evening Times, the Daily
Record and the Daily Mail (so far) have all reported the Collymore axing story
as a borderline ‘unfair’ response to his initiating a battle against
sectarianism on Twitter, focusing especially on Rangers fans.
This could not be further from
the truth. Regular readers to this blog will probably know the reality but this
entry is for everyone else who truly believe Collymore just decided one day to
launch a campaign against sectarianism.
On Wednesday night I launched a petition to have Collymore fired by BT for his grotesque generalisations about Rangers & Chelsea fans, caused by the appalling actions of a tiny group of
the latter in Paris.
We have all seen the video.
My point in the petition was this
was not the first time Mr Collymore had behaved inappropriately, unacceptably,
and unfairly, and that I, along with thousands of others, was going to
unsubscribe from BT Sport (one of his employers) because of it.
This gathered well over a
thousand signatures inside a matter of hours (it currently sits at 8000+), and
Collymore caught wind of it the next day with a ‘two can play the petition game’
type response and launched his own attack on Rangers fans over alleged
sectarianism and bigotry.
In short, Collymore did not just
do this out of a true desire to make the world good, he did it to pettily respond to my petition. He even claimed he would prove rebuttal accurate live
on air tonight, something he now will not get the opportunity to.
Furthermore, Collymore did not
merely back the petition the media claim he has, he started it. It is his petition,
under the name ‘John Smith’ (since removed, of course).
The media has misreported my
petition as a ‘response’, rather than the root cause of all of this.
It is not often I urge anyone to
share my entries, but I would appreciate this one getting out there so the
truth does too.
Right now Collymore is playing
the role of martyr, when he is frankly not only the maker of his undoing but
richly deserving of all of it.


  1. Hopefully they axe Michael Owen, Robbie Savage, Warnock and all the other extremely unpleasant nasty pundits and commentators… I am stuck on a contract for one year but i'll be dumping BT first chance I get… they are the worst

  2. Mr Collymore is truly a troubled individual who appears to be suffering from his past behaviour.
    He is choosing to fan the flames of controversy despite being fully aware of the consequences.
    A kind of perpetual self flagellation if you will.
    Radio 5 Live etc have used his antagonistic character in the same way as a Circus might use a performing seal.
    He's confusing this "popularity" with the self belief that people actually like him.
    Only those with a similar outlook on life would actually find him agreeable.
    Fortunately, there are more decent people around than those who would celebrate his deviant behaviour. Birds of a feather etc. Such folk always find each other and cling together, like a self help group.
    The man needs lengthy psychological help before he is allowed to air his views again, especially on a public forum.
    This is only my opinion.

  3. Newspaper owners and TV companies are in business to make money. Whatever makes the most money is their tool. It may be truth and it may not be. It actually doesn't matter to them. 'Publish and be damned' ' There are libel laws' .Fine words that publishers espouse. Except that publishing lies and then risking libel law is little risk. Only the rich can afford to sue. Even then newspapers will gamble on selling more papers when defending a libel case.

  4. I totally agree with everything you have said on your blog. Unfortunately the media for years have twisted things against us. Most protestants living in northern Ireland have had to live with that for many years.
    I refuse to listen to talksport when this offensive idiot is on. What about getting a petition to get him sacked from there as well?

  5. The truth, you would not know the truth if it slapped you on the head, first of all Stan has not been axed by BT sport, he has been taken off the rangers game, 1 game so get your facts right.
    Stan has told the truth, do you think that it is acceptable to be celebrating wading in my blood??do you??, I await your response , not a word about that in your article, you say alleged bigotry
    are you joking?? watch back the last rangers game or indeed any rangers game, alleged?? you are a typical head in the sand rangers man who cannot accept the truth, that is why from top to bottom your club is a shambles and in such a state, the truth sir sometimes hurts, prepare for the pain

    • Easy to figure out what team you support, why don't you look at your own clubs behaviour. Oh sorry you Celtic fans are so busy trolling through Rangers sites, to bother about The Green Brigade, dodgy land deals etc and the molesting of young bhoys by Torbet and Cairney. Things you want swept under the carpet. As the saying goes people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones

    • You don't get it do you if you want the truth then be honest , have you read anywhere that Rangers fans have denied collymore's allegations of sectarian singing , what we are saying is don't single us out , when an old firm game takes place there is sectarian singing from a minority of BOTH sets of fans , if you really seek the truth then be honest and admit that .

    • Same old stories you roll out. I believe the issue around molesting has been dealt with, not sure if the Royal Families one has yet though!! This is nothing to do with the goings on at football clubs it is down to the sick behaviour of your fans and the seeming acceptance by the ones who think they are decent human beings. The songs you sing are all about the crown and Ireland, you pelt away fans with coins when they score goals against you, and the behaviour at the Hearts game…well, you work out the pattern. Maybe, just maybe if you stopped singing about Derry's Walls, The Sash, Rule Brittania and all that tripe then maybe the next generation of fans wouldnt be so bigoted. Last night 60000 people sang for 90mins and not one mention of you lot, your religion, IRA, nothing..just songs about our club, songs to support the team…same with Aberdeen, Dundee Utd, Hearts(sometimes), Hibs…it is time to grow up, but I think that will fall on deaf ears as it is too eays to sing hatred when it is in your blood. Stan Collymore is not a bigot, far from it, he has guts, more than most of the presenters on the tv and radio, he isnt scared to say what has happened, not scared to brush it under the carpet and yet as soon as he highlights what EVERYONE heard, you lot bcome all defensive. If you dont want to be highlighted for this then dont do it, not difficult really. But then again you are The Peepul!!!

  6. and you're a typical head the sand celtic fan who thinks bigotry only goes one way. That's your 'truth'. Do you think it is acceptable for celtic fans to be singing the praises of a sectarian murder gang who would kill me because of my religious background.
    Stan, is it? the woman beating dogging fan. This is the guy you're defending?

    • here is my truth ,bigotry goes both ways of that there is no doubt, sectarian murder gangs go both ways, shankhill butchers, you remember them, or have you conveniently forgotton, i do not find racism or bigotry in any form, acceptable as does the vast majority of decent human beings however for this article to take the moral high ground and talk about truth is just laughable, you know it and so do i, as i said do you enjoy wading in my blood?

    • The same for you guys singing about the UVFUDA etc really isnt it…yet they are ok becasue they are British so they are allowed to behave the way they STILL do. Ireald is trying to move on but that wont fit your supports agenda will it, what you going to sing about, oh wait a minute it doesnt matter becasue you are still singing and marching about something that happened in the 17th century and was funded by the Vatican….ironic really.

  7. i notice stan has not added celticFC to his banning cause in equal measure!!…he has tarred a whole support under a slur!!…that in itself is discrimination and racist!!…Stan the Racist!!…Stan the Violent partner…Stan the Dogger…..a very immoral man!!

    • Really, well based on the events he is quoting it certainly appeared to be your whole support joining in the party tunes. The problem is you think you are above critiscism and the silence from your board in this matter is deafening. At least when things are done that upset Cletic they act on it, you guys just bury deeper in the sand becasue it is a persecution, they are always picking on you, we didnt do anything, it's Peter Lawwells fault….sound familiar?? Look and listen to your support and you will see the reality, the majority are living in the past as are you based on your comments. At some stage you need to get a grip, get rid of the Rule Brittania rubbish, and the Great Escape is nonsense considering Ireland had a lot of soldiers fighting during the war, unlike NI who had no conscription. You use football as a political ground to celebrate being loyal to the crown, you arent there to support a football team, if you were you would sing songs about your team not Derry's Walls, Sashes, Ruling waves etc…sometimes the truth hurts but maybe what hurts more is when you realise that you have bene wrong and need to man up to it and change!!! Good luck with that.

  8. Mr Anonymous
    Well you don't say what club you follow,so either your hoping people make assumptions or your embarrassed to state who ? Now obviously you know the wife beater was being factual only up to a point.What you choose to omit from your rant is that he has an axe to grind concerning Rangers.This clown chooses to blame Rangers fans for all sectarian abuse currently infested in the game,which is rather pathetic from him.In saying that ,YOU seem to come to the same conclusion which must mean your turning a blind eye or deaf ear to blatant sectarianism from another clubs so called fans,Yes/No ?

  9. Remember the offensive banner on remembrance weekend at celtic? No blood stained poppies on our hoops, despite some celtic players paying the ultimate sacrifice. What about the IRA songs from the celtic supporters? Never here Collymore on about this

  10. I could never understand how any respectable broadcaster could contemplate employing this woman-beating loudmouth. If he is such a paragon of anti-racism perhaps he would care to comment on the treatment handed out to Mark Walters by Celtic fans.

    • So I take it you complain any time gascoigne is on the telly then ? No he is wan ay the peepil so you don't mention him just like gough and your royal family no mention of them. Celtic have came a lot further than your own team since the days of Walters which at the time most decent Celtic fans condemned

    • What channel is Gascoigne on? If it's B.T, then I'm afraid I don't subscribe to it, so I don't see him : great player though he was, I certainly wouldn't want to listen to him as he is unintelligent and inarticulate, for that reason, as with Collymore, I can't understand how any channel would wish to employ him.

  11. Any other Bear find the term "The Celtic Family" the biggest joke since Perez Hilton in Celebrity Big Brother? It's great to see those in "The Celtic Family" maintain a deafening silence with regard to the bottling of a 10-year-old Rangers fan. They pontificate over "we're up to out knees in Fenian blood" and once again ignore the plight of an innocent wee boy. Keeping to type, anybody?

    • Read more about the 10 yo rankers fan and his pished da and pal fighting on the bus you will be embarrassed that you mentioned that. That's from another passenger on the bus.

  12. So Collymore objects to the rhetoric of one half of the old firm – what about the other half.
    And what about his own example or lack of.

  13. I don't know about Rangers fans but I can tell you from personal experience over many years that a large proportion of Chelsea fans racist scum. Having said that however, I also think that Collymore is the worst and self promoting pundit out there and I am happy that BT have kicked him out of football (see what I did there?) Although his big gob will still be heard on talkshite, no doubt!!

  14. Both sides of the divide any man who lifts his fist to batter a woman is SCUM, make no mistake and why should anybody put this low life on tv or radio is beyond me.just think all you males especially dads that might be your daughter out there i can hear you now bring him hear and i will see to him, so scumbags out there who supports bits of shit who beat women rejoice in your shame

  15. Dear Mr anonymous in reply to what you said about the molestation of young boys being dealt with May be in part true but the fact was that your club had know this had been going on for such a long time before they had done anything about it which leads me to the conclusion that they were willing to protect the name of the club rather than the boys who were hoping one day to pull on the hoops well shame on them sweep sweep as they say it is also a fact that persons high up in that club knew what had been going on and said nothing in turn failing those boys so I would put it to you that not you or anyone connected to that club should ever try to take the moral high ground over anyone or any club, shame on yous Scotland's true shsme

    • Nothing ever changes with the Ibrokes bigot's.
      Every time they are shown to be bigoted or sectarian,its a big boy done it and ran away,or were not the only ones that do it.They have never held their hands up admitting any wrongdoing,or saying we will fix it,and why should they when the Campbell Ogilvie led SFA and the SPFL turn a blind eye to anything they do.TRIFC HAVE KILLED SCOTTISH FOOTBALL.

  16. Well guys, I think after last nights tirade from Starks Park there can be no denial Stan Collymore was right, decent fans of whatever club stand up and condemn it.

  17. Collymore is a truly detestable, hate-filled individual who should never have been allowed anywhere near a radio or TV station. And Celtic supporters coming on to a Rangers blog trying to defend the indefensible are just showing that they are every bit as bigoted (not to mention pathetically obsessed) as he is. You were made for each other.

  18. morning bears, care to comment on last nights, open, sectarian, bigoted, and vile songbook from the minority, sorry majority of the peepil?, big ted, another illiterate article from yourself, you know for a fact do you?? well prove it, show us your facts…………. sorry you don't have any just another attempt by the peepil to darken the name of one of this countrys best ever managers, now that is a fact, who died in the service of his country, shame on you
    anything to point score

  19. One good thing about last night's singing was….
    It has been "Officially reported" to the relevant Authorities (stop sniggering up the back and let me finish..:0)….and they now have to contend with Colymore's Legal representatives watching with extreme interest on the outcome.
    Make no mistake…This had lifted the lid off the cess–pit ..and in the same way that Sir Minty had to shatter the " NO Catholic's here" tradition…due to sponsorship pressure….I can see this being repeated here.
    Will the "New Board" take up the challenge?

    • Pity the septic board didn't adhere to this policy either ,eh ?
      There is an article regarding the anti catholic signings of Rangers on another blog which highlights the staggering amount of Catholics conveniently ignored who signed.I'm sure the obsessed ones will have no trouble finding it !
      Anyhow nice piece of the usual deflecting from the subject ! Support the wife beater at your pleasure while ignoring the obvious irony and patheticness you display !!

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