The rise of Rangers First

The rise of Rangers First

Yesterday news broke of celebrity
chef Gordon Ramsay subscribing to increasingly-popular fan-ownership scheme
Rangers First.
He joined a group which already
boasts the likes of Jorg Albertz, Nacho Novo, Alex Rae and a clutch of many,
many others on its books as subscribing to the notion that one day Rangers fans
will own their Club.

Before I go any further, this
article is not intended as a promotional tool or ringing endorsement for the
enterprise, so you are not reading an advert.
However, with Rangers lumbering
from one disaster to another, and with a loathed board remaining in place,
there was certainly a niche in the market for a properly-run fan ownership
system to rise.
Whether you translate Rangers
First as ownership or representation, it is ultimately an increasingly credible
attempt to ring changes at the Club and give fans more of an input into how
their beloved Rangers is run.
As blue as they come.
It stands at around 10,000
members, including many high-profile names as hinted at earlier, and has always
done its best to accommodate my questions and those of others.
In short, they engage with
supporters and do so with transparency, something sadly lacking from other
organisations and the Club itself.
Do I personally subscribe to RF?
No, because I personally prefer share ownership to be through a broker with a
direct vote, and right now the numbers at RF are not big enough to make a
fundamental difference. The shares it owns are less than 2%, but that is still
only 3% off the power to force an EGM.
But I do endorse what they are
trying to do, and the manner in which they do it.
I would never preach to anyone to
join them – that would be hypocritical given I am not a member myself.
But of all the fan groups,
schemes and initiatives, they are up there as one of the most sincere, genuine,
and transparent.
Anyone who wishes to join them just click here.

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  1. Can anybody please for once talk F??KING football, i dont go out talking rangers 1st, i get ur shit
    f??king has beens.when will somebody take football 1st and politics 2nd., WATP rings shite,AHSLEY and Kingdom come and his has beens are between them taking us for shites.I
    lost my money in shares when Murray mint decided to sell to sell to mr whyte, along come lion king straight from the west end ,maybe from HSBC, and ASHLEY treating people with contempt I will talk when I want to, when we want to talk football are we going to play Shotts prison for a home win, brilliant Idont think so Celtic are catching our record as i write.Most people who write in this column, have statements and including me but no deep pockets, i cant put up so i will shut up, those out there nows your put your money where it s counts.KINGDOM COMES or ASHLEY.

  2. on the EGM topic. Artemis announced to stockmarket today that they no longer hold shares.
    Have they sold a holding and who to?

  3. Pretty sure I read a while back that a lot of the shares King acquired were from Artemis, could be wrong though mate.

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