The fall of Ian Black


When Ian Black ran the show for
Hearts’ Scottish Cup final success of 2012, ‘Blackie’ must have felt the world
was at his feet and a big move to some decent Championship side was on the
cards. In his wildest dreams maybe even a lower-table EPL side.
Already one of Rangers’ most
hated opponents for his disgusting tackle on Nikica Jelavic in 2010, which he
did admittedly apologise for, instead of making his way to the rich plunder of England,
Black’s arrival at post-admin Rangers in summer 2012 was a strangely popular
affair from those of an Ibrox persuasion.

Some fans these days claim they
were horrified at Rangers bringing in such a loathed opponent, yet there was
strangely little sign of such abject objection at the time (except from yours
truly) maybe due to the exodus that had slimmed the Rangers herd to
near-apocalyptic levels of dire need.
Indeed, he was borderline
welcomed as a hero, for ‘sacrificing’ a better league and joining Rangers in
our ‘time of need’ (a phrase which is becoming a bit of a cliché to justify the
mercenaries who stayed like Alexander and McCulloch who had no options
elsewhere at their age – Wallace is entirely excluded from this as he could
easily have got a better gig down south) and ‘helping the cause’.
Truth was Black, like so many
others, joined for the money.
As I brought to you a few weeks
ago, my sources tell me he gained a lot more of that filthy lucre in recent
months, when a contractual appearance clause is said to have come into effect
and a resultant wage increase to £10,000. The problem is Ian Black has never
even justified half of that wage, nevermind the lot.
His first season at Ibrox
was…awful. He did suffer the same problem of the turgid McCoist regime
beginning in earnest, but then that excuse fails to completely tally up when we
see how the likes of Lewis Macleod and Barrie McKay managed to perform under
the same circumstances.
In truth his second season, from
August to November 2013, was a substantial improvement, and for about three or
four months Black looked like a reasonably decent defensive midfielder.
Unfortunately that is where his
‘form’ ended, permanently and bluntly speaking Ian Black has barely put in a
single shift in 18 months since worth talking about.
I will not go into the betting
charges he was guilty of, it has been discussed time and time again and it is
for another debate, but it does sum up the litany of uselessness Black has
become, and while manager Kenny McDowall has hardly carried out his new job
with panache, ditching Black, Old Firm aside, was pretty bold and ultimately
totally justified.
Black really is part of the stale
“Old Ally Pals Act” and you have to give credit where it is due and applaud
McDowall effectively dumping him and replacing with Kyle Hutton who has seized
the opportunity and produced his best football as a Rangers player.
I have not even touched on the
numerous times Black has outright disgraced himself on the pitch, such as at
Tannadice when he let down the team to a tragically embarrassing level, plus
his ghastly display v Raith recently which led McDowall to hook him off for
probably the last time.
It is not often Rangers fans
cheer a player off in relief that he has gone, but they did that day, and
Blackie did not look a happy chappy at all.
He is out of contract this
summer, and he is a wage Rangers need rid of, as well as a disruptive influence
off the pitch. From what I understand (I have never met him) he is actually a
gent away from football, and a genuinely decent guy, so this article is not a
personal character assassination, but when it comes to football, and Rangers in
particular, which is what this blog focuses on, he has been a truly woeful
acquisition and a contract renewal would be a horrendous mistake.
Why did we sign him again?


  1. most of these players have worked like hell (some more than others)to help rangers get back up to where they should be so lets not kick the players lets kick the board out the front door and help get rangers back to where we should be,,

  2. You "airbrushed" the betting element of Black's story…which is not acceptable,given the circumstances.You have elected to do a hatchet job on his on-field contribution,and conveniently decided that the "betting affair" has no relevance….Well..
    You might argue it's a different topic…but how you can avoid it, is beyond me.
    To cut to the chase…I support another team…but if one of our players was found guilty of betting AGAINST us…I'd be raging if he wasn't booted out the door.
    Perhaps,instead of asking ,why you signed him again…You should be asking…
    Why did the Club keep him after that revelation ? Does that not say as much about the people in charge of the team at the time as it does about Black ?
    What he did was totally unacceptab le to any decent fan….and should have been treated as such.

  3. Once you get rid of McCoist, McDowall, Durie and Durrant,,and replace them with a high standard, football intelligent, highly motivated management team,,then you will see a massive difference in Black and the rest of the team. The current regime are tactically inept who have no confidence whatsoever and that is rubbing off on the players. The players only do on the park what the coaches tell them to do. The have also been placed out of position most of the time and our best players are kept on the bench while geriatrics play against youths with pace. Black has the ability, but he is not the only one who is lacking. I wouldn't say stay off their backs,, as its only the supporters that seem to care what happens on a park,,and if management wont kick a lack lustre player up the backside, then the fans will!!!

  4. Liability!! guaranteed either a yellow or red whenever an opponent got the better of him,should never had been allowed to wear a Gers top let alone play for them.

  5. I don't think blacks the best player you will ever se far from it but he doesn't hide like others Boyd for starters pure waste of money bring back Barry McKay that's what we need fast and inteigent playersally destroyed our young players 7 sent out on loan and others let go thanks for that ally

  6. I must say the whole rangers team at the moment is the a total embaressment hearts set there stall out at thevstartvto win the league not interested in pissy cups and ally and co never seen it coming but worse still is the players he put his faith on could not rise to the challenge

  7. and lets not forget the board are a total bunch of shitheads also a total embaressment to all rangers stands for get them out now,,and let a new board and the rangers support get on with the job to rebuild,,

  8. I resent the article from the start – the author seems to suggest he was in a minority (of one) Rangers fans that had any 'objection' with the signing of Ian Black. I can't remember any Rangers fan being anything but disgusted by the signing of Ian Black, certainly not 'a strangely popular affair'??! If the author is confusing privately shared feelings amongst Bluenoses and getting behind the team, he needs to step back and stop paying himself lip service… We all gave Black the benefit of the doubt, for far longer than any player in our top flight history, given the clubs circumstances… Given Ian Blacks disgraceful behaviour for Rangers, I don't feel under obligation to hold back on saying he's the biggest embarrassment I've seen at Rangers. I think it would be hard to legislate that only on ability, but it is beyond comparison when considering his duplicity and behaviour towards the fans. He deserves nothing but a boot up the arse as far as I'm concerned. Maybe some others can tell me a person who has shamed out club more than Ian Black (genuinely interested)?

  9. Personally, betting scandal apart I would rather have Black in the team than Nicky Law who for me played well for the first 6 months after signing but seems to be posted missing far too often when he should be head and shoulders above the standard of opponent he is up against.

    • I won't disagree with your assessment of Law ,tho Ally sucked any goodness from him by pairing him with Black !

  10. Having met Ian in his home town, he really is arrogant, not only on the pitch but off it too. He thrives on the arse kissing from some of his school chums. I really don't think he realises the privileged position he has had for some years now. It'll be interesting to see who actually wants him since there has been little more than speculation of who would sign him. A little sympathy rumours being created by the media.

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