The curious case of Kyle Hutton


Under no previous manager has
defensive midfielder Kyle Hutton really been given a sniff. Opinion of him from
fans has ranged from average to downright awful and most have been glad at his general
absence from the first XI in the past 24 months.
He has also failed to help his
cause, especially back in the ‘Nando’s’ era of some years ago by conducting
himself extremely poorly online and not committing behaviour seemingly
befitting of the Club.

Indeed, Hutton had a bad habit of
blocking any and all fans on Twitter who even appeared in a list of replies to
a negative tweet aimed at him, and I include myself in this.
His media performances of recent
days have also been mildly disturbing, with some comments showing a similar
level of immaturity to those of Fraser Aird.
Such acts have rarely endeared
players like he to fans, and he has not produced quality on the pitch to
compensate for it.
At age 20 he may have felt it was
time to move on, but with a new contract being handed him by then-manager Ally
McCoist in 2012, his wage would persuade him to stay put.
And thus since, his backside has
been on the Ibrox bench more often than not.
Until, that is, Ian Black got
subbed off by present manager Kenny McDowall during the mauling at Easter Road
to be replaced by aforementioned Hutton.
Since then, young Kyle (now 24) has
played every match, partnering Black or otherwise, and in all truth, he has
improved noticeably. While he is no Claude Makelele, he has been producing
reasonably steady displays in midfield, and was probably, along with Haris
Vuckic, the stand-out performer v Hibs on Friday night.
This is not to condone him
overall – his standard is massively below what we need, or indeed expect of a
Rangers midfielder, but while he has clearly benefitted from Black being
thoroughly out of favour with McDowall, he has produced an adequate level of
I know many Bears are shaking
their head reading this thinking the guy stinks, and that I must be ‘watching a
different player’ – and I entirely sympathise with that. His abilities are so
mediocre compared with what normally passes for Rangers standard.
It is just depressing that ‘adequate’
and ‘mediocre’ is enough these days to justify a place in the Rangers XI.


  1. I would agree totally with your comments I think he has improved with a run of games under his belt and is playing ok . I feel with a decent coach and if he applies himself he could become a reasonable player and this is the level we are at just now

  2. To be fair to Hutton, Aird, Murdoch, Nicky Clark,,,, They haven't been blessed with role models to learn both the art of football and how to behave as a Rangers player should. In the past few years they have been taught by immature, sub standard, unprofessional, money grabbing so called footballers and management. The young players never stood a chance when the board kept on McCoist and Co,, We needed to appoint an experienced, professional and no nonsense manager. Its in the past now, however, we need the new board to have the vision to totally rid the management and reasses the players contracts. If they continue with keeping with the current management regime, then we will definitely be playing in the First Division next season Why McDowall, Durie and Durrant didn't walk away mystifys me. They are drowning Rangers. If they cared about the club, they would walk away and force the current board to replace them with experienced coaching staff. But the trio, plus Mr McCoist have showed they are just in it for the money, thanks guys!!

    • Replace them with who ? what a daft thing to say ? we could disappear down a hole if we end up with an A/H are you daft ? . KMcD may not ne great , but he and Durie are doing their best and as a blue nose thats all i can ask for . Its freekin stupid to get someone else in just for the sake of it , and B Davies is the LAST guy we should go near .

  3. My dear deluded blue tinted glasses friend. Now is a time for realism and not blind loyalty to men who are robbing our club of wages and bringing our team to its knees. Those players are good enough, but being managed by a number two to McCoist, another mistake. I never said to replace them for the sake of it,, I want them replaced to have a chance of being promoted into the Premier League next season. I am not daft either as you insultingly suggest. I never even mentioned Billy Davies either, however, I would have Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck in front of McDowall and Durie. This is not a time for jobs for the boys, as this is,,, its a time to rid this mentality and get a management team that will get us total professional football, get the current players attitude and abilites back where they should be,, and get us back to the premier league while we still have a chance, failing in doing that,,we will be playing in Division One next season,,and McDowall, Durie, Durrant and McCoist, will laugh and still pick up thousands of pounds regardless. So doing their best, just doesnt cut it my friend, not by a long way.

    • Ok let me put it another way !…WHO ? and dont say " I think he can do a job for us " …..doesnt hack it for me . Anyone who would take it just now the state we are in is suspect .

  4. i agree.anyone who takes the job while the rats are still wearin life jackets above them is a goner soon as we get rid of these cunts.its embarassin this shit.hope king gets del boy off the sheep for next season.fitbas out the windy.we need to get shot of the leaches 1st.the battle is far from done.i wish i could say the 3 bears n king will just take over n everythings rosey but i dont think for a minute its gonna be that easy.deluded anyone who thinks thats the way this is gonna play chance with these crooks who kid on theyre a board.

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