Sandy Easdale to sell his shares?


According to the BBC (Whose ban
by Rangers has been uplifted) Sandy Easdale is in talks with Latit Modi, former
IPL commissioner, about selling his entire shareholding.
With Rangers confirming the date
for the EGM (March 4) this story, if true, could be Easdale’s attempt to exit
Ibrox before he is forced to.
A price has allegedly been agreed
and the BBC’s Chris McLaughlin claims serious discussions will take place
regarding the 26% sale next week.

Modi was banned from the IPL
regarding financial irregularities in 2013, but then given almost everyone
associated with Rangers’ board appears to have issues with the law regarding
VAT (Easdale) or tax (King) this does not appear to be anything new.
With tiny rumours of Robert
Sarver returning for a bid being doused as quickly as they were lit, the exit
of Easdale would certainly be welcomed by many fans.
Pity it is not a squeaky-clean
suitor potentially buying his shares.


  1. after the statements they made to the stock exchange today regards king and all the other crap how ironic would it be if this guy was sold the shares by easdale whom they by the way failed to mention to the stock exchange about his indescretions with the vat man and his time spent behind bars and on that theme if he managed to pass the sfa fit and proper person then dave king should as well

  2. He has always said he has taken nothing from Rangers so does that mean he will sell the shares he bought for 1P for the same amount?????


  3. Amazing that easdale plans his great escape now if he needs a hand there are thousands of supporters out there that will help him pack his cardboard box and good riddance he has done nothing for Rangers apart from increase ashleys profits .now thankfully he is about to be returned to the stone from where him and his followers crawled from .If he was a decent bloke and thought anything about Rangers he would sell to King and stop this pantomime today. Like most before him he is in it for himself and not for the good of the club

  4. Sandy Easdale and his brother should sell the shares back to Charles Green because he would stop Dave King from getting his greedy hands on Ibrox and Murray Park , if king took over at Ibrox he would soon run out of other peoples money and end up having to sell the assets to keep Rangers going or more likely take the cash and go back to Africa .
    King will drop UOF as soon as he gets control and in a little while UOF will have
    banners up saying KING MUST GO . King should never get a 3rd chance as a Rangers director after the boards he was with nearly Killed Rangers .

    • King has been consistantly involved in the club for decades, investing tens of millions of his own money. This is not a chancing scumbag out to make a quick killing like the current board and all the other board members since whyte. Your ignoring the facts and are clearly blinded by some personal hatred for King. You are totally out of step with the vast majority of Rangers fans who can recognise one of our own when we see him. King is a major player in the group of wealthy Rangers fans who will save our club, whether you like it or not.

  5. Step forward mr park next bus london 30 buses please !! Oh and a front seat for the guy above who is obviously aff hiz trolley

  6. Wit like easdales trying too sell them to someone with a lifetime ban in sport or so mr Green can snakeskin someone elses money to buy sell again parasites
    Maywell be we have to pay more in long run but itll be ours not some rats you need 35m a year to be where we where 7 yr ago so obviously we other peoples money but it will be our kind of people not a speculator

  7. King should be banned from Ibrox he has split the fans caused trouble every time he shows his face, how anyone can believe what this guy says is beyond me , he has been a director with
    David Murray and Craig Whyte he kept his mouth shut and kept taking the money .
    Why did he not tell the fans what was going on before Murray sold to Whyte , because he was getting his cash , King Never lost £20 million when Murray sold to Whyte , King probably made more than that under David Murray as wages and bonus`s
    were high then , and King had the cheek to talk about how much the Directors are getting now he was getting lots lots more. back then . King has made more out of Rangers than he lost , he should stop the lies and go back to Africa .

    • Lots of allegations there with very little evidence or hard facts to back them up – Uncle Jack would be proud of you!!

  8. When Rangers died like Gretna,airdrie,third lanark etc an opportunity was spurned to wipe out the spivs.same club nonsense is part of the con! I'm glad as a hearts fan we got a CVA and our history continued

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