Rangers’ fan board to be dissolved


After ‘unauthorised’ publication
of the minutes between the Rangers’ Fan Board and Jim Hannah, Barry Leach and
Derek Llambias, Dr Zia Islam of said fan board posted the following statement
on the RFB Facebook page:
“Dear Blue Noses
It was a pleasure representing you all for the last 6 months of RFB’s
Due to what happened at the meeting and the publication of the meeting
minutes on this forum without the permission of the RIFC Board, it will now
inevitably result in the sacking of the RFB members and dissolution of the
Fans’ Board.
This would not dampen our desire and motivation to get our Club back
from the clutches of the mafia who have blackened our name for the past 3
We will get back where we belong, we will become the top team in the
country, because We Are The Rangers.
Signing off. Dr. ZIA ISLAM.

PS: To all those
fellow Rangers on this forum and others, who have doubted our sincerity, in the
current circumstances we would have done the same. It is natural to get
suspicious of everyone when you are trying to save something so precious to
you. Take care. See you at the EGM.”
Fan Board, an initiative apparently devised by ex-CEO Graham Wallace, was
designed to provide a link between the fans and the board. It appears the RFB
has been hamstrung by the current RIFC board’s unwillingness to co-operate, or provide
any transparency to them at all.
final defiant act by Zia Islam has allowed supporters further insight into what
is truly going on at Ibrox. And that includes the alleged censored remark by Leach: 
           “The Three Bears sh*t themselves when they thought we’d accept their deal”
Shameful times at Ibrox, to say the least.


    • The inference here is that T3B did not have the finances to back up their offer, and were therefore fearful of it being accepted because it would expose their inability to progress the club financially.

  1. Rangers fans need to wake up with this blindness and start asking the right questions of the potential new board? Who is Paul Murray? How much money is he investing? What are his credentials to take Rangers to the next level? Wasn't he the director of Rangers when we got liquidated? Was he ever interviewed in his part of Rangers destruction? And now you want him near our books again?,,, Dave King lost millions, its only natural that he wants that money back. Rangers are very much in danger from both parties and the Rangers fans are being so taken in by the very same men that let Rangers drown in the first place and that is FACT!!. Paul Murray said it will take Ranger 5 years to get back into ship shape? What is this plan? He did not say and Celtic will have 9 in a Row by then!!. I dont see the why Rangers fans would support the same men that ruined the Club in the first place. THINK ABOUT IT!!!

    • I could not agree more all interested parties are willing to spend millions to gain control with the assets and share price being used as security but without an plans being revealed as to how much unsecured money is going to be available for the playing side. I think we are between a rock and a hard place.

    • So perhaps you would like to tell us what is the alternative fully detailed rescue plan for our club that you favour?! I guarantee 100% that you will not provide a sensible response to this question!

    • It is not up to us here to provide
      a business plan- it is up to those who seek our vote on to the Board. King and Murray have shown nothing, yet by EGM could be in charge. Frightening!

  2. Rescue Plan?, Well, first of all, Short Term – I would sack McCoist, McDowall, Durie and Durrant with no pay or compensation. This will free up the cash required to hire a much needed, top class management team that will give the current team back their confidence and ability on the park and get us to the Premier League. Yes, the greedy quartet will take us to court to rip us off, but by the time they get a court date,,we will be in the SPFL with a far superior management team and rebuilding our team. And right now, that is our priority!!! Why this has not been done already, baffles me!!

  3. Anonymous @ 07.10
    Assuming you are the poster at 14.02 yesterday my request for a 'rescue plan' had sweet FA to do with the football side which, as we all know, has turned into an unmitigated disaster! As you well know I wanted you to detail the alternative 'plan' of ANYONE to save our club from the mire it is sinking into under this board because they and Ashley have certainly not offered the glimmer of an idea on how they intend to take us forwards! I then suggested you would not provide a sensible response – and I think you have just proved my point!!

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