Rangers ditch Steve Simonsen


With Steve Simonsen returning
from suspension last night, and available for selection, it was fully expected
he would automatically retake his slot in goal at the expense of third-place
keeper Lee Robinson.
However assistant manager Gordon
Durie has confirmed the Englishman, number two at Ibrox, has been ditched to
third-place in the hierarchy by manager Kenny McDowall.

Speaking in McDowall’s place
after the win v Raith, Durie had this to say about the decision:
“Kenny decided that Lee Robinson was going
to keep the shirt. He’s in possession and it’s up for him to lose it.”
This is a very fair decision.
Simonsen is not only extremely unpopular among the fanbase, but simply not very
good either, and Robinson has more than earned his corn in the past two matches
with very respectable displays between the sticks.
Just a grand pity the
powers-that-be will not ditch the hapless McCulloch too.


  1. Agree with you lets see McDowall do the same with Foster,Black,Aird as well as Big Jig and bring in more of the good young players he will get more respect from the fans if he does this

  2. Don't know if he would have dropped him big jig I doubt it, but the commentator said that Darren McGregor was a doubt to make the bench as he was struggling in training all week, so here's hoping he is dropped, but no doubt you will have people on here telling you that the worst captain in Rangers history should be playing & you are bang out of order because he stayed blah blah blah

    • Let's be honest here,I want this mob out,but Ashley could blow King etc oot the water if he wants.I hope he's happy with his retail deals and leaves the EGM alone.

    • you are wrong there
      no way can he "blow King etc oot the water"
      democracy will overcome and hopefully the new board will rat out and legally challenge onerous contracts

  3. Simonsen is an absolute fud. Robinson is murder aswel. Can't wait to be saved by the Bell. But first and foremost our club needs to be in safe hands first. Ashley and his cockney oompa loompas out now.

  4. First bit of good news for a while hopefully a couple more to follow i.e. foster and black never to come back

  5. Simonsen is crap I agree but so is Robinson in the 2 or 3 games Robinson has played the goals he has conceded have been awful he stands far to far off his line and is sometimes in line with his 2 center backs the sooner bell is back the better

  6. Well said ….simmonsen foster Smith black mcculloch out permanently…. team played well v hibs and even better v raith last night. More energy and pace …..also no moshni and that's what we all want. ..deadwood out for good …

  7. Bring back Barry McKay and the other young guys out on loan and put youth and pace back coz that's what we don't have,so Kenny,listen to the fans and get rid of all the dead weight in the side.

  8. i think we are stuck with what we have till this board is kicked out,and the sooner that is done the better then all true supporters can help get rangers back where they should be,,

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