Rangers’ board to select the team


One of the more bizarre stories
from Ibrox broke today with the news that the new loan signings from Newcastle will be
untouchable starters.
Caretaker boss Kenny McDowall
revealed that he has been ordered to play all five every match.
“Yes. They are obviously good players –
they play for Newcastle
– but I will carry on and do what I am told to do. I was told at the offset
that players would be coming in that wouldn’t be my responsibility. So I’ll
carry on regardless. I’d like to think I can make a substitute and make a
change, but that’s where we’re at.”

The reaction to this news has
been very mixed. Indeed it has been a 50/50 split – those who wish to crucify
Easdale and Llambias for making this decision and interfering with team
selection, and those who are almost glad they are because McDowall’s team
selections have just been that bad.

I agree with both. Truth is suits
should never select the team. The very notion is a taboo topic among football
fans, where the owner/board getting involved with tactics ala Romanov or
Berlusconi is truly condemned.
However, as my last entry
highlighted, certain players are simply immune to being dropped by McDowall,
players like McCulloch, Foster, Law et al – players who are utterly
useless/past their sell-by date. If it took an instruction like this from above
to see McCulloch finally ditched, is it a totally bad thing?
I agree entirely that the
directors should not be influencing the manager like this, but if this is the
only way to get decent players in the team and dross like McCulloch and Foster
out of it, I reluctantly support the move.
Furthermore, McDowall is gaining
a lot of sympathy all of a sudden. From being Clipboard Kenny who barely has a
clue and who is spineless with a total inability to manage the team he is
suddenly becoming a bit of a martyr who ‘deserves better’.
Truth is he does not want this
job, yet will not resign. He took on a job he was unhappy with, and yet he
remains in position.
One even wonders if he is
deliberately ‘grassing up’ the board so they will outright fire him and he will
receive his handsome pay off. After all, he is currently on notice, and clearly
cannot wait till his notice period is finished.
The situation from Ibrox gets
more convoluted daily, and there appears no sign of it abating.


    • Got nothing to do with it ! YOU are happy this fat Cockney PRK is picking Rangers ? …………..a JOKE ! .

  1. I’d question the sanity of any Bear who would be “glad” that our manager is having the team picked for him.

    In fact, I’d go so far as to say they don’t exist.

    This is how it would be if Fat Mike wrestled control of our club. It is therefore imperative that King Co take control ASAP.

    Spivs out.

    • Yes, McDowall should not have said anything. If we win and show some fight and some quality in next few games. We did say anyone, maybe that includes Ashley would be a bettter manager than McCoist or McDowall . The team that played Celtic on sunday and the tactics used. if I wasn't mistaken I would have thought McCoist picked that team.

  2. It doesn't matter who the manager or caretaker is, what matters is the effect it will have on the team ethos. Current players will be demotivated even further (if that's possible) and the new players will also suffer. Where is the incentive to perform well on the pitch and indeed at training if you know your place in the team is secure. We should not be surprised by this latest shambolic approach by a couple of 'scrappies' and a card dealer.

    Is there any end to their incompetence. Please lads, for Christ sake stop and have a think. You are embarrassing yourselves! What do you see when you look in the mirror? No self-respect, just a sycophantic Ashley poodle! What an existence?
    The endgame will soon put you out of your misery.

  3. even if the 5 loanee's were fit for the Raith game i still very much doubt McCulloch would be dropped, i am sure Kenny would even consider him as goalie just to ensure he gets on the park!!

  4. Apparently when Kenny was told he had to play the 5 loanee's he turned and said "but i am sure i can only play 11 on the park at the same time, " Kenny also tried to get the 5 loanee's out on loan to clyde as he had enough youth players on the bench

  5. Anyone else of the opinion that McCoist and MacDowell handed in their notice at a time when there was a possibility that our club could go into administration, thereby ensuring that they would get their full years severance, as their payment would be viewed as a football debt and they would therefore require to be "squared up" prior to RFC being readmitted to the SFA!
    ie if they had not handed in their notice, they would have been released immediately, same as all the players and staff.
    if this is the case then I will have no respect for either of them! Sitting at Hampden on Sunday, it was painful to see our team with no tactics and no game plan with players for whom our jersey is too big! Sunday brought all of Ally's legacy into the open.
    Onwards and upwards!

  6. The most annoying thing about having to play the 5 loanee's is the fact we are giving them game time when we should have been giving our own (equally capable) youth players the game time. Dont get me wrong i am glad Kenny has been told to play them as i was worried they would only have bench warmers

  7. Engineering his own exit. Though having watched the Rangers team at Hampden on Sunday maybe it's no bad thing.

  8. lets not kid ourselves on mcculloch who is rank rotten will still get a game he will move mcgregor to right back to allow the young lad streete to be left exposed to big duds inadequacies as a centre back this situation is also totally unfair to these youngsters I hope the fans dont expect them to become stars overnight and how must our young players ie gallagher,murdoch etc feel it was hard enough to get a chance to play in the first team but now it will be impossible also mcdowall is just a clone of mccoist useless!!

  9. We should remember that these young Newcastle players are not to blame for this ridiculous situation. I'm sure the gers fans will get behind them. Lets give them plenty of encouragement and some time to settle.

  10. fed up with all this, it's totally embarrassing. suits picking the team just so the value on the loan players rise and then Newcastle Utd get the profits while we pay the wages??? Thanks for everything Ally, you left us in a right mess.

  11. if they do a better job than the dross that they will be replacing,whats the fuss about,they are only here to ensure promotion,after all mccoist got all the has beens,and left a right shambles.

  12. It's a very bad thing and will kill any team spirit we have left. It also makes as a total joke club. This is an all time low. The team should always be picked on merit according to the manager's opinion.

    How can this decision from our beloved board be for the good of the plc? Crooks bending for their other paymaster once again.

  13. Wow!!!! Gers have become Mike Ashley's reserve squad..Three of the five are fit, while the other two will probably do their rehabilitation from injuries at Murray Park. lol..lol..lol..Convoluted??? You got that right…

  14. What's the problem with some fans? We are finally getting rid of ally's players mc culloch, foster, moshni, black etc, and some fans are moaning! Some of these players are internationals.

  15. 5 wages to be paid with cash yous dont have…part of ashleys plan to use up all of the 10 million loan then say …sevco geez my money..the reply will be ..dont have it…M.A….feck you ….then he turns murray park into a shop….again…geez my money…dont have it…feck you.. and so it goes on leaving tyre kicker king with feck all…..yous realy are a stupid bunch…hail.hail

  16. The team needs a shake up. The constant poor performances from players who are paid like they are top flight stars can't go on

  17. never fails to amaze me these dirty obsessed beggers on here reading about the bears.how many gers fans troll there blogs etc. fukkin kiddie fiddlers

  18. After his wall in the park, laughing and all but holding hands with Commons (at half time Sunday), McCullouch should never wear that jersey again let alone be Captain. As for McDowell, stupid is what stupid does. He needs someone to pick the team as he is rank

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