Rangers’ board to resign?


The fabled EGM is almost upon us.
With the venue finally confirmed as our own backyard, Rangers’ board will go
head-to-head with the suitors to the chairs, Dave King, Paul Murray & John
Or will they?

As Richard Wilson’s in-depth
analysis of the likely vote directions details, King et al start out with a
presumed 47.74% while the board & Ashley possess a starting block of
35.74%. That is already a gulf of 12% the current incumbents require to make
up, and with a groundswell of momentum towards King & the various fan
groups and share blocs, it is quite possible the board, aware they are not
going to win, will appoint the three and resign ahead of the EGM instead of
simply losing the vote on the day.
Of course this is conjecture, but
with the egos of the likes of Somers in play, a man like that would rather
‘quit on his own terms’ than be outright beaten.
Interestingly, a fellow blogger
we all know by the name of William McMurdo, perhaps unfairly castigated down
the years for being a little too aligned with the present regime (ultimately,
like myself, he simply has Rangers’ best interests at heart), has himself
changed tact and while he far from condones King, he has himself admitted
Ashley (and the board) is behaving deplorably.
This suggests he too realises the
board and Ashley are about to lose/resign due to faults and failures of their
own making.
My previous entry on Ashley tried
to be impartial but it thoroughly condemned his refusal to behave with any
transparency – add his rather poor general conduct to that overall and his
utterly disrespectful tactics, and my comment about him ‘using’ Rangers seems
particularly apposite.
This will be a close battle for
sure, but ultimately the sooner Rangers start being respected by the suits as
much as it is loved by the fans, the better.


  1. Anyone who never saw what this cabal were up to from day ONE is as thick as mince ! the guy Ashley is an out and out disgrace , and i hope he get hauled up in front of the MP / com and gets drilled and reamed ! . This man,s attitude to his workforce stinks to high heaven and he is quite correctly detested by them .

  2. McMurdo was not just aligned to the present regime he actively backed them to the hilt stating they were the only shoe in town,maybe when the full facts of the damage that this regime of revolving door reptiles is known then you might realize your folly of giving them the benefit of the doubt

    • What absolutely rubbish Anonymous 1! Both BBC and STV likely shareholders voting analysis show between 12-15% floating or unknown, but what IS known is that by far the biggest majority of them are smallholding Rangers fans who will almost certainly vote for the King resolutions to oust the existing Board.
      Since King only needs a few percent on top of the figures already known to be aligned with him, your "info" is obviously both inaccurate and possibly wishful thinking. Is your name Llambias by any chance?

    • My name is not Llambias..I don't know the man…But I'm telling you what I know.
      As for my source…??
      Get real…a journo NEVER reveals his sources.

  3. I think whilst I agree with all the comments about the current board and want them to go. I have deep reservations about Dave King and his ability to fund the football side of the club. It is just very sad that are between a rock and a hard place

  4. Dave king will try and fail to bring men to the table who he will ask to back his vision with their money clearly knowing there will be no return on that investment other than a blazer and tie. With revenue streams minimised and a lot of work done to the stadium, it is gonna cost a lot of money just to stem the flow of losses. Dave will not be spending his own money to do that. That is for sure. I cannot see any success in trying to raise cash on a new share issue as Rangers have been living on handouts for so long. Not to mention player investment required. Ashley is the only option that will keep Rangers alive.

    • You seem to know a lot about what Dave King will or won't do. Why would a new share issue and attempts to attract further investment not be successful under a much anticipated new regime? Whether it's Dave King or otherwise, a Rangers run by Rangers men would, hopefully be attractive to several potential investors. Certainly, there's a lot of work to be done both on and off the park which will take time and won't be cheap. But, getting back into the top league will also restore many of the revenue streams denied to us over the past 3 years. So, things maybe aren't quite as bad as you seem trying to paint them.

    • I agree with Anon to some extent, I for one cant see King and Murray to be any better,,,, and Ashley has got the money, and he wants a Sports Direct team in Europe, and he can do that alot easier with Rangers than he can Newcastle,,, there needs to be a Partnership between Ashley and King for there to be instant Success…. As picking them separate doesn't make any sense for the best of our club.

    • What a load of nonsense "Ashley has got money and wants a S.D team in Europe" .How do you know this, as he has never done anything to indicate this .If he wants a team in Europe , we need to be promoted , but he has done nothing to improve the playing staff and has left a lame duck manager in place .Ashley and his shower of imposters must go ….NOW.

  5. I think the "anonymous" with his wishful thinking revelations that the board will win by 3% is possibly Phil 3 names – the obsessed self proclaimed "journo" 🙂

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