Offensive chants: why always Rangers fans?


Before I begin this entry, I am
going to pre-empt all dissenters who are ready to accuse this blog of crying ‘but
they did it too…’.
I am aware two wrongs do not make
a neutral, never mind a right, but let us try to get some fair impartiality
here shall we?
Last night Rangers fans at Stark’s
Park were guilty of a few of the naughty songs. There is no denying this. It was
not quite Graham Roberts conducting the Ibrox choir like in the 80s but there were
definitely songs unacceptable in this day and age and Rangers, as a club, have
done a great deal to eradicate bigotry and sectarianism from our song book in
the past 20 years.

We know the job is not complete,
with last night being evidence, but we can hold our hands up to what really
happened and our heads up high that we address the issue and try to deal with it.
The problem, as articulated so
many, many times, by more intelligent observers than myself, is that Celtic’s
song book, Aberdeen’s song book and many other
clubs in Scotland
do not get anything like the same treatment Rangers fans do.
At what point did ‘offensive
singing’ exclude glorifying the IRA, anti-British songs, and songs mocking the
dozens who lost their lives in the two disasters at Ibrox?
There is simply no evidence that
the vile songs from other clubs’ fans are being equally scrutinised to the
level of Rangers’ fans.
Whenever a Celtic match is
broadcast live, the litany of IRA songs fills the mics to an embarrassing
degree, yet rarely if ever is action taken.
And then when you have a
delusional fantasist like Stan Collymore trying to change ‘wife-beating b*st*rd’
to ‘black f*n**n b*st*rd’ the realm of Walter Mitty comes into play.
It is bad enough to hear genuinely
offensive songs, far worse when a group of fans rightly defends itself against
a man who has attempted to persecute them via lies and does so again while using
his 700,000 followers to spread that misinformation.
I ask the SFA, the SPFL – why exactly
are Aberdeen
fans allowed to sing about the Ibrox Disasters? Why are Celtic fans allowed to
sing about glorifying of the murders of the very people who gave them the
freedom of speech to express their ‘opinion’? Why are Hibs fans allowed to
emulate the latter?
Why is it all ‘acceptable’ unless
it is Rangers, at which point the book is flung, followed by the library,
I am not asking for dispensation
for Rangers, I am asking for an even playing field without selective charges.
Too much to ask? Probably.


  1. Because rangers fans are the only ones that hate others because of their race , sexuality , nationality or religion.

    • Utter nonsense. Rangers fans hate terrorist sympathisers who glorify the killing of innocent women and children, not because of their religion

    • What ? All bigots are ill informed idiots. King Billy slew the Fenian crew at the Battle of Boyne Water. The Fenians were not formed until over 100 years after the battle of the Boyne. The biggest cause of sectarianism is segregated schools. A blight on Scottish society. Try and engage a politician. Heads straight in sand.

    • Away and stick yet heed in a can and rattle it,,,ya narrow minded bigot, its not only Gers fans that have chants people may find offensive,try listening to Celtic,hibs,hearts and Aberdeen fans,,or is your hearing only tuned into Gers fans.

    • Haaha your having a laugh right so its all in my mind being called an orange bs or a Hun or when the septic fans threw bananas at mark Walters but as usual well just sweep things under the carpet with you lot

    • So as a Rangers fan I have been accused of hating people due to their sexuality? Really, where is the credibility in this ludicrous statement? Please take a deep breath and reflect on your outlook on life. Consider the point made in another post suggesting that segregated education is the catalyst for the divisive behaviour which infests our community. Hypocrisy for cowardly politicians to blame football supporters. Sectarian posturing is a symptom, not the cause.

    • 13 apprentice boys shouted out No Surrender when they closed the gates of Derry now Londonderry, when king James and his Rebel army were going to slaughter them,and it has been the cry since then,No Surrender

    • i bet you stand and shout racist or bigoted things too , you usually fine those that complain do it them selves ,theres no one perfect you know

    • hear hear … come on Rangers fans lets move into the 21st century. The singing on Friday night was cringeworthy. The majority of Rangers fans hate it so please stop

  2. Personally I'd rather have offensive songs sung at me than be surrounded by a mob of bigots and bottled(ten year old(none of the worlds greatest fans have came forward yet. Or have a shop load of bananas thrown at me (mark Walters) or be sexually abused while big jock turned a blind eye or have a supporter of terrorists playing for my team (Anthony baldy stokes.all the while reporting for mass on a Sunday to the most bigoted fascist homophobic organisation in history.

    • Allan your an embarestment to our club its guys like you who think its always Timmy wake up son we have a problem and your are part of it

    • dearie me
      rangers have by far the worst problem of naughty songs(terminology used to make it not seem so bad)
      while others are guilty they are not in the same number or frequency.
      Ask yourself "what should be peoples response to these songs"the they do it, so we should be able to do it
      is that the rangers fan level of argument

  3. Previous poster got it spot on I'm afraid. The chant "no one likes we don't care" certainly doesn't help in any way or form.

  4. What a ridiculous statement to make the fact you don't put your name to it says everything really away and get spoon fed ya mong

  5. Think you'll find Chelsea fans are under a bigger spotlight whereas rangers fans get away with it unless someone outside Scotland calls it for what it is . why is it hard for these knuckle daggers not to be racist or sectarian ?

  6. As always, Rangers are an easy target, everything the first guy said was correct.Celtic supporters can say and sing anything they want and no one says anything

  7. Guys,, first of all, lets not call each other names, this is a respectable website that welcomes debate, not a personal slagging match. With regards to the subject,, the Hello Hello song is just a plain, good old fashion foot tapper that gets every fan bouncing. I believe 90% of fans will sing it without any hatred in their hearts,, its a song,, "up to our knees in fenian blood" is offensive in todays society. Why oh why dont we keep the song and change the bloody words, if you pardon the pun,,, Rangers and the Battle of the boyne have no connection whatsoever. We should not concentrate what the opposing fans are singing, however, we should always report them to the Police and SFA at all times should we hear it. Unfortunately with Celtics Peter Lawwell being on the SFA panel, Rangers will always be picked on first, so lets not give them the satisfaction. This is merely my opinion folks, we are all blue noses and our day will come again,,for that I am sure of,,

    • What a load of PISH….know your history before commenting eh? The Billy Boys has nothing to do with the Battle of the Boyne…The Billy Boys were a gang from Bridgeton in the 1920's formed by Billy Fullerton who fought with other gangs in the surrounding areas, mainly the Fenian Brotherhood, who were IRA supporters and were reported to be behind the killing of a Glasgow policeman by the IRA, hence the words "we're up to our knees in Fenian blood, surrender or you'll die, for we are the Brigton Derry Boys"
      So, they report us when blue noses use the word Fenian……change that one word in the song and give the manky mob nothing to report, simple.
      It's not that when they were singing Paddy McCourts' Fenian Army….hypocritical shower of shite

    • Some of us are football fans not historians. I didn't know the meaning behind this song until you enlightened me. It's 2015 not 1920, let's move on.

  8. Why do people get all concerned about these things it's not hurting anyone get off the back of one club who had a policy not to sign catholics yet over recent years they have had many nobody has tried more than rangers to change but hey cannot always be blamed for public offencie and to Finnish how hard has Celtic tried to Chang e the IRAthings they sign one (stokes)

    • I have been born and brought up a Rangers fan and as i am 64 years old I think I have seen most things. I used to sing the usual offensive songs as all the rest of the fans. I now consider this to be compleatly unacceptable, so lets get it stopped..Who cares what the other clubs fans do, it doesnt matter..just remember that we are better than them. We are the Rangers.

  9. I think it would have been a very good idea if my fellow Rangers fans had not taken a step backwards by singing certain songs, which they knew had been proscribed by the S.P.F.L. and the police. By doing so, they only gave people like Stan Collymore the opportunity to attack Rangers, which, of course, they did with some relish. I listened to the League Cup Semi on my car radio and couldn't believe the naivete and stupidity of the fans who resurrected songs like "the Billy Boys" and "No Pope of Rome," songs which I hadn't heard at a Rangers game for many years. Talk about scoring an own goal! Personally, I couldn't care less what Celtic fans, or fans of other clubs sing at their games, if they sing naughty songs then its up to the S.P.F.L., the police and their own clubs to deal with them. If they don't then they leave themselves open to the charge of hypocrisy. What I'm concerned about is the image of my club, Rangers, so I would urge my fellow fans : in future engage your brains, before you open your mouths.
    I also think a lot of this is down to the leadership vacuum which has developed at the top of the club over the last three years, with a revolving boardroom door and constant changes in Chairmen and Chief Executives. Hopefully after the E.G.M. we will have a stable board, which will be able to provide strong leadership and point out to some of our fans the obvious steps which can be taken to stop handing propaganda victories to our enemies. If they can't, or won't, learn the lesson, then I suggest they stay away from Rangers games.

    • Thank you for speaking out. I was at the league cup game and was embarrassed but I seemed to be in the minority not taking part. I agree with everything you say. I hadn't heared those songs for years and thought we had moved on. How wrong I was. It was a loud and clear tone of defiance. The continued chants about child molesting was also crass and tasteless, but again everyone around me seemed to think this was hilarious. The score was the least sickening thing I witnessed that day.

    • You are both correct. We must move on. It suited Rangers and Celtic to encourage sectarianism . Hence Auld Firm. Celtic have many fans who detested the IRA and the songs. We should concentrate on football and getting the club ran properly. Many Celtic fans hated Fergus McCann when he took over. But he saved them, and made a few Bob. Not only was Whyte a disaster but so too were Administrators and Green. Administration should have been a great opportunity to restart.

  10. Sevco fans are missing the point as is the The Ibrox Noise–the chants and songs they sing are not just offensive but racist and sectarian. You need educating.

    • If our songs and chants are offensive to your ears why tune in and listen,as for being racist I don't think so, as for being uneducated have a look in the mirror you moron

  11. Sectarian song book is worse than the old Co club these days. So cringe, although will admit it can't put gers in a worse light that they are in now Anyway

  12. What celtic songs have mocked the Ibrox disaster? I have heard this accusation before but can't seem to find it anywhere?

  13. Well let us all go down this road I could name at lest 30 Celtic supporters I know who gave made racial slurs in my company. As the saying goes he without sin cast the first stone.

  14. "Old co" … ffs — some cheek coming from a bigot that doubtless follows the HMS 402 / Pacific Sheel mutant club that is most associated with:
    child abuse (he knew you know ….)
    the worst racist incident in Scottish football (bananas thrown at Walters)
    actively supporting terrorist sympathisers (numerous players recorded singing songs in support of proscribed terrorist thugs)


    "Fenian" isn't a "sectarian" term — it is political (Google "Fenian Protestant" if you don't believe that — they did and do exist).

    The most sectarian set of supporters in Britain are sited at Parkhead — they embrace religious paraphernalia, regularly chant in support of sectarian killers, and fly flags supporting illegal terrorist bodies.

  15. rangers were liquidated. That is the end .regardless of ranting on about child abuse this does not deflect from a disgraceful act of sectarian and racist changing – a song based on fascist black shirt member of k k k " Billy" – by newco fans in lower league club matches. That old corrupt dead club did some work to eradicate ftp brigade after decades of pandering to the bigot and ended the sectarian signimg policy.

    here and now is the problem – stop the sectarian and racist chanting and stop the whataboutery

    • What a load of shite…..always The Glasgow Rangers since 1872.
      and, may I add, officially the worlds most successful club….. ya scumbag

    • Well said billy,the scum have short memory or no memory, in the 50s all other teams in div 1 as it was then,wanted them out of Scottish football, the then board of the the team they have a cheek to call a newco,had final vote, they voted that they remain,,, it was about there allegiances to southern Ireland bye flying the tricolour

  16. the problem seems to lay in………… well just read the comments and the undertone contained in the comments by Rangers fans here and you might get an idea, then again if your mind is full of hatred you might not see the wood for the trees.

    • As a Rangers (and football) fan I find the posturing/chanting of both sets of fans embarrassing. But even more incredulous is fans from another team reading and posting on a Rangers website! What drives you to these extremes? This is deviant behaviour and I would suggest that you speak to a medical practitioner or at least have a quiet chat with a family member. Identifying the cause of the malevolence that seems to permeate your existence could be the first step towards normality.

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