No racism at Raith – the truth about those Collymore chants


Short entry this one, but it
seems Angela Haggerty, Phil Macgiollabhain and their fellow brethren, ‘bhoyed’
(see what I did there) by Stan Collymore’s lies regarding Rangers’ fans’ chants at
Stark’s Park have continued their ill-conceived vendetta regarding bringing ‘justice’
to the Rangers support.
In short, while delegate Tom
Purdie did indeed report sectarian chants from the away support in Fife (sadly justified) they did not include any reference
to Stan Collymore.

The purpose of this entry is to
try to spread the truth regarding what Collymore claims Rangers fans sang (which
is rather gaining wings among the club’s enemies) and what they actually did.
Hence I (and the Rangers support
at large) would be grateful if all who are interested in the truth share this
article to stem the tide of lies circulating about those chants, thanks to Mr
Collymore’s Walter Mitty mentality.
In short:
Rangers fans did NOT, I repeat
NOT elicit any racism at all at Rovers. The ‘offensive’ chant subject to this propaganda (these absolute lies), was:
beating b*st*rd
”. A perfectly valid comment to make about Collymore.
I am not going include what he
claims it was, as it simply was not the case and I do not want that lie
spreading further.
The further irony is even that
chant was not included in Purdie’s report, never mind the ‘abridged’ lie
version the Collymore crew are spouting.
Please share this article, and
let the truth get out – despite the fact the song was not reported, the simple
fact is Collymore/Haggerty/PhilMac are using a lie to dampen the fans’ name.
And that lie is spreading.
Let this truth spread instead. If we can get Collymore off air, we can also clear our name.


  1. Stan Collymore, an arsehole of the highest kind, yep and bang out of order with his lies regarding the chants saying they were racist but feck me when are some of our fans gonna learn that everything we do is looked at and dissected to the enth degree, those that enjoyed watching our club become a victim of criminal activity can see that sooner or later we will be on our way back to the top and will do anything to keep us down if they can – no place for those songs in the public domain , they'll cause us more bad than good nowadays.

  2. Why can't we have the nouse intelligence and yes the sneakiness of Celtic fans and simply change one line of the BIlly Boys song so we can continue singing it. It is one of our loudest and best songs. Some other songs should just not be sung and I despair that a section of our support are too stupid to realise that they are playing into the hands of our many and growing haters.

    • hello hello we are the billy boys,hello hello you ll know us by our noise,we follow glasgow rangers our hearts are strong and true we are the people who wear the royal bigotry in that song.

    • So changing one line makes it acceptable, the vitriol remains, the intent remains, well done , really, well done.

    • In my opinion the reason it has come back in its original form Craig, is due to the lack of outcry when any other teams fans sing / chant / display anything offensive towards us.

      For Example , Strange how SPFL chose to take no action for the signing of the same songs against Celtc, oh hang on, that would mean they would need to address the actions of them as well, can't have that now can we >.>

      In addition, i do not believe it matters what we sing or do, as the usual suspects will just turn their attention to something else we do to be mock offended by, been going on as long as I can remember.

    • @So changing one line makes it acceptable, the vitriol remains, the intent remains, well done , really, well done. ..Well it was only the one word that offended the easily offended wasnt it so why kill the whole song off and im sure you'll be sitting watching every rangers game with your phone in your hand ready to report the wrong choice of words eh and you seem to forget Scotland is a protestant country you could always leave if you dont like it

    • "So, changing one line makes it Acceptable." Of course it does. Where is this "vitriol" or "intent" that you've spotted? You've just written utter nonsense. You still want to complain even when there's absolutely no justification. Get a life.

  3. In my opinion SDM's greatest achievement was not 9 in a row as enjoyable as that was it was bringing the club into the 20th century and making it a multi cultural, multi racial club.

    Unfortunately 25 years on from that policy change some of the morons that follow our great club still continue to embarrass and bring the club and all its supporters into disrepute. Friday night was a spectacular own goal for us and why the idiots at Kirkcaldy could not see that is beyond me but then again if they had a brain between them they would not be singing songs that everyone knows will get us into trouble.

    With all the trouble the club is in at the moment the last thing we need is to give the likes of Collymore another stick to beat us with. Whilst Collymore's comments were obviously biased some of our supporters do continue to sing songs that are unacceptable.

    I think its about time that we cleaned up our own mess and stop pointing the finger at others as justification for not addressing our own problems. I hate to say it but it may be time for points deductions for the continued signing offensive (not just sectarian) songs at football matches. Perhaps a 3 strikes rule is required with the third strike being 3 points deducted and going up by an additional 3 points for each repeat offense. I know its extreme but I have been following Rangers now for over 50 years and it really is time for some of our supporters to grow up and better reflect the clubs inclusiveness on the field.

    • Rangers multi-cultural, don't make me laugh. Rangers fans just don't get it, one says racism off limits but bigotry is fine. They have no moral compass whatsoever, oh and can I suggest the writer listens to the BT recording of the match again and tell me it was not disgusting bigoted and sectarian and that is why no one in Scottish football likes you. Wake up and smell the coffee.

    • The usual nonsense we've come to expect from Celtic supporters these days. No one's saying we don't have problems, but you've either got your head in the sand or you're just deluded when you talk about a moral compass.. A little introspection might be called for here, as your mob are pretty- well practised in bigotry and racial intolerance and you might want to do something about that before you come onto a Rangers forum to criticize us. And here's another wee bit of news for you – no one in Scottish football likes you either. Time for you to give yourself a shake and get some of that coffee aroma up your own sanctimonious hooter.

  4. Sadly, I fear Talksport will never take this moron off air. Veterans even protested outside their offices last year after he made offensive comments about the Falklands and even though he has been caught lying and using offensive language numerous times since, the Irish owned parent company have continually denied having any responsibility for his 'private' twitter account.

    The irony of all this to me is that the owners of the parent company, UTV, are, I believe, Protestants.

    • Sadly, I believe you are spot on Dougie, as the controversy he creates with his stupidity will get them more viewers / listeners.

      The irony of him trying to take the moral high ground on anything is beyond belief!

  5. This wife beating prick needs stopping as he obviously has some axe to grind. At no point did I hear anything remotely racist on Friday night or ever have at ibrox for that matter. If we can all for once be together and complain to the relevant people maybe he can be shut up for good. As for the others they are anti British bigots that need no further comment. Je suis Charlie eh?

  6. Change that one line to , good luck to the glasgow rangers , surrender or you'll die ,for we are the rangers billy boys . Its time to chuck it with all the bigot songs , its the 21st century and that stuff is now costing us supporters . Lots of guys wont take their kids to see gers with all that moronic shit going on and we're losing support all over scotland because of it . ps lets get back to the original version of follow follow ( and how about learning to sing it in the right fk'n key instead of starting off like choir boys then nobody can get up to the high notes at the end , wisnie like that in the old days ) .

    • "Surrender or you'll die" is acceptable then ? Don't call them bad names – just threaten them with death ? Interesting. I'm sure Billy Fullerton would be proud of you.

    • yeah and nobody got offend in the old days we sung our songs they song theirs and that was the end of it, there was no wee knob waiting by the phone to complain about some song which really is only part of the problem while the slimy toads wont admit they hate everything protestant and british no matter how they dress it up

  7. Selective hearing is obviously rampant, apart from standard assassination of anyone's character who has the testicular fortitude to voice the truth with regards to the "small minority" who chant and sing from a book based in the 16 hundreds. Grow a pair, fess up, them perhaps, just perhaps the rest of the modern world will accept you as not only literate and informed, but also as an equal.

    • Hello hello we are the billy boys hello hello you'll know us by our noise for we are Glasgow rangers and we will never die.

    • 'Testicular fortitude'. Was there really any reason for posting on a RANGERS forum other than your feeble attempt to show off?

  8. Honestly yous peepil are so feckin thick…no racist songs were sung…up to your knees in fenian blood is racist against catholics you feckin idiots…so it would be racist if you sang up to your knees in negro blood but not fenian blood….honestly dumb as fuck

    • No the people who sang the song are thick as fuck, I am not thick as fuck I take my son to Ibrox, my son attends a Catholic school where he has many friends who support the Rangers & there fathers are not thick as fuck either, you see we are now doing what your chosen faith has done for years on years we are going to breed yous out you thick fuck, na only joking but a bet your blood was boiling when you read that dipshit

    • Calling people thick and using the word yous is erm a bit thick as theres no plural of you sort of makes you a bit of a numpty

    • Fenian /ˈfiːnɪən/ was an umbrella term for the Fenian Brotherhood and Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB), fraternal organisations dedicated to the establishment of an independent Irish Republic in the 19th and early 20th century. The name Fenian was first applied by John O'Mahony to the members of the Irish republican group that he founded in the United States in 1848.[1] O'Mahony, who was a Celtic scholar, named the American wing of the movement after the Fianna.[2][3][4][5] In Gaelic Ireland these were warrior bands of young men who lived apart from society and could be called upon in times of war.
      There you go Thicko…not against Catholics at all ya paranoid obsessed tit.

    • So, in other words, the BB is going to be sung at your games anyway, therefore we shouldn't watch or listen to a game ? Twisted logic. Twisted. Says it all.

  9. Anonymous24 February 2015 at 00:10
    Honestly yous peepil are so feckin thick…no racist songs were sung…up to your knees in fenian blood is racist against catholics you feckin idiots…so it would be racist if you sang up to your knees in negro blood but not fenian blood….honestly dumb as fuck

    Are you for real? What a pube.

  10. last time I looked Catholicism is not a race – it's a religion – therefore it can't be racist – bigoted yes – but not racist – get your facts right before posting on here numbnuts…

  11. First up..The SPFL/ SFA will do feck all about the singing…so Bears don't need to worry about "sanctions" . Doncaster will hide behind the "Club doing everything it can" no worries for you there.
    But here's a thing…
    Why doesn't a high profile member of the Club ( Director/ Coaching staff/Player) come on the telly and tell the morons to stop it ? Surely that would help..and prove the Cl;ub means business.
    But it won't happen..and..
    I'll tell you why…
    In the same way it's recognised that there is a "Pink Pound"… it's also recognised in Govan that there is an "Orange Pound"….and the Club needs every pound it can get.
    End of.

  12. Incredible just how many sanctimonius Celtic fans are reading & posting on a Rangers forum. I think the word is 'obsessed'. I don't want to get into some sort of tit-for-tat but I think there are ample issues n their own back-yard that they could be having a look at were they so inclined. But naturally that wouldn't fit with their obsession-driven agendas.
    BT Sport stated "We've reviewed our broadcast of the Raith Rovers v Rangers match & don't believe offensive chanting was easily discernable by most viewers". Unless of course you're making it your business to desperately seek it to fuel your aforementioned obsession-driven agenda.
    So there we have it, a very small storm in a very small teacup. Blown out of all proportion by Collymore & his loathing of Rangers & jpounced on by those whose obsession with all things blue appears to far out-weigh any interest they have in their own club. Perspective is sadly lacking.

  13. Earlier today I had the misfortune of engaging in 'conversation' with a Celtic fan on Twitter. He sneeringly informed me that he would be watching tonight's game with the sole purpose of listening out for 'illicit' songs. No doubt there are many others like him so lets not play into their hands & give them the satisfaction they seek & which they would eagerly use as ammunition against our Club. It's of far greater importance to them than, for example, identifying the grown-man who bottled a 10 year old child.

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