Llambias: “We aren’t picking the team”

Llambias: “We aren’t picking the team”

Earlier today Kenny McDowall made
a bold claim that he had been directly ordered by CEO Derek Llambias and Ltd
chairman Sandy Easdale to play all five of the Newcastle loanees every match.
In yet another twist in the
infinite cosmos of the Rangers saga, Llambias has tonight rejected this
directly. In an interview with Sky Sports News HQ Lambias said:
“There’s no way the board is picking
the team. The basis of any loan deal is that the players who arrive bolster the
side and give the squad more depth. That’s exactly what is happening

There are a few possible
conclusions one can draw from this latest unsavoury episode of the Rangers soap
  1. Llambias is outright lying. Now he is very much Mike
    Ashley’s man but he does not have previous for porkies on a personal
    basis. But of course Novo’s comments about being banned were similarly
    denied by the board. If not directly by Llambias himself.
  1. McDowall is outright lying. Kenny is getting more
    and more involved with the dirty politics of Rangers, far more than
    McCoist ever would publicly, and has gained a bit of a reputation for
    being the ‘face of innocence and honesty’ – yet it is worth remembering he
    does not want the job, never did, and refuses to resign and waive his
  1. McDowall’s comments, like those of Novo’s are part
    of a propaganda campaign against the board, most likely orchestrated by
    SoS & UoF who are very much prone to dirty tricks to destabilise
This probably reads a little
pro-board. I was once more lenient to the Ibrox board when it had the likes of Mather
or Wallace as CEO, but this current incarnation with Somers is dreadful and is
conducting itself with no dignity at all. He sums up the rotten core of the
administration of the club. So I am not in cahoots with the suits.
But no one can deny McDowall’s
comments and actions of the past two months have mostly been negative as well:
handing in notice, waiting for Gardening Leave, picking absolutely horrendous
teams, supporting Novo’s version of events, claiming he was told to bin Durrant
to the unders, and now this.
I am far from turning on Kenny,
he is just the wrong man in the wrong job and desperately wants out. But his
contribution is no better than anyone else’s in this sorry saga and very few
(if any) employed by Rangers are carrying themselves with any dignity at all

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  1. There is a subtle but important difference between picking the team and telling the manager to play certain players. This difference allows Llambias to be economical with the truth. One thing I certainly agree with you is that its high time Kenny was gone and a new manger is installed that can take us forward. If that does not happen soon we will be in the championship again next year although given the state of the club that might not be a bad thing which only goes to show how far we have fallen.

  2. You better believe no2 & no3 are correct so I will turn on him for you, who do you think he is getting his script from that's correct the highest paid gardener since jim mccoll

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