Llambias personally shuts down the Rangers’ fan board


As ibroxnoise.co.uk brought to
you two nights ago following the publication of Zia Islam’s statement, Rangers
have now dissolved the fan board formally.
Derek Llambias personally took
the action of closing the think-tank down last night, in an email to the group
stating it would be closed with immediate effect as opposed to the post-EGM
closure the fan board expected.
He is reported to have said:

“I’m going to disband the fan board, if I’m
still here after the EGM revisit the whole thing.”
This initiative, as previously
stated, was setup by then-CEO Graham Wallace as a way to bring fans closer to
the Club and give supporters a direct say in the running of events at Ibrox,
but due to board censure, cover-up, and an appalling lack of transparency since
Wallace’s departure, the RFB has been left completely impotent.
This act comes as no surprise and
murmurings from Ibrox suggest the lack of a confirmed date for the EGM is both
due to the board’s belief they are going to lose, and their frantic last-ditch
efforts to acquire legal aid to have the EGM postponed or indeed cancelled.
They might argue Dave King is not
fit for purpose, and my thoughts on him are well-documented, but the present
board certainly is not either.


  1. So you replace one unfit person with another? Why do no fit and proper people want to run Ibrox? Have you asked yourselves that question?

  2. why are celtic fans so obsessed with rangers I would never visit a celtic site or forum just come out and tell us you want to be a bear all you have to do is throw away your beads and stop singing ira songs come over from the darkside if you want you poor tortured soul

  3. Complete and utter circus, vultures waiting to swoop and will clear the place out. Back to the drawing board. On a positive note, enjoy the Lucy Beale storyline while the European football is on.

    • You'd be as well watching it too. It might be crap, but it'll still be better than anything you'll see tonight.

  4. listen, your to-ing and fro-ing between your pro-board heart and your knowing-defeat head is hysterical. Do not slag off Dave King as unfit. Do you know the man personally? Do you know the full story of his business actions and any Tax cases within the RSA? I think not….The guy is here for the sake of Glasgow Rangers…once a True Blue, always a True Blue. He could sit back in the RSA and live his life out very comfortably, having the odd check on his team, shaking his head in dis-belief at the RATS that have bled our club dry, but he hasn't. He has strived to build a Board to save our club. I cannot wait for the day to come (and I have my doubts that the EGM will be necessary as I believe the King team will secure enough votes by Proxy to get these bastards out of our club for good) and Glasgow Rangers can move forward happy in the fact that we have true Teddies running our club and not for the reason of all the cunts in the past 3-4 years that have only been interested in making fortunes from our club. I really look forward to renewing myself and my sons' Season Ticket with pride (last year was the first time I have not renewed in 37 years of my 43 year life) because I WILL be able to look at myself in the mirror and know that I did not feed – and therefore support – the current regime. Some bears' reading this cannot say the same and I for one will not forget that.

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