Lalit Modi in talks to buy out Easdale


As brought to you earlier today,
Sandy Easdale is in talks to sell out his Rangers shares to former IPL chief
Lalit Modi.
Modi has now publicly confirmed
his interest in becoming a shareholder with an underlying intention of outright
In a statement earlier Modi said:

Rangers FC is an institution in itself given the history and lineage of the
club. Yes I am looking at acquiring a stake in this Scottish institution as I
think the club is seriously undervalued. Glasgow Rangers have a fabulous fan
base, a solid home and heritage that dates back over 100 years, all of which
make for great long-term value. I have thus initiated talks with a couple of
shareholders to understand the situation on ground and am keen that these
discussions lead to fruition. Having said that these discussions are still at a
very preliminary stage.”
While this story is clearly at
its infancy with no deal agreed, it is yet another twist is in the Rangers
story which shows no sign of abating.
Modi believes the shares are far
too cheap, with the current price at 34p, which is itself a rise from the
paltry 24p they were not long ago, and with the comment that the overall
institution is undervalued, Modi clearly sees an opportunity here.
Whether this will happen in time
for the EGM is yet another question.


  1. Here's an extract from the BBC story…

    Modi was banned for life by the Indian Cricket Board of Control after they found him guilty of indiscipline and misconduct.

    When will your Club ever learn ?

    • whats it to do with the club if easdale is selling his shares
      peeps like you p**s me of blaming the club for everything when it is individuals at fault

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