James Easdale – “Fans want change”


After resigning from Rangers’
board as a non-executive director, James Easdale publicly conceded the fans
want another board. On his departure Easdale admitted:
“It is hardly surprising they are
heartily sick of the whole affair and they now seek another way forward.”
He also added:

“I drew great comfort from the shareholder
votes in my favour at the AGM on December 22 – almost 90 per cent – however it
was clear that this cut little ice with the fans who attended Ibrox on that
“I think it is in the best interests of the club that I step aside
and resign from the board of Rangers FC.”
“However, I personally feel to remain on the board even after
securing shareholder backing once more, would be a hollow victory for me
without the fans’ support to help the club go forward.
“If a pragmatic solution is not achieved we will see this endless
acrimony continue and it would make the job of attracting fans back to Ibrox
even more difficult. The club requires big match day attendances and big
investment to thrive, or in turn the performance on the pitch will continue to
“I also want to dispel any remaining doubt that I received any
remuneration from Rangers. I did not. Instead I chose to work for free to
benefit the club.
“I want to see Rangers flourish again with both fans and shareholders
working in harmony.
“To help achieve that objective, I think it is in the best interests of
the club that I step aside and resign from the board of Rangers FC.
“I have formally tendered my resignation to the chairman and I
would like to thank all the shareholders and fans who gave me their support and
I look forward to seeing Rangers becoming once again the force it should be in
football and supporting them on the journey.”
Whether the shareholders will
give the fans want they want on March 4th remains to be seen.


  1. Sadly james you backed the wrong horse, Now do the honourable thing an vote against the board to get rid of this shower, you never know , you could get back in the blue noses good books again .

    • You are absolutely right, like this site the Easdales backed the wrong horse. Nothing that this or previous boards since administration have done is for the benifit of our club. They have blatently been scamming millions off us or they have blindly followed Ashleys vision of what we should become. Neither of these could ever be acceptable to true Rangers fans who might not have been able to invest millions of pounds in our club but have none the less invested a pound or two and more than our fair share of passion and a real belief that Rangers really are much more than just a club.
      Our club can only continue to be something that we all believe in and something which we want to pass our passion down to our children and grand children if it continues to be ours.
      Hatred of Dave King is irrational. You can dislike his tax evation practices in SA but not his credential in respect to Rangers.
      Without a doubt King and the 3 Bears are the only hope we have to keep the soul of our club entact, and without that we have nothing.

  2. Yes he did back the wrong horse and I don't think he will darken the doorstep at Ibrox again , time will tell if his statement was true about not taking any money out of Rangers.
    As James said do the decent thing and vote against this corrupt board

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