Have Rangers players stopped caring?


Small rumblings have arisen in
recent days from Ibrox towers regarding the soon-to-be out of contract players.
Ian Black, Steve Simonsen, Lee
McCulloch, Jon Daly, Kenny Miller, Kris Boyd, Bilel Mohsni, Stevie Smith, Kyle
Hutton, Richard Foster, Lee Robinson and Sebastian Faure’s contracts all expire
this coming June, and there are suggestions a great majority of these players
have ‘thrown in the towel’ and have stopped giving effort until they have a new
manager to impress and win a new deal from.

With recent displays bordering on
below feeble, this notion does not appear to be far from the truth, given
manager Kenny McDowall’s clear disinterest and discomfort in his position.
With his departure certainly
happening within twelve months, and maybe earlier depending on circumstance, he
personally does not appear to really care any longer, which gives serious
credibility to the murmurings that the players currently do not either.
In short, it is not McDowall the
players want to impress, but a new manager, and until one is appointed, word is
expect no improvement whatsoever from the team for the foreseeable future.


  1. If they will only show there skills to a manager and not to the punters that go and watch,then get rid of them

  2. Word from where ?….that word is P+sh ! .These guys are professional players even those who dont want to play at Ibrox will still be trying to impress other clubs . I dont know where that " word " came from ? …………….maybe the East End ! . Its nonsense .

  3. Who can offer them new contracts???? As you say caretaker manager, a board soon to be removed???? Will new manager/board want the players to stay????

  4. I'm a professional footballer and I can understand the question in the article.
    Personally I just love to play, but would I go the extra mile not knowing if I had a future with the Club and run the risk of a serious injury ?
    I don't think for a minute that these players aren't trying, but could they try harder?
    I think that's more the question.
    There is one,who I won't name, doesn't look overly excited about playing and giving his all,but that's just my opinion.
    These players are finding themselves in a situation not of their choosing and each one will react differently.

    • surely you're not thinking about Ian Black! I've been trying to forget about him since he first arrived but he keeps getting picked for reasons I cannot understand. A disgrace to the jersey in my opinion and the sooner he leaves and takes several others with him the better I'll be pleased.

    • " These players in a situation not of their choosing " Of course they are, the situation of their choice and desire to play and get paid handsomely which they wouldn't have got from another SPFL team other than Celtic. Granted they haven't been guided by management team but nevertheless their efforts are woeful. Audacity to call themselves professional footballers. Fraudsters.

    • Sorry to disagree with you..I'll give you one example and that's Kenny Miller. Here it is, big player for Vancouver Whoitecaps..suddenly quits because he wants to have a "holiday" with family. Within hours after leaving Vancouver, the rumors started he was going to Gers. End result..he got himself in a mess of his own choosing.

  5. i say let most of these donkeys go and then maybe just maybe we will play our youth players who have been said by the hearts youth coach to be great players and he would take them in a heart beat if i was a coach hearing that id start playing them just to see what the helll happens cause lets be honest we cant get much worse

  6. Nice to see Hutton thinks it's important that we keep 10 players on the park tonight against Hibs. Who does he think is gonna get sent off then? Mind you we've been playing with far less than 10 in recent weeks. 11 trying their best and no passengers would make a real change.

  7. The whole team is rotten to the core. The new board and management need to deep clense every inch of Ibrox and Murray Park and get rid of the plague that burdens every rangers fan. The management and players should be arrested for theft of wages. Its sheer fraud. Disgraceful attitudes, diabolical performances, no leadership, no responsibility, no chance of getting promoted. There should be no talk of new contracts as every single one of them do not deserve to wear the beautiful jersey they so disgrace!!

  8. This is the poorest team I have seen at ibrox ever and who built the team super ally lived him as a player he was ok as manager when Walter held his hand he obviously needed a father figure so he signs pensioners bring back young players like Barry mackay

  9. AS most recent Ibrox Noise articles thisis another deliberate attempt to divert our attention away from the real problems at our club – for instance why the feck is the EGM in London?! Any REAL Rangers fan should be asking this and it sums up Ibrox Noise that you are not!! You wont publish this like 'merlin' you dont like criticsm or real debate!!

  10. The board are the problem because Ally was able to shield the players from a lot of the criticism. The board let him leave thinking that KM could do the same. He can't and looks like a rabbit in the headlights. The sooner we sort out ownership of the club and give the team the belief we will be here next year, the sooner the players can get back to concentrating on playing football at the level some of them are capable. Some need to go, Black, Simonsen and Foster are not good enough to wear our jersey but nothing is going to change until the board changes.Personally I think that will all happen too late to save our ability to be promoted

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