Fowler – “Rangers’ loan players aren’t fair”


Queen of the South manager James
Fowler has expressed major concerns of fairness about Rangers’ acquisition of five
loan players from Newcastle.
Gael Bigirimana, Remi Streete, Haris Vuckic, Shane Ferguson and Kevin Mbubu all
arrived at Ibrox on deadline day earlier this month, and Doonhamers’ boss
Fowler has questioned the validity of the transfers.

QoS currently lie fourth in the
table, five points behind the Govan men, and as such are a genuine rival to
Rangers for one of those prized playoff places, but Fowler is not entirely
happy at the deal in which five players have been acquired from one team in one
fell swoop.
Asked at Hampden by Sky Sports’
Luke Shanley how he felt about the deal following the Scottish Cup
quarter-final draw, Fowler said:
“Yeah, it was a wee bit strange, obviously
with the situation there, it’s not like it’s the chairman who’s brought them
in, it’s a shareholder (Ashley) who’s at another club as well so it was a bit
of a strange situation. We have budgets that we stick to and make sure we’re
always in the black and the club’s run accordingly. We take that on board as
well, we’re not asking for anything that we can’t afford.”
Pressed on the ‘fairness’ of the
deal, Fowler continued:
“I don’t know actually, time will tell,
depending on where we end up in the league. I know in Scotland you’re
only allowed two players from one club, I think cross-border obviously that
doesn’t apply and to get five players from the one team is a bit strange. I
think four of them are probably injured at the minute as well so time will tell
come the end of the season whether it’s been fair or not.”
Shanley then posed a question of
protest to Fowler. His response:
“Well I think there’s an SFA investigation
into the board and Mike Ashley so once that’s happened I’m sure it’ll become
clearer for other clubs in the league as well.”


  1. Jesus wept,These loan players are not there to help Rangers,they are there to allow Mike Ashley to do what he has been doing all along,onerous contracts

    • Blindingly obvious. Ashley only ever does anything for the benefit of his fat self. Rangers will be paying through the nose for players who literally can't kick a a ball

    • Thats the thing the players rangers have are free Newcastle pay there wages so were basically trainin them for Newcastle nxt season

  2. Why moan, QoS could have gone to and signed some English players on loan if they had wanted to. There is no advantage to Rangers in having these players while McDowall is in charge. He could have signed Messi, Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and John Terry and he would still make a pig's ear of coaching, tactics and team selection. The very fact that this guy is in charge at the Club says all that is needed about teh Board and Ashley.

  3. Hence the SFA investigation. And hence how Gers are being mocked on most chatrooms. Notice how they are referred to as Newcastle Rangers.

  4. Why do so many dicks keep using the word FAT as an insult?
    These subspecies really need to get an education and stop it.

  5. Newcastle rangers …that's the 1st time ive heard that one if you cannot come out with the truth just shut it

    • If that;s the first must lead a very sheltered life. Lots of newspaper blogs carry that moniker now. And it gets really hilarious since only one of the five is fit to play right now..

    • Aye, hilarious right enough. I bet all you guys on the newspaper blogs get up to some crazy stuff. What a laugh it must be. Nothing of interest on the timmy blogs then?

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