BT Sport axe Stan Collymore


Thanks to my earlier petition and
the media coverage resulting from it, not to mention Stan Collymore’s Twitter
reaction, which spoke for itself, BT have confirmed he has now been axed from
tomorrow’s edition of Football Tonight.
He had threatened to further
attack Rangers fans live on air tomorrow night and ‘prove his point’ regarding his claim that Rangers and Chelsea fans were cut
from the same racist cloth.

Whether Mr Collymore has been
completely fired by BT overall remains to be seen, but the man absolutely only
has himself to blame, and, Rangers fans, Chelsea fans and
society as a whole would like to say well done to BT Sport – for the honest mistake
they made in hiring him, they have undone in axing him.
Let us hope it is a permanent
He thrives on attention, and he
is now unable to use his position on BT to espouse unsuitable views bordering
on hatred.
Well done everyone who signed the petition.


  1. But its ok to sing about the fenian blood is it? In 2015. Nothing wrong with that at all? Just well done BT. You don't see any problem there?

  2. But it is Ok to sing about guys dying at the ibrox disaster and hail the IRA as folklore whilst they brutally murdered innocent civilians, men, women, boys, girls, war heroes etc. ? Why don't you come out from behind your hidden agenda. The idea you are persecuted by everyone who doesn't buy into your rhetoric has long gone stale. Go home and peel a totty

  3. ALL such songs are clearly wrong,problem with Mr Collymore is his completely one sided approach. Unless you are willing to confront ALL such bile,no matter the club,then your doomed to failure. Mr Collymore has actually done more harm than good with this ridiculous approach. He even went on to use sectarian terms himself in replies,hardly worth taking seriously is he?

  4. But sectarian songs about Lee Rigby , the royal family and a race of people just because they are Presbyterian is fine by him ? , double standards.

  5. Is there anyone on here tough enough to tryto defend singing about fenian blood without referring to another team. Treatit as a Rangers problem. It is plain wrong and indefensible in Scotland in 2015. We need to grow up and deal with this Rangers problem.

  6. How many people out there actually believe that Mr Collymore is a legitimate crusader against sectarianism? Hands up if you are slightly sceptical? Stan has consistently courted controversy in an attempt to enhance his profile and ultimately his income. Hypocrisy for money! Utterly deplorable behaviour. Radio executives please take note!!

  7. I could not agree Moro its time it all stopped at i stopped but it's not down to one club they all have problems and collimore should look beyond football and the real bigots are the ones who would like to kill for religion reason under disguise of political reasons Celtic and ira and Muslim brother hoods

  8. go home and peel a totty, that says it all, that is why people like you are the most sectarian bigoted scumbags on this earth and you put all decent rangers supporters to shame, you are the problem, you are the cancer, we will beat you, as for the comment above is the average age on this site 8 the real bigots are the ones who kill???
    yes they are bigots, but the ones who spew there vile hatred of another person because he is a catholic/ jew/ protestant/ black/ white are equally as bad , you again sir are the problem, this is 2015,, not 1690

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