Another season in the Championship – thanks Ally

Another season in the Championship – thanks Ally

The harsh realities of where this
Rangers squad presently are could not be presented more starkly last night in
Falkirk where, horrendous conditions aside, the quality of the display was
worse than the weather in central Scotland.
Fans cannot even blame Ian Black
or Lee McCulloch this time, due to both players’ absence from the starting XI,
and despite a promising first 21 minutes including a heck of a thumping strike
from Darren McGregor, once former Rangers’ youth product Rory Loy got goalside
of the despairing Mohsni to instantly level up, the match, and Rangers’
performance deteriorated horrendously.

Few players did themselves any
justice out there, with only Lee Robinson, Kyle Hutton and maybe McGregor
getting pass marks, but even then the latter two were merely ordinary. Robinson
did have a good match, but it says it all when your goalkeeper is MOTM despite
the fact it was a reasonably even contest, as opposed to a backs-to-the-wall
display of defending.
Truth is pretty abundant – it is looking
more likely than ever that Rangers, this hapless Rangers side, who flirt
occasionally with some form but then drastically revert back to type, will
spend another year in the Championship next season.
To avoid this, the Govan men must
not only arrest their currently abysmal form and put together a run like both
Falkirk and Raith Rovers have, where defeats are rare as opposed to regular,
but manage to prevail through the playoffs (itself unlikely) against an SPL
side, probably Motherwell, who will be fighting tooth and nail to preserve their
top flight status. Again, unlikely.
Sadly, McCoist’s horrendous management
is now being truly exposed for what so many fans saw back in 2011, myself
included. Even here I pointed out he was simply unable to compensate for the
loss of Naismith, and could not tactically alter the team to match even 80% of
the results pre-injury. This was an early sign McCoist was not up to it, and that
early fear has borne fruit.
There were moments I cut him a
lot more slack, after all, he is Super Ally and a legend of the Club. Easy to
let sentiment get in the way when it is a Club you love and a legend you love.
But he has left Rangers in
absolute disarray, and last night’s abject and hapless misery is one of the
many post-Ally shambles Rangers fans are having to tolerate.
Lots of fans still do not want to
view McCoist as anything other than the legend he is, but many more concede his
managerial reign was not just a disaster, it downright hurt us to a level we will
struggle to recover from on the pitch.
The Old Pals Act, the constant
selection of sub-standard players and the absolutely disgusting signings like
Argyriou, Cribari and Peralta not to mention Kevin Kyle, Richard Foster and Ian
Black hamstrung this team to painful levels.
And lest we forget, we had to pay
Peralta off. Money we could scarcely afford.
Nope, another years in the
Championship seems inevitable now, and the only hope fans have is a regime
change in the boardroom next month will see widescale changes in management and
on the pitch.
But then, who exactly is going to
pay for it all?

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  1. One of the worst displays yet.I am truly disgusted with the lot of them and will not forget these displays when a new manager turns up.It's over for that lot.

  2. Another Well written piece, a dire performance indeed.
    Priority of new board, is to get a man manager In pronto, .twelve games to go, We must pick up maximum points. Only a new manager can boot erses enough to shake them out of their collective lethargy.

  3. P.S….. Aye you are Spot on, Coisty has much to answer for. . . Where is the Team of young players who were gonnae take us through the divisions .????? Oh AYE, Coisty farmed them oot or got rid of them…..
    You have besmirched your good reputation am afraid Ally.

  4. I dont think there is any need to bad mouth Ally ? he got it wrong ! he wont be the last . We have had loads of young guys champing at the bit to be given a chance and although i agree they have by and large been sold short , it was a case of bad judgement no more or less . When we get this shower out of the boardroom we will get a bounce , as to whether it will be big enough to carry this team up ………..i doubt it . I still see guys shouthing abot Clarke and Templeton ? beats me …….. they are permanent underachievers .

  5. Agree totally about poor performance but you have failed to mention about the makeup of the team, thrown together with some of them hardly kicking a ball all season!!

  6. This isn't why we went down to the fourth division. We expected at least the effort to rebuild, bring in our youth players, a new training style, etc. What did we get? Resigning past-it players to win leagues that part time workers were playing in. A total waste of our young lads.
    This is going to take a couple of years to fix, thanks Ally.

  7. Moshni……..why why why
    Law……..was he playing
    Boyd…..sorry but hes gone
    Miller………past it
    Clark……..needs the service …remember QOS days
    Jig……sorry no more

    MacGregor ….solid
    Murdoch….good prospect
    Hutton…..decent enough

    Bell IN
    Halkett in
    Templeton in,
    Any U20 striker IN

    Next year in Championship 15 new players form where though

  8. Really balanced and objective article.
    Never gonna stop loving Ally and it goes without saying he always had Rangers' best interests at heart (and always will); however, he hasn't shown any real managerial skill and the money paid to both him and some of the players brought in for the 3rd division was insane (board's fault, not Ally's of course). In time, his legacy as a player will come to define his status just as it did for Greig before him.
    And we need to mitigate criticism by taking into account the abject nightmare of administration he led the team (and club staff) through.

  9. Mc Dowall is a clone of mccoist he is blaming the pitch at Falkirk for a totally diabolical display once again why was the left sided boy from newcastle played right mid and the lazy useless Law played on the left everybody keeps telling us that mcdowall is a highly rated coach I think they must be comparing him to one of the easdales buses

  10. Mcoist was given cart blanch to run the football side of things when we went bust. That was the number one mistake madeby the new so called board. After his performance in the spl, he simply should have been fired. After division 3, fired, division 2 fired for putting together the worst displays of football in the 140 plus years of history of this great club. Over and above that he quietly raped us of money we simply did not have. He was pissed, when that came out in the open as there was no way on earth he no anyone could ever justify this. Now to sit at home while we struggle tells me everything about him as a man and s person. I will never forgive Mcoist for being part of those who raped our club over the past few years, he simply was complicit in the whole sham. He is a disgrace and for me anyway has tarnished his status forever. As for McDowell to say playing Falkirk was a point gained is simply a sackable offense. Mcoist and McDowell have destroyed everything that paying for Rangers ever was. What manager who wants respect, dips his sorts and tells the players to try and hit it? He is a baffoon. I cannot wait for change at board level and an end to this charade of a management team. Good riddance to you both and the clowns/imposters you hired to walk the grounds of our hallowed stadium.

    • All very very very frustrating.

      And ma pals who support those whom i cannot mention , feel Sorry for me, …. Pitt fae them !!!!! Makes me feel even worse.
      Roll on egm. And big Terry In as temp manager to kik erses

  11. I think your comments regarding peralta are a bit on the harsh side. firstly he is an international player and secondly he is a sitting midfielder. how many games did the guy actually play in his own position. mccoist preferring black to him regularly. not really sure why mccoist brought him in in the first place though. old pals act was always going to see black play regardless of how poor he has been.

  12. Win the egm and 1st thing get McDowell out asap……McCall or Davies in,soon as I got to ground last night and saw Smith and moshni in team I knew we would not win …..the team is gutless and spineless like the management. mccoist should have quit after we lost the ramsdens final last season the most abysmal cowardly display I've ever seen only matched this season at alloa in petrofac semi final….. We have no chance in play offs so may as well stay in championship…. if we went up we would come straight back down …regroup and hope change happens on Friday ……mcculloch law black aird Smith moshni faure Miller Boyd shiels zaliukas foster out in May along with the totally useless McDowell.. ..

  13. The team is woeful, players could do with a mobility scooter to move and pass the ball. The first object of a football match is to prevent the other team scoring, sadly the overpaid players can't seem to do this .
    Midfield players have to defend and also be creative, scoring goals and making chances for strikers, again overpaid and good enough.
    The strikers, well it seems they are all on "strike", the only exception being Miller.
    Why has Shiels not started every game, he is far and away the best player in the squad, he defends, creates and also scores goals.
    Why select players who do not perform ????, do they have to be on a ridiculous salary to be included in the team???.
    With respect any fan with little or no knowledge of the game could pick a winning team from the squad available.
    Time to get rid of the whole lot of overpaid and under performing management and over rated players, oh and the current board!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. You don't buy a puppy for Xmas, it's a dog for life! We haven't half come down in the world…
    Although Hearts are different bowl of cherries, we could do a lot worse than pay close attention to how they have operated since they hit administration.

    I firmly believe many of us have failed to acknowledge where our problems began and as a result have persisted with the same old, same old…

    For example, wage structures not being commensurate with the environment in which the Club operates…

    If the unthinkable happens and the present Board hold on, the Club, in my opinion, is finished. Alternatively, by this time next week, we'll be rid of this lot and the real job of rebuilding the Club will begin. And from there, I believe there will be times when the patience and resolve of all good Rangers supporters will be sorely tested.

    Stick with it. Then, now and always… C'mon The Rangers!

    John Elliot.

  15. Black betting against his own team & still pulling on the jersey tells us how far we have fallen Walter would've sorted them out a long time ago.

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