12-player Rangers exodus this summer


With another season in the
Championship looking certain, sources from inside Ibrox have leaked the lack of
communication with the twelve out-of-contract players.
Ian Black, Steve Simonsen, Lee McCulloch, Jon Daly, Kenny Miller, Kris
Boyd, Bilel Mohsni, Stevie Smith, Kyle Hutton, Richard Foster, Lee Robinson

and Sebastian Faure’s contracts all
end this coming transfer window and none of them look like being renewed.

Rumblings of ‘attitude problems’
have failed to desist since I revealed that these players had stopped caring in light of McDowall’s impending exit, and the lack of desire to fight to earn a
new contract given he is not the one they need to impress.
It is entirely feasible that
every one of the twelve above players will be looking for pastures new this
summer, with the recall of loanees like Barrie McKay and Luca Gasparotto
inevitable along with a few Bosman signings, built around the likes of Bell, McGregor, and Andy
The wages I brought to you some weeks ago regarding Ian Black is one reason many of these players will not be
missed, and I heard a small rumbling McCulloch is also back on around £15,000 a
week himself, although that one is not from any of my sources.
Whatever happens, changes are
definitely afoot.

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  1. Ally at least has bought shares in Rangers. And apparently voting to get rid of current board. To be a real gent he could then forego his salary or at least take the money in newly issued shares. That's what a real Rangers man would do.

    • Think that you'll find that McCoist's One Million Shares was a gift from Charles Green as a reward for him publicly backing the sale of Season Tickets.

    • I sincerely hope McCoist's only reason for hanging on and taking money for nothing is to cause the Board further hardship and that as soon as they're gone, he'll do the decent thing and go too. He's had much more money from Rangers over the years than he's deserved and if he continues to take this money for nothing, then he's not the Rangers man he claims to be.

  2. The club missed a massive opportunity three years ago to build and maintain an exciting young team built around our youth players with some added quality in experience to guide the players forward in there careers. from that the club could have then looked for young talent in Scotland and abroad and brought good players to the club with the option of improving them and selling on for a big profit. this is the road Rangers should have went down three years ago and the current state of the Rangers Squad and Murray Park in my opinion will set the club back years due to the scale of how bad the team is at the moment. The countless board members, McCoist,MacDowell etc should be ashamed of themselves at letting our club go down this route.

  3. None of them will be missed , Hutton has played quite well recently and Robinson could be a decent back up for Bell if his wages were right.Letting the lot go and freeing up wages for a new manager to rebuild has to be the right thing to do.

  4. To tell you truth I feel for Boyd & Miller the service or lack of it from the other players in our team is shocking, I would keep Robinson for back up to Bell & the other 9 tattie bye, 1 positive I took last night was temps looked up for it when he came on just hope not another false dawn with him

  5. I hope Robinson and Faure get new deals, Faure plays quite well when actually given the chance and Robinson is a safe pair of hands if Bell isn't playing

  6. nothing will ever change at rangers till be get rid of this shit board they have done nothing for rangers and never will,,get them out and get the true rangers supporters in ibrox again,, watp,,

    • True Rangers supporters you say so the the 20 thousand plus that have going are not true Rangers supporters by your reckoning am I to understand, you see that's why ordinary supporters that are not attached to fans groups can't stand the fans groups cause you'd are a bunch of jumped up arseholes

    • Think you are mixing us up with pacific shelf 595 they are and always will be Scotland's shame it's amazing 595 ers seem to forget the things that's gone on at the giro dome over last 40 years.Need to start getting people to register keep away the 595ers away

    • Just to go back maybe 6 or 7 years it was true Rangers men on the board of directors under David Murray and THE ONE AND ONLY DAVE KING ( to the fan groups no one else ) that got us into this shit and now the fan groups want everyone
      to back DAVE KING SO HE CAN HAVE A 3RD chance( as he was with WHYTE
      till WHYTE SACKED HIM AND PAUL MURRAY takes a chancer to know a chancer)
      for King to fill his pockets and go , but will we still have Ibrox and Murray park when KING goes ?? the fan groups are a VERY small part of the world wide Rangers Support TIME THEY REMEMBERED THAT maybe if they went to games and bought merchandise Rangers would not have to ask ASHLEY FOR HANDOUTS

  7. Keep Hutton, he has played well after getting a decent run of games and especially without Black in the team Think he would do better with Law next to him though rather than Murdoch

  8. The whole team and management need to go. McDowall said last nights result was a point gained?!,,Kris (Gezza contract, 3 goals, plenty missed sitters, I talk crap) Boyd said that we couldnt fault the teams work rate?!! WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE GET INTO THAT CHANGING ROOM AND KICK EVERYONE OF THERE WAGE ROBBING ARSES ONTO THE STREET AND TELL THEM TO BEAT IT,, apologies for the rant. After every defeat, we get Boyd, Miller, Aird, and others coming out saying "We need to play better" or "We owe the fans a result",every single time,,but yet, play the same crap in the next game and pick up the thousands of pounds for their troubles…and I will tell you another thing, those players will want to find another club next season, so they wont want to get injured, therefore wont give the commitment into tackles etc,,, which at this time, we bloody need 11 warriors on that park, giving 100%, but we wont get that,, get used to it my fellow rangers fans,,,We will not get promoted this season,, Hearts and Hibs will go through unless we tell those coaches to go, If McCoist, Durie, Durrant (McDowall doesnt count, hes a Celtic fan) were the diehard rangers supporters they claim they are, they should have walked away knowing they werent good enough and would have freed up their astronomical wages and forced the greedy board to hire an experience manager,, Worst Rangers outfit ever,,nuff said,,

  9. The previous article thanks Ally sums it up, he has never shown through any league how to manage,sure he thought the has beens could come back and just do, all of us thought to come through the lower leagues would be steamrolled,alas how wrong we were ally was clueless you cant keep blaming a board, they dont kick a football, the players have had supporters expecting the mighty gers to play for the jersey, even though due to Sally Titchmarsh they had no manager, I make no bones about it bring in Billy Davies can work with kids also no budget. This sorry state of affairs has been a pure Fucking nightmare, and will take years to get over.

  10. Boyd, take your sub standard performances and just please go away, you talk the utmost crap. Rangers fans are hurting badly every week and you contribute to it. So the last thing we need to hear is how the team needs to do better, it gets said every week and yet you and the team give us nothing and take thousands of pounds per week,, just go away!!!

  11. I hope when dave king and the 3 bears take over after the egm, sanity can be restored at ibrox
    starting with the reinstatement of super ally moist to complete the task of taking us to the spl
    and to start building for next season.WATP.

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