The continuing SFA vendetta on Rangers


A couple of weeks ago this blog
focused on the SFA’s flagrant disregard for fairness when it upheld the SPFL’s
illegal decision to punish Rangers over EBT’s, a scheme we now know to be
completely legal. Dubious, perhaps, and fairly open to scrutiny, yes, but not
Unfortunately Regan’s men were at
it again yesterday singling Ibrox goalkeeper Steve Simonsen out over an offence many
are guilty of in the Scottish game, but only Rangers players ever seem to be
charged with.

In 2013, in rebuttal to Ian Black’s
conviction for a similar ‘crime’, former Celtic striker Frank McGarvey pointed
out over 50% of all players in Scotland
“If you stop players from gambling
there will be no bookies left – they will go out of business. It’s not just a
few players who bet – it’s about half. They like to put a line on every
Saturday – but so does everyone. It’s part of the culture in Britain, not
just football. Everyone enjoys a bet. It doesn’t matter if you are a player, a
lawyer or a labourer. I don’t see anything wrong with that.”
Then PFA Scotland’s head Fraser
Wishart also pointed out:
“I think, in general, ­footballers just need
to be a bit more aware of the regulations that are in place at this moment.
We’ll certainly be writing to the SFA to ask for a review and I think it’s important
that we do it quite quickly and at this time. I think now’s the time to make a real effort to review the rules in Scotland.
We’ve got players who perhaps have put on an accumulator but
­technically they are breaching rules.
Is it appropriate to deal with them in the same manner as somebody who
has a serious ­problem?”
The rules are clearly broken. A
footballer betting on matches, as long as he personally has no influence over
their outcome, is absolutely fine (admittedly Black was guilty of being
involved in four of the matches he bet on (around 160 in total)). Rule 33 is
completely absurd.
Am I arguing this point because
it is Rangers players being targeted? Absolutely! If this absurd rule is to be
enforced, like McGarvey said half of Scotland’s pros should be charged.
And yet, curiously, only Rangers players seem to get shopped for it.
For example, Aberdeen’s Jonny Hayes bet on some EPL and CL
matches and indeed tweeted quite publicly about it, yet suffered no
retribution, and his team mate Ryan Jack likewise admitted indirectly to
putting a coupon on. Inverness’ Josh Meekings
put on a seven-team accumulator and had no qualms telling the world, and Ryan
Dow and Jordon Forster both put pictures of their betting slips online.
My point is it is blatantly rife,
but only Rangers players are being punished for it, while other players boast
about engaging in it but suffer no repercussions.
Call me paranoid but this does
strike me as a bit of a campaign. I am not for one minute calling Simonsen
innocent, I am pointing out the law itself is both appalling, and only
selectively enforced, and only when Rangers players can be charged.
But then, we know the SFA are
Rangers’ best friends, do we not?


  1. to be honest i canny beleve the moaning you lot do let me tell you the facts when glasgow rangers were liqudated and the new side the ranger 2012 were formed thay let you jump the que and gave you a place in bottom tier . then when you got caught cheeting with duel contrects and the rules of the game tells you not to and every game you played should have been 0-3 reverse thay didnt enforce there own rules by stripping cups and titles . they let you participt in champions leauge when you didnt have audited accounts published again they didnt follow ther own rules now tell me honestly does it look like sfa got it in for you wake up man lol every thing i have said is factual you can check

    • This was in response to yours..not the other one.

      Anonymous23 January 2015 at 11:02

      Whit he said, in triplicate.
      Give it a rest. You shouldn't even be playing,for the reasons highlighted above.

    • Unfortunately again plays the role of persecuted and makes no attempt at self reflection on why your club is in the awful mess ,that it is in, as long as this approach continues, you are doomed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Away an learn to spell ya thick dick . The same auld shite over and over , all proven by law to be false , geez peace .

  2. See the Herald advert on Sunday for the incontrovertible facts about TRFC…….facts, not fiction, once you can except and deal with them perhaps you can begin to move on.

  3. Whit he said, in triplicate.
    Give it a rest. You shouldn't even be playing,for the reasons highlighted above.

  4. How about Moffat of Ayr Utd, who got a heavier sentence than Black, although Moffatt didn't bet on his own team, but Black bet on his own team LOSING for god's sake. SFA partiality? Aye, right, and we can all see in what direction. Have you got a selective memory, or it just the paranoia kicking in? About as laughable an article as I have ever read on the internet, and that's really saying something.

  5. boo hoo hoo…It's rubbish supporting a wee diddy team isn't it?. I bet you preferred it when you supported Rangers

  6. Couple of wee issues EBT. The EBTs were not all Legal 5 where found illegal, and just to correct the history rewrite the punishment (such as it was 250k fine still unpaid), was not for having EBT it was for failure to tell the SFA/SPL at the time that they where in operation as per the rules as they were.
    Second instead of blaming the SFA, ask your self why after a team mate was found guilty under the very same rules Simonsen was so stupid he continued to do it.

    this is not an SFA vendetta its just stupid footballers failing to follow a simple rule …and it really is simple ….NO betting on football….is that complicated??

  7. I could be wrong but were Rangers not fined for undisclosed payments to players via duel contracts, rather than for the use of the E.B.T. tax avoidance scheme?

  8. I could be wrong but were Rangers not fined for undisclosed payments to players via duel contracts, rather than for the use of the E.B.T. tax avoidance scheme?

  9. I could be wrong but were Rangers not fined for undisclosed payments to players via duel contracts, rather than for the use of the E.B.T. tax avoidance scheme?

  10. See all the experts on everything legal from the east end in ,Ahh wait they should know the law theres enough of the low life banged up in the bar l isnt there

    • See awe the experts from the east end on Rangers forums again, then again they need something to do, did you see the advert in the sun the day a picture of a big empty giro dome while a game was going on, why was it empty you ask because they are awe on Rangers forums a told you

  11. chortle chortle, it wisnae SDM, Greene, Whyte, Ashley, King, PM, McGills buses…….blah blah…dont remember rangers needing a strong celtic when you were enjoying the tax payer buy all your trophies for best part of 15 years…….hell mend you.

  12. So many embittered mhanks on this one!

    Mind you, i'm not surprised by it one iota.


    Always in our shadow. WATP

  13. The trouble with making yourself a victim is that you start to lose any sense of reason.

    You call betting on games a ‘crime’, if it is against the laws of the SFA then it is, and anyone can can see that if you break the law you are liable to be punished. The argument that 'everyone does it so why should I be punished' would hardly work for speeding or a charge of drunk and disorderly.

    To compound the offence, Black bet on Rangers drawing with East Stirling. Can you explain why a player would bet against his own side?

  14. Yes we are obsessed.We are obsessed with laughing our goolies off at you.We cant read enough every day.Its pure riveting.Just when we thought it could not get any funnier,it does.
    The stupidest,most gullible fans in the world,getting ripped off by every spiv on the go.Whats not to like.Obsessed,you better believe it.

  15. Seriously no player should be punished for having a bet as long as it is not involveing their own side,rule change required,certainly no witchhunt against rangers just one of their guys being naive.

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