Rangers accuse Nacho Novo of lying


Rangers’ board this evening accused
Nacho Novo of lying.
After the former Rangers striker
publicly crucified the board claiming he was banned from Murray Park,
the powers-that-be at Ibrox have indirectly accused him of porkies:
“RANGERS today would like to clarify
the situation with regard to Nacho Novo following recent reports in the media.

At no time was Nacho instructed to leave Murray Park
due to him joining a Rangers supporters’ group. The Club had permitted Nacho
and Peter Lovenkrands to train at Murray
Park for a number of
weeks in the lead up to the Fernando Ricksen Tribute Match to allow them to get
match fit. 
We would like to wish Nacho all the very best for the upcoming season
and thank both him and Peter for taking part in Sunday’s Tribute match for
This was directly in response to
Novo’s statement on Tuesday:
“I went to Murray Park
as usual in the morning but when I got there Kenny McDowall took me aside.
Actually, he looked quite embarrassed.He said, ‘Listen wee man, as far as I’m
concerned, it’s been great to have you around here. You’ve been fantastic. But
I’ve been told they don’t want you to train here any more’.”
Novo may play a little to the
galleries at times, but he has never come across as a liar. Meanwhile we know
David Somers, at least, to be a blackmailer and arrogant, among other things.
Novo is under the impression the
Easdale brothers and CEO Derek Llambias are the ones who ordered his banning,
but both would know such an act would be a PR disaster. Meanwhile Somers
publicly stated:
“When you get
to be chairman of Rangers, you get to do it your way.”
AKA the man would not give a hoot
about the PR side of such a call.

Furthermore, Kenny McDowall has confirmed he did indeed speak to Novo:

“Nacho understood my decision. I was only passing on instructions. We just move on.”

Yet another saddening affair from
a Club whose fanbase deserves better.

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  1. This is the depth that this board has sunk to liars cheats and money grabbers if you look at the statement they made regards the loan deal with Ashley they said that the reduction in attendances was a major factor in the financial crisis Hopefully the EGM will rid us of these despicable people

    • Obviously, the reduction in attendances HAS been a major factor in Rangers' money problems. How could it not be? Tens of thousands of fans not renewing season tickets or buying tickets for match days have made loans a necessity. The question is whether the Board should be dealing with Ashley or the Three Bears and King.

    • The point of thousands not renewing was surely designed to explicitly deprive them on money to drive them out. There wasn't many other options. It's been messy but hopefully EGM will lead to a new direction and some unity.

    • pot calling kettle black springs to mind. Disingenuous?. Nacho must surely be laughing his head off at this. Strange coming from the individuals who handed the keys of the Ibrox boardroom to Ashley. An act of betrayal we will never forget!!

  2. I would not beleive a word novo says this is the guy who stole his best mates wife whei the guy gave him a bed shame on you novo shame on you

  3. Disgusting how the board has treated novo. Everyone knows the wee man has Rangers in his heart and see no reason why he would lie. That full board has to go and I hope at the EGM shareholders vote to get rid of the current regime and have Rangers people control the running of the club.

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