Peralta gone, Law next?


Unconfirmed rumours are currently
circulating that Nicky Law is a target for, among others, Leeds Utd &
It is pretty safe to say he is
the best midfielder at Ibrox, and that in itself is a rather damning indictment
of the state of the squad overall; consequently losing his 10 goals thus far
this season would be quite a loss, even if his contribution in the centre of
the park otherwise is minimal.

His peak period was clearly the ‘trialist’
era where his performances stood out, but he has been accused of being a ‘passenger’
since, with just his goals to show for his displays.
Any fee for Law would likely be
sub-£500K, with the two marquee stars, Lewis Macleod & Lee Wallace the only
ones who could command near £1,000,000.
Macleod of course already did and
Wallace attracted around £900,000 from Nottingham Forest in 2014.
And of course Rangers tonight confirmed
forgotten utility man Arnold Peralta had his contract terminated by ‘mutual
His time at Ibrox was utterly
forgettable, and he was a prime symptom of the influx of dross (Cribari,
anyone) Ally McCoist was guilty of signing in the twelve months between summer
2012 and summer 2013.


  1. Nicky law is never a centre mid he has the heart of that guy out of the wizard of oz, but maybe just maybe if we played him in the position that another Rangers legend played him in at Motherwell we might get the best out of him, that's right wee Stuart played him in left mid were he cut in onto his right peg and scored quite a few goals, now just think about were most of his goals have come from for us well it's not from the middle of the pitch is it

  2. lol play him as a left mid, you obviously never watched him at motherwell then since mccall played him as an attacking central mid

  3. I suspect if Law is next then that means Wallace has refused to go as this regime continue to systematically asset strip our club

    • Unfortunately you are correct !…………..have almost forgotten we are a football club . I bet Declans wee knees are rid raw his "chist " louping with blessing himself just praying they tub us ?……….if they dont ?…. pml ! .

  4. I remember ,Greig, Parlane,Johnstone,Smith ,Cooper etc… when I was a boy, Great players great teams , and all honest and hard working guys there was an aura about you lot back then, However that,s long gone ,really it is now your a joke, an embarrasment .What's brought you down is an arrogance a belief that you have a god given right to success ,Well you reap what you sow , even now rather than all come together and rebuild, your fractured , still looking for a sugar daddy to come in and cheat your way to the top with borrowed money , Why not start from scratch like hearts and hibs etc… go in a different direction come together as fans and gain back some respect . Or is it all about the winning by whatever means ? this web site typifies your clubs arrogant attitude. Sad…….

  5. Law is not at his best at centre mid. He is, however, our best attacking option. McCoist continued to select him in the former position? Part of a 3 in a 4:2:3:1 would best utilise his talents.

    By the way, I am a fervent anti-board Rangers supporter and I would like to congratulate you on allowing us beleaguered fans an opportunity to express our views without the censorship associated with other more prominent sites. The Endgame continues!

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