Old Firm return, Ricksen regrets


Unless you have been sleeping underneath a large boulder, you will be aware tickets went on sale yesterday for the long-awaited Old Firm clash at Hampden in just over two weeks time. The queues at the ticket office were pretty long and the hype rather extensive. 
No one would ever object to Rangers fans wanting to watch their team face off v our historic rivals, and even though Celtic fans pretend there is no Old Firm, this selection suggests otherwise:


So, in all truth, there is an Old Firm and both sets of fans are extremely excited about the first clash between the two since 2012, even if neither team are especially impressive. Tickets have as good as sold out within a day, so demand was impressive among Bears. 
It is just a crying shame Fernando Ricken’s Tribute Match, which has received rather intense marketing, has failed to capture imagination in anything like the same way.

As we know Fernando was diagnosed with ALS, or Motor Neurone Disease to give it its ‘popular’ title. As such, with Rangers being his main ex-Club, a benefit match was arranged to give him financial support in his darkest hour. The proceeds will go to himself, his daughter, MND Scotland and the Rangers Charity Foundation. 


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  1. A firm would suggest some relationship between the clubs. I would find it hard to associate with that club with the shame that they brought on themselves regarding the failure to protect children amongst other things.

  2. Quite funny sevco v pervco at least one we know is true as big j refused to recognise that now pervco don't recognise the truth still 54 champs flags and more to come