Easdales speak out


In today’s latest nonsense from
Ibrox, the Easdales’ brothers’ representative Jack Irvine had the following to
say through Bill McMurdo’s Rangers weblog about Dave King and Paul Murray:
“So like an episode of The Living Dead, Paul
Murray emerges from his borders lair having vowed never to return . He says he
expects a smear campaign against himself and Dave King and in the same breath
compares the Rangers board to Gerald Ratner. Hypocritical? You decide. 
“If Mr Murray and Mr King ever do get anywhere near the club they are
welcome to carry out a robust financial investigation.  The Easdale brothers have never taken a penny
from the club and nor have they claimed any expenses.  

“One begins to wonder if we are not dealing with Paul McKenna as
opposed to Paul Murray who appears to have hypnotised himself and his cohorts
into obliterating the memory fact that they sold their beloved club for One
Pound. Rangers men? You decide.”
Yes indeed, we shall decide. And
it seems Rangers fans have done exactly that.
The War of the Rangers just keeps
going on.


  1. I believe the Easdales have never taken a penny and that they originally were well intentioned. I also know who I fundamentally blame and its not CW. Most supporters know whose actions it was in the beginning that started us the slide to where we are now but no one will say so because it hits so painfully at the greatest period in our long history.

    • There's more to Murray selling to Whyte than him just dumping the club as some say , remember Donald Muir from Lloyd's Bank he went to school with Greer from D and PH,s , due to the possible loss of the big tax case Lloyd's wanted their 18 million quid , I believe Muir asked Greer to find a buyer he found Whyte infact Whyte employed Greer to do due diligence through the purchase and then of course managed to convince a judge in Edinburgh to allow him to nominate his own administrators again being Greer's D and PH's , this was all pretty much confirmed in my view when ex director Alistair Johnston told Scotland Today at the time that Lloyd's Bank phoned SDM at 6 pm on a Thursday night and told him if you don't sell the club by midnight we will cut off your credit facility , that would of course have made the company insolvent , gun to the head or what .

    • The Easdales continue to align themselves with Ashley.
      They virtually handed him the keys to Ibrox and put the stadium under threat.

  2. he means David Murray
    Threw us to the wolves when we were unable to promote his business empire any further.
    'I was duped' If you believe that you probably voted for Mr Easdale is entrepreneur of the year.
    Can't speak the truth about Mr Murray on a certain supporter website.

    • Was me the first post. This is one of the few sites I never get stood up. Yes let me say it, all down to him. No sense of moderation, gambling addict in the gutter sorry he went from hero to fifty fathoms taking us and his hole business with him.

  3. Paul Murray has put nothing into Rangers he attended agm as proxy for someone, he did absolutely nothing when he was a director in sdm's reign because he was a yes man along with the rest of them, he has been a director of loads of companies that have folded yet he speaks of good cooperate governance for us, aye nay bother Paul whit you bringing to the table this time well one thing it won't be is your money that's for sure

  4. Thanks to Ibroxnoise we're getting to the truth. My fellow bears this has all been down to Sir David and we can't deny or hide that. But the truth does NOT set me free. It makes no difference knowing this we still need King and I am on my knees praying SFA and other enemies don't manage to block him.

  5. Easdale has been threatened on various occasions,has not taken anything out the club,is generally hated by the fans,does not communicate in any way,shape or form.It begs the questions,Is his ego that big?,is he just that thick to understand he's not wanted?,is he scared of the people that obviously tell him what to do i.e. Ashley,or is it all three? Why else would he be there,take the hint then Sandy and do everyone including yourself a favour

  6. The Easdales don't need to take a penny directly out of Rangers. They are doing the bidding for a billionaire who wants to control our club and reduce it to a marketing tool for his numerous companies. Their Cockney master will see that they are well rewarded for their efforts in handing our club to him on a plate.

  7. I think sleazdales may think they can double there money at some point but Ashley wont give them fuck all but a nod they are only interested in easy money they run companys on mainly government grants ie bus route covered by government funding and when grant stops they stop anybody who actually goes on a bus its pure profit they tried again to buy a shipbuilders at port Glasgow again no money to spend but yes grant to build tens ships from gov if they could've got it chancers don't know why he got another load of shares transferred to him from the mysterious proxy lot maybe there actually his!! only offshore???maybe sfa should relook at that ?? fat chance of that maybe the fighting fund monies should be used to hire private investigators of the financial kind this might produce few more things than just mudslinging in the dark ????

    • Think you made a great point bud hire forensic detectives with our ffmonies cant see ashley being bothered about half million lawyers money dig dirt cos theyre must be plenty even disgruntled employees in there company fuckem get sarver on board to stave off ashley watp